“The meaning of life is to give life meaning” Viktor Frankl

My final doctoral dissertation

Hey Coilers! After four years of research and writing I am happy to announce that I am finally completing my Doctorate Degree from Walden University. Here are a few fun facts about my dissertation:

What degree are you getting?

I am pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) with an emphasis on Sustainability, Project Management, and Change Management.

How is this different than a PHD?

The degree I am pursuing is meant to be applicable versus academic. One of the requirements of my dissertation was to directly tie my study to real world problems that can be applied real time to increase the profitability of an organization.

What was the inspiration of your study?

I have been working in the renewable industry for 12 years and during this time have found that the primary driver of adoption is the economic viability associated with renewables. As a resident of Las Vegas, I found it was quite odd when casinos such as the Mandalay Bay were adopting solar (8-10 year simple payback) rather than retroffiting their HID lights to LED (2-3 year simple payback) because the economic merits of each clearly show energy retrofits are the clear winner. I wanted to understand why these highly sophisticated clients opted to adopt sustainability measures that weren't in the best economic interest of their firm as net income is the primary driver of business.

Why Hawaii?

Since I am a strong proponent that economics are the basis of any market and Hawaii has the highest energy cost, one could rationalize that since these consumers pay the most for energy they would have the most to gain by adopting sustainability measures that would otherwise be uneconomic when compared to other demographics. This has been proven to be true as Hawaii has been an early adopter of many up an coming technologies including solar, batteries, etc.

Why the resort sector?

The resort sector is unique in that its energy mix portfolio has properties closely aligning with both commercial (mostly fixed ) and residential (mostly variable) energy usage. This means that my study should have maximum reach on who could find value in my study results.

What is the methodology of your study?

For this study, I used a qualitative multiple case study based on a line of questioning to energy professionals on how they effectively manage energy costs.

What is the conceptual framework of your study?

For my study, I used Roger Everett's diffusion of innovation theory. I chose this theory as renewable/sustainability measures are typically innovative and have a high likelihood of failure. I am a firm believer that innovations fail due to insufficient buy in from the social network of which it is being implemented in.

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How to Love Everyone Unconditionally in Your Way

Everyone has their definition of love. To say, in my view, love is the answer to everything. What's your take on love?

Love isn't everything; it's the only thing” ~ Steven Hayes.

In the past and contemporary times, love has always been the answer to every problem and dissatisfaction. Love is a pure emotion that we have somewhere failed to understand. It doesn't mean agreeing on everything, even when you are not comfortable in the situation. Love is the only way to completion.

Love means being you, being patient, respecting others and their opinions even when you disagree.

Many people want to express themselves and want to love everyone, but they cannot look for the right actions or right words. Therefore, this blog will be all about certain suggestions to love everyone and feel the completion within you.

Look for Good Things in People

As humans, we feel insecure when we see someone better than us. To bring ourselves at ease, we start looking at their negativities. This insecurity holds us back from expressing ourselves. To get over this habit, make your mind to look at the positive things in people. If you like someone's voice, tell yourself aloud, “s/he has a pretty voice.” The more good you think about others, the better you feel about yourself.

Stay Calm with Mean People

It is a common psyche to treat a person as they treat you. It's easy to get angry or be mean to the other person in a drastic situation, but this rush of anger impacts your peace of mind. Therefore, if you stay calm in a bad case, you have a hold of the situation. When everything around you is devastated, it takes courage to remain calm, but love is contagious. If you stay normal in front of the person who is mad at you, you can alter their mood.

Be a Good Listener

If you are not good at expressing your feeling or don't know how to tell the other person you are there for them, start listening to them. Today, all of us want to say something, but no one is ready to hear what the other person says.

Once in a while, sit with your friend and listen to them. Keep your judgments aside; do not inspect them. Have all your ears to them just for the sake of letting them know you are always here. If you can give this relief to someone, there is nothing more significant than this feeling.

Stop Being Judgmental Towards Others

Since childhood, we are conditioned to categorize people in various categories and fit them into the titles of “us” and “other.” Sometimes we do not want to judge people, but it is so deep-rooted inside us that we unintentionally look at people from that eye.

To stop yourself from being judgmental, and to be fair with everyone, analyze your thoughts when you meet new people. When you accept the fact that you are biased toward people, then it becomes easy to overcome the habit. To bring everyone on the same page in your life is the only way to spread love and happiness. Because you never know, there might be someone out there who is done with all the fat-shaming, body shaming and is looking for a pair of eyes to recognize him/her as a normal human being.

Be Real

Loving someone doesn't mean to agree with them in every situation. If you think what they are doing is incorrect, share your thoughts. No one is perfect; if you feel like a person's habit can be harmful to them, you should address it. Love doesn't mean following someone blindly, but to be a supportive element for them to grow and become a better person.

Feel Delight in Other's Success

When a person achieves success, there are many smiling faces around him, but very few people genuinely feel happy for you and become a part of your success, and the love of such people can be felt easily. All of us have very few people who be a part of our success. Let's become that positive person in other's life to spread love and happiness.

Help People Overcome their Past Experiences

Due to some terrific experience in the past, some people think they do not deserve to be loved and consider themselves incapable of loving someone. Don't impose yourself on them or try to make them believe in love with mere talks. Stay calm and be around them whenever they are in need. Every wound takes time to heal, and love is the ultimate key through the journey of healing.

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

The one who adores themselves will be able to share that feeling of love more perfectly with others. Loving yourself is the art that we all lack. Begin to spread the happiness from the person inside you.

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Flare’s Spark Snapshot And What It Means For The Crypto Industry

The highly anticipated Spark token airdrop on the XRP ledger finally happened and the Flare network recorded a snapshot. The latter is an important process for recordkeeping purposes because it makes sure that all self-hosted and registered wallets and exchanges involved as part of the XRP network participate in the airdrop.

The purpose of the snapshot

Airdrops allow the holder of a particular token or digital asset to receive another free token. In this case, the Flare network announced a few months ago that the network launch would also feature an airdrop through which XRP holders would receive free Spark tokens in their digital wallets. Although the process sounds simple on paper, it is quite technical because Flare has to identify how many XRP holders are there, how many XRP digital coins they hold and the service through which they own those tokens. The snapshot is necessary so that the network can obtain all this information.

There are however some factors or conditions that would hinder one from participating in the Spark token even if they have an account. For example, major crypto exchange platform Binance announced that it would conduct a snapshot of its customers with XRP holdings. The exchange announced that it would only send the Spark tokens to accounts with XRP in coin-margined futures wallets, savings accounts and spot wallets. Crypto loan and margin accounts would be excluded from the aidrop.

A token snapshot takes place for a brief amount of time so that token holdings data can be recorded, after which it can change. The organization running the airdrop uses the information to determine how much each investor will receive based on their account holding. If a person buys extra XRP after the snapshot, the extra digital coins will not be considered in the token issuance. The snapshot thus offers a reference point that will facilitate a reference point for the token issuance.

What happens next?

The Flare network launch and Spark token airdrop represent another major step forward for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and particularly for Decentralized finance or DeFi. The latter is a movement whose goal is to facilitate the development of blockchain-based banking and finance services similar to the traditional finance services.

Some industry experts believe that DeFi should be the crypto and blockchain future because it will facilitate the achievement Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision. The Bitcoin founder dreamed of a world where money and financial services will be independent of government control. The Flare network and Spark token will introduce vital features previously missing from the XRP ledger. The key feature will be the introduction of smart contracts.

Ripple has been working on bringing smart contract capabilities on board for some time. David Schwartz noted that Ripple’s incubation division known as Xpring invested heavily in Flare in 2019. The Spark token launch indicates that Ripple’s investment is yielding favorable results

Blockchain and crypto’s main agenda and reason for creation is decentralization. The industry is thus focused on towing that line and one of the ways it aims to achieve that is by eliminating intermediaries who would otherwise act as centralized nodes in the system. The XRP ledger’s smart contracts courtesy of the Flare network will facilitate the decentralization agenda such that no intermediaries. Smart contract automation will pave the way for a automation where contracts can be automatically drafted and executed in a trustless manner.

The DeFi movement will also push more aggressively towards cross-chain interoperability. The Flare network will leverage the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) thus bridging the gap between The Ethereum blockchain and the XRP ledger. The efficiencies will also be coupled with XRP’s utility thus enabling a better ecosystem for DeFi applications. The crypto community is excited about the Spark token and Flare network because it points towards blockchain developments going in the right direction.

The extra utility courtesy of the latest developments will thus allow DeFi to kick into high gear. Meanwhile, XRP holders are in a great position to reap the benefits of the ongoing growth and also future growth. For example, they will receive FXRP tokens which are pegged to the XRP token, allowing them to gain value from DeFi applications.

Beware of scams

The Flare token will be a valuable addition to the Ethereum network but the crypto market also has a dark side. The decentralized nature of digital currencies creates additional risk in the market such as rampant counterfeit digital assets and crypto theft. Millions worth of cryptocurrencies were lost in the past few years, and scammers are still a major problem. There already exists counterfeit Flare tokens called FLR which are not to be confused with the Spark tokens.

Investors should thus consider exercising caution while investing in digital currencies, and more importantly, they should make sure they have the right market knowledge. The Spark token has been heavily hyped in the past few weeks which means that many people may have developed an interest to the token. However, some of them may not understand the airdrop process and this paves the way for scammers to take advantage. Having the right knowledge is the best way to ensure that you avoid falling victim to scams.

The key things to remember are that XRP holders are eligible for the airdrop and they need to have an XRP account. Also worth noting is that the token will not be issued through a sale, but rather three a free issuance to eligible individuals. Investors should avoid giving out their information to any individuals that may promise to handle the aidrop process on your behalf. The legitimate way to be part of the airdrop is to own some XRP, if you own an account with an exchange and claim your tokens through a message key through which you can claim the Spark token.

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Most of us have heard about self-image—its importance and its implications to our daily lives. There's this idea that a positive self-image can boost our confidence to make us motivated and productive. It allows us to enjoy life without worrying about other people's judgments.

Despite these advantages, most of us take self-image for granted. To some, it does not matter. It does not even affect one's life that significantly. Well, you might think that way now, but as you go through life and you face various challenges and frustrations, your self-image will start to change. You will begin to feel negatively towards yourself. If this happens, you will be prone to depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.

This is why it's essential to build a positive self-image as soon as possible. It allows you to stand your ground and keep believing in yourself despite your failures. It enables you to stand up because you know who you are, and you are not about to give up.

You may not be able to control the challenges that life can give you. But you can control how you can mitigate its impacts, starting by building a positive self-image.

Scientifically, self-image refers to people's perception or mental image of themselves. It is how they judge and define themselves. Self-image can either be negative or positive. This depends on several factors, such as societal and cultural history, stress, bullying, trauma, and many more.

It can be challenging to come back from these experiences, but you need to develop that positive self-esteem. You can never change what happened to you before. The only thing you can do now is regaining what was lost, heal, and be better in life. One way you can achieve this is by developing a positive self-image. Here are ways how you can help yourself.

1. Start affirming your positive characteristics

Sometimes, the reason why people develop negative self-images is they forget who they are. They ignore their strengths and values. So, to remind you of these positive characteristics, have with you a pen and paper. You can keep a daily journal if you want. So, when you wake or before you sleep, you can list the following.

First, list ten things you love about yourself. Then, list ten things you love about life. After that, list five things you've done to solve the problems you thought you shouldn't. Lastly, write down five instances when you thought you weren't going to survive, but you did.

I know this method is cliche. It can even be time-consuming, especially if you have a busy schedule. But it's useful. This method makes you realize that you're not a loser, that you are strong and helpful. It reminds you that you matter.

Only a few people possess the scars you have today. Only a few can understand the hardships you faced. Instead of hiding your scars from people, show them, teach them, and inspire them. That's the best you can do. Some people could use some advice on how you tackled your challenges. You can be saving their lives by sharing your story. So, instead of focusing on the 90% who ridicule you, focus on the 10% whom you can save.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Believe it or not, there is an interplay between your psychological and physiological wellbeing. If you take care of one, it will reflect on the other. One way to build a positive self-image is to get more rest, eat healthy foods, and exercise. These activities help your body regain balance, especially when you're under a lot of stress. It normalizes your serotonin levels, also known as your happy hormone, so you can boost your mood and feel better about yourself.

Plus, if you keep yourself healthy, you will look and feel “blooming” every day. This is the positive effect when your body gets the care it needs. So, no matter how stressed you are, don't forget to care for yourself. Put your body first. In time, you will learn how to love it and be more confident in who you are.

3. Do things that interest you

One of the main reasons people have a negative self-image is they don't do what they want. They wait for other people to command them. This makes people feel useless, unappreciated, and frustrated. So, if you're going to build a positive self-image, start listening to what your heart is whispering.

It may be scary to try and come out of your comfort zone. But if you trust the process, you can see that the results will be fulfilling and outstanding. It makes you feel more confident and satisfied with yourself. It gives you purpose because you will be doing what you love. You'll be unleashing the real you. And that's the most beautiful decision you will make in your lifetime.

4. Keep learning

Some might think they already know everything. Others even say that they're too old to learn new tricks. Because of this, they hesitate to skill-up, relearn, and retrain. While these mindsets have its benefits because it gives people peace of mind, in time, boredom will strike, and people will realize that there is nothing else to do but the same things again and again.

If this happens, they start contemplating on the negative instead of the positive. They start to think about what went wrong. They begin to ask, “What if?”. And they will realize that they haven't lived up to their full potential. In time, they will feel frustrated, which could lead to sadness and frustration.

So, if you want to keep building that positive self-image, keep learning, and keep growing. Do not allow yourself to become stagnant in one area. You need to diversify your talents, learn new skills, and build new foundations. This is the key to feeling satisfied and confident. This is the key to living life to the fullest. So, even if you get bored in one area, you know that you can always shift to other activities to keep you happy and satisfied with yourself.

5. Build a support system

The last but not least strategy to build your positive self-image is building a support system. During this process, choose people who can understand your scars, your battles, and your personality. Surround yourself with people who appreciate who you are without trying to change it. They should be able to accept you and uplift you, especially when you're going through a rough patch.

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5 Reasons Why Gift of Giving is good for you

We are all born different. Do you think the gift of giving can bring us to the same level?

The fundamental characteristic that identifies humans as different from other beings is kindness. We all show the act of kindness consciously or subconsciously in several ways.

Giving is one such act of kindness in which all the people involved in the act get happy. Suppose it's Christmas night and you are enjoying the party because you can. There is still a part of society that the elites like to call “have nots” who are not financially sound to celebrate the festival like you.

You are gifted with enough possession that you can help the person who is alone and in need. So when you go with a gift to visit a person who was not expecting any visitors or food that night. Your presence there can bring a big smile to that person's face. When someone feels happy because of us, it gives us a mesmerizing feeling. While reading the article, you can also tell how you'll feel when you get a chance to become the reason for someone's happiness. It proves that a smile is no less than an emotion.

We talked about the gift of giving in the above few sentences, but how is it good for you? We'll talk about that in the article, listing five reasons why the gift of giving is good for you or anyone. Keep on reading to agree on every point.

Gratitude evokes from Giving

No matter on which end you are. On the receiving end or the giving, people on both ends share a mutual feeling of gratitude. The sense of gratitude is contagious. It is integral to happiness and satisfaction.

The best thing about gratitude is when you share this feeling with a stranger, friend, or someone close to you; it strengthens your sense of connection to that person.

Moreover, the feeling of gratitude spreads positivity and encourages you to keep performing such acts that bring you close to the sense of gratitude.

Giving is Directly Related to Happiness

Whenever you perform the give something by doing charity, giving money, or being useful to the other person, how do you feel? Great, right? After donating even a small sum or a minor valuable thing for the recipients, we feel happy and, most importantly, satisfied.

It has been proven scientifically that a region of our brain is stimulated when we help someone in any way. This region of the brain is associated with pleasure, trust, and a sense of social connection.

We, humans, are social animals. Some way or the other, we are connected or say dependent on each other. When we are helpful to the other person, or someone gets happy because of us, it makes us happy too. In scientific terminology, endorphins are released in our brain that makes us feel positive. This feeling is called “helper's high.”

May you get high on the gift of giving often!

Giving is a Contagious Act

As we read above, humans are social animals. We tend to adapt to the features of the people around us. For instance, I am not into exercising or fitness, but today when my roommate was doing yoga, I don't know why I felt the urge to do it. Before I could even realize it was not in my hands to control the urge. The other second I was also doing yoga with her.

The same is with the act of giving. When you help someone by giving them some time of yours, listening to them, or helping them with money or any materialistic thing, it makes them generous too. The other person stores how you made them feel, and then they try to do the same for the other people. See how many people are becoming generous in this way.

We, humans, are masters at imitating and acquiring new and useful skills. It would be better if we use this ability in spreading positivity.

Giving promotes Social Connection.

When you give something to someone, you are giving a part of yourself to them. The great act of giving is when you do not expect anything in return for your giving. But Universe has its way to reward acts of kindness.

When you donate something or help someone in any way, you'll likely get something in return. It can be by the person you helped or in some other way.

For instance, if you helped a friend of yours with some money, you know he'll not be able to return that. From the beginning itself, you remain at peace with the thought; you'll not get that money back. And then, after some days, your promotion is announced. I told you, Universe has got its way of rewarding good people and good intentions.

Gift of Giving is Good for Health

Happiness is what we all are chasing. When you help someone by giving them what they need, it sets them free and makes you happy. This feeling of happiness and satisfaction is the solution to most of the problems.

So, instead of chasing happiness, shouldn't we increase generosity and learning to become kinder day by day?

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The Upcoming Spark Airdrop: Everything Investors Need To Know

Flare network developers recently announced plans to roll out their network on the XRP ecosystem, and it will feature smart contract integration. The crypto community is excited because the launch will allow the Flare network to become the first Turing-complete network. It will also align with the Federated Byzantine Agreement network while offering integration with the Ethereum virtual machine.

News of the new network might be exciting for the crypto community but not so much for anyone looking for immediate money-making opportunities. However, XRP holders will be happy to know that they will receive free tokens through the airdrop courtesy of the new Flare network. The Spark network will have a native token called the Spark token, which will exclusively be freely provided to XRP holders.

How will the Spark token airdrop take place?

The Spark token will be distributed through an airdrop, which means it will be available to individuals that meet the criteria. The only qualification that investors need to acquire the token is a crypto account with XRP tokens.

Global crypto exchange platform Coinbase recently announced that the airdrop would take place on December 12. Anyone who has a cryptocurrency account that contains XRP on Coinbase will thus benefit from the airdrop. The digital coin will be distributed at a 1:1 ratio, which means that crypto holders will receive Spark tokens equal to the number of XRP tokens that they hold in their accounts.

Coinbase also revealed via Twitter that they plan to rollout the Spark token after launching the Flare network. Roughly 45 billion Spark tokens will be freely distributed through the airdrop. Numerous other crypto exchanges such as Bitstamp, Bithumb, and Binance also confirmed that they would be involved in the airdrop. Flare will feature a total of 100 billion spark tokens. The network will retain more than half of the entire supply as a reserve, distributed gradually in the future.

The token was generated through a fork on the primary XRP ledger, thus linking the two digital coins. The fork will facilitate the flare network's creation ad it will give the XRP ledger similar features to those of the Ethereum network. It is the first utility fork in the XRP ledge's history, and it will boost utility through efficient smart contracts.

The Spark token airdrop announcement is a big deal for crypto enthusiasts and investors

The cryptocurrency market has so far demonstrated that prices are governed by market buying and selling forces. Prices tend to increase the more a cryptocurrency is bought, and they decrease the more a cryptocurrency selloff takes place. The same principle led to the massive crypto rally in 2017 and the latest one in 2020. For example, the demand for digital currencies increased this year as investors sought alternative investment options outside the traditional finance scope.

XRP experienced a notable rally in November, right after the Flare network and the Spark token airdrop announcement. The explanation for that rally is directly linked to the airdrop. An airdrop technically means you receive free tokens with value, but the catch these days is that you have to own another linked token or digital currency to benefit from the airdrop. Many people rushed to purchase XRP in November so that they could receive the upcoming digital coin.

The increase in XRP purchases jacked up its price, and it also helps that the crypto market was already in a strong bull run. The news about the airdrop was thus a speculative investor's dream because it presented a chance to own a new token and a chance to ride XRP bulls. It is a chance to make money through the rally and participate in an exclusive event that will allow a few select individuals to receive a new and scarce token.

Can the Spark token earn dividends?

Many special-use networks have their own tokens, which allow holders to earn when the token is used or gain value while facilitating transactions. The Flare network will use its native token to collateralize transactions. Flare network will run applications that traditionally operate on the Ethereum network. The native token will also facilitate spam protection and network governance while also generating essential data. There is no official confirmation whether the token will earn dividends, but its special use cases allow it to generate value.

How to receive the Spark token

You might have to do some things to ensure you receive the Spark tokens in your wallet once the airdrop takes place. For example, the first step is making sure that you have the right type of crypto account or wallet. For example, you can leverage an XRP toolkit that will let you use a message key for your flare address.

You will likely receive the Spark token without having to do much if you have a self-custody service. If you use custodial services, you might need a message key that will represent a flare address that will help you claim your share of the tokens during the airdrop. The message key will allow the flare network to know where to send the token. Note that the key will be publicly visible on the XRP ledger, and this might cause some unwanted security exposure.

The Flare network's address format is similar to that of the Ethereum network, which means you can use an Ethereum wallet to generate a message key that will allow you to claim the token. It also means the Spark token will be sent into the same wallet that will generate the message key.

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Will Joe Biden's Administration Be Good For Cryptocurrencies?

Outgoing U.S President Donald Trump once stated that he does not like Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, suggesting that he is not in favor of digital currencies. Many saw this as a sign that Trump would not pursue any policies that would support the crypto industry's growth.

Interestingly, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry experienced tremendous growth during Trump's reign as president. Experts speculate that it might grow even more during an administration that supports cryptocurrencies, thus the need to understand how Biden's administration will likely affect the industry.

Many industries take up an interest in political matters, especially for the presidency, because governments influence policies, and it is policies that determine how well the industries perform. For example, the cannabis industry became legal in the past few years, but the Federal government has not yet recognized it by delisting cannabis from the schedule 1 category.

Banks cannot do business with cannabis companies because it is still illegal under federal law despite legalization in many states. The lack of legalization forced cannabis companies to adopt cryptocurrencies. In a way, the cryptocurrency industry benefited from that situation. Unlike Trump, Biden did not mention anything about the cryptocurrency industry during his campaigns, but some experts believe that his policies might favor digital currencies.

Will Biden push for pro-cryptocurrency policies?

Cryptocurrencies have so far enjoyed growth due to policies that alienate people from the traditional finance system. For example, digital currencies are not illegal. They are also decentralized, making them appealing for transactions where the traditional banking system would not be involved or instances where people need more control of their finances. This is why the cryptocurrency industry has grown indirectly. However, policies that would bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream would likely encourage even more growth as mainstream adoption would balloon.

To have policies that favor digital currencies, Biden needs an administration that understands cryptocurrencies and will actively push for such policies. Interestingly, Biden picked former Goldman Sachs banker Gary Gensler to join the government transition team. Gensler teaches about cryptocurrencies and blockchain at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Gensler's position in Biden's transition to power might be critical for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry because his position would encourage legislators to pass policies that favor digital currencies. Many lawmakers do not understand digital currencies and having someone that can impart knowledge about this industry might be a significant step towards going mainstream.

Favorable policies would encourage the traditional finance system to adopt digital currencies, and major industries such as banking and retail would follow suit. If that were to happen, companies like Amazon and banking institutions would accept crypto payments. There is only one problem. The president alone cannot influence the direction of the industry as far as mainstream adoption is concerned. The Senate would have to be on board, and this is why it is an uphill battle.

Cryptocurrencies will likely come out on top regardless of leadership and policies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies only needed to reach critical mass for the digital currency market to not only survive and thrive. They achieved this feat a long time ago and have become so popular that more people adopt them every year. However, they are yet to break into the mainstream, and one of the potential ways to achieve that is through policies that favor digital currencies. However, that is not the only way in which they can go mainstream.

Cryptocurrencies have so far achieved impressive milestones without needing regulatory support, largely thanks to the fact that they are decentralized. Technically most people use cryptocurrencies to overcome some of the inconveniences presented by the traditional finance system. For example, It is significantly easier and faster to send money to anyone across the globe through crypto as long as they have a digital wallet.

Many companies and small-scale businesses cannot easily access financial services. Cannabis companies can use cryptocurrencies for easier transactions that allow them to expand their networks. Concepts such as DeFi or Decentralized Finance aim to provide crypto-based services such as banking, securities, loans, and insurance, among others, to companies that need such services in the crypto space. A classic case of supply arising where there is demand. Such services are slowly bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. In other words, the companies do not necessarily need support from government policies, thanks to their decentralized nature.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are unstoppable

Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto's goal was to facilitate a new type of economy free of government control. If the cryptocurrency market maintains the focus on Satoshi's goal, where future developments in the industry are built from the ground up, projects like DeFi make a lot of sense.

Cryptocurrencies have so far shown that they are an unstoppable force, while blockchain technology's immutable capabilities and rapid speeds make it appealing to many traditional segments. For example, some major banks such as the Royal Bank of Canada and Goldman Sachs have adopted blockchain to deliver faster and more secure services.

Remittance is one of the industries that stand to benefit the most from blockchain technology. Blockchain enables peer-to-peer payments, which means people can send money directly to their friends, family members, or even employees without involving a third party or without lengthy delays. Traditional services operated by banks are usually slow and costly.

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How Can You Spread Suicide Awareness?

The most disturbing thing that you can witness is the suicide of your loved one. Have you ever been there?

“How I didn't see this coming.”

“I should have been there for them.”

We hear these sentiments often when life has been too hard on your loved ones that they found killing themselves the only option. Have you ever thought how helpless and lonely the person would have felt at the time when they were thinking about taking their life? No one wants to die early. Ask any suicide survivor what was their last thought before the attempt, and their answer will be, “I wanted to live, but it seemed hard.”

In the era of advancement and facilities, we all have been too busy in our lives and our work that other people's problems are no more visible to us. Can you imagine how much distance has grown between our loved ones and us? People who meant a lot to us find suicide a better option than talking their hearts out.

This shows that it's high time now! When the reason of the death of 44,000 people is from suicide. We have come to a stage where there is a month to spread suicide awareness. We all are together in this. It was someone's brother today; tomorrow, it can be anyone else's or maybe...your's. We can't just sit back and count the increase in the number of suicide cases.

We all have a role to play in suicide awareness. So let's do our bit and be there to help. In this blog, we'll talk discuss three points of how you can spread suicide awareness. So, let's dive in.

Know the Signs and Reach Out

There are always warning signs of suicidal thoughts or suicide. The signs are not the same for all. It varies from person to person. Some warning signs are clearly visible like,

• The recent loss of a family member or friend, especially through suicide.

• Depression is the most common sign of suicide. It includes anger, sleeplessness, isolation, etc.

• Excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs

Whereas sometimes, the signs are not visible, but they can be felt. When a person says things like, I am a burden on my family, there is no meaning of my life; I can't control my life. Most of the time, these phrases are cry for help, which goes unnoticed.

Next time when you listen to such phrases from someone around you, talk to them. It's not easy to begin such conversations and carry on with them. Therefore, you can start light by asking, “How are you?” Listen to what they say. Sometimes all the other person wants is someone to listen to them.

When you listen to them carefully, you'll be able to look at the layers and subtexts to what they are saying. Now you can smoothly carry on the conversation and let them know that you are genuinely always there for them.

Use Social Media for the Cause

Social media has become a potent tool in the past few years. If you want your message to reach many people, then Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the platforms to rely on. You can spread suicide awareness efficiently using these platforms. Social media can be toxic at times. You'll have to be conscious of what you say.

There is always the right way to present things on social media. When posting something related to suicide awareness, such a sensitive topic, make sure your post is informative, serious, and polite.

To make your post helpful for the audience, you can take the information from trustworthy sources like the National Alliance on Mental Illness or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you are not the one who is into so much research but wants to contribute to spreading awareness, posting a screenshot of suicide prevention hotline numbers does not take much time.

Your one post making fun of suicide can be triggering for some people. Such posts usually result in triggering feelings like frustration and anger.

Create a Safe Place

It's not easy to express your feeling, to present your thoughts in front of the other person. It makes the person feel vulnerable. This state of vulnerability bothers a person excessively who is suffering from mental health issues. It's not easy for them to build enough trust to share their feelings. Therefore, it is essential to create a safe place for everyone to speak out.

Make a list of people who can call you in the middle of crises. Also, make a list of places where these people would like to go for their safe place.

A safe place is created to make the person feel at ease. So, any shaming or emotional violence should not be allowed there. All the feelings, thoughts, and emotions should be respects, and no judgments should be passed.

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Look at What Christmas Means to me!

It's finally that time of the year when all the political tension and everything running around us is on a short break. Everyone is waiting for Christmas. Are you too?

We are celebrating Christmas for years maybe that's why we have somewhere lost the charm of this festival. No doubt, it's a big day for Christians. It was the day when the son of God was born for the redemption of humans' sins. Some people are also excited about this time of the year because of the change in the season.

We remember these things by heart, but we have been too busy in our lives, in our work lately that we have forgotten to appreciate our festivals. The other night while listening to Stevie Wonder's song,

*“Candles burnin' low, lots of mistletoe.

*Lots of snow and ice, Everywhere we go.

*Choirs singin' carols, Right outside my door.

*All these things and more

*That's what Christmas means to me, my love.”

I realized how beautiful Christmas is. It is the season of joy, but we are too busy to acknowledge the beauty, the piousness of Christmas.

Therefore, I took some time out and thought about what Christmas means to me. Then I realized it is not just a day but meant something more to me. So, I am going to share everything I love about Christmas with you through this blog.

1. The Christmas tree

*Yes, the Christmas tree has made it to the top of my list of affections for this festival. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is something that I love about this festival. The neighborhood decorated with flashy lights, Christmas trees, and the reindeers turns your surroundings into a Christmas wonderland.

2. Time with Family and Friends

*Spending some quality time with family and friends is the thing we all miss a lot usually. That is why I love Christmas because this festival's fundamental aspect is to celebrate it with your loved ones. On this day, people living in different nations come to visit their loved ones. The mere idea of a get together with my family and friends is complete joy in itself.

3. Christmas Feasting

*What is a celebration without food? And how can we eat regular food on such a big day! Well, Christmas lunch and dinner is not complete without the spread of seafood, especially oysters, prawns, and roast meat.

4. Giving the Gifts

While we are enjoying the festival, some people can't afford such luxuries. Therefore, people volunteer to help them because everyone deserves to be happy at such a huge festival.

*Doing charity is not a ritual but an effort done by some people willing to feed the poor. Suppose there is a person who was not expecting any visitor or gifts, suddenly someone comes to meet him with a gift what would be the level of happiness in that person's life in that particular moment. This rush of joy is what Christmas means to me.

5. Playing Games

*When your family and friends are together, you try to do everything that you enjoy. Playing outdoor games like tennis, football and cricket are one of such things. After such a heavy lunch, this activity is a must to work off the fat.

6. Go Caroling

*Christmas is all about God and religion. If you like listening to carols and singing them, why not sing your favorite hymns with friends and family? Caroling can be arranged easily in the neighborhood. This is how you can remember God and sing your favorite carols.

7. Christmas Parade

*This part of Christmas excites me today as well. I love the colors and the music of the Christmas parade. It is like a symbol of the onset of the festival.

The best thing about the Christmas parade is, no matter where you are. In your hometown for vacations or at Walt Disney, there will be some sort of Christmas celebration for sure. That will be enough to cheer up your whole family.

8. Enjoy the Snow

*Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy the winters. Step out, roam around in the neighborhood, in the middle of the snow. What could be more aesthetic than this view! There is no age restriction to enjoy the view. So, get up and play in the snow.

9. Bake Cookies

*Most of you might be waiting for this point. So here it is! Though I am not good at baking but with my friends' help, I give it a try once a year. Most of the time, my attempts to bake good cookies fail, but I like the fragrance. So, it's okay!

10. Decorate your Ugly T-shirts

*Sometimes at Christmas party, we have this theme to wear an old ugly t-shirt. To add fun to it, we decorate it with colors and glitters to make it wearable.

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Are We In A Crypto Bull Market? Evaluating Crypto Performance

A bullish market is characterized by strong upward trends in the underlying asset's price performance. Sometimes it can focus on a single asset or the collective market that consists of various assets. For example, the cryptocurrency market consists of more than 1,000 digital currencies. However, the bulk of the value revolves around major digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

Determining whether the cryptocurrency market is bullish or bearish at any given point requires evaluating the collective price movements. Fortunately, the market mostly follows Bitcoin's price performance. Bitcoin is the pioneer cryptocurrency that kickstarted this market, and it also happens to have the highest trading volume out of all other digital coins.

Bitcoin leads a strong bullish charge

The cryptocurrency market has predominantly been bullish for the better part of 2020, and the same applies to the other digital coins in the top 10 list. A look at Bitcoin's price performance on a year-to-date basis reveals the extent of the bullish market.

Bitcoin's impressive year-to-date rally has seen the price grow from just below $5,000 towards mid-March. The price has so far ballooned above $19,000, which is an impressive feat that has seen it grow by more than $14,000. Bitcoin traded at $19,403 at the time of this press with a trading volume of more than $32 billion and $360.29 billion in market cap.

ETH is the second most popular cryptocurrency globally, and it has also enjoyed a strong bullish trend this year. The cryptocurrency traded at $610.63 at the time of this press, representing an impressive jump from a low of around $110 in March.

Ethereum's market cap was $68.68 billion, while its trading volume was $1538 billion at the time of this press. The same bullish performance extends to other cryptocurrencies that have high daily trading volumes and market caps. These coins control the market performance, which means that the market has overall been bullish since March.

Understanding the forces behind the bullish run

All of the top ten cryptocurrencies demonstrated an impressive bullish performance from around March, which indicates a strong force behind the price performance. The rally kicked off at around the same time that the coronavirus pandemic went viral worldwide, forcing governments to declare mandatory public restrictions. Entire economies shut down, leading to the loss of business opportunities. Investors started looking at alternative investment opportunities to protect their wealth from erosion.

Many traditional investment avenues such as securities and indices were on the decline due to the coronavirus-induced economic downturn. Even currencies experienced a lot of volatility and instability this year, leading to an unstable investment environment. These factors made the digital currency market more attractive to investors because it is not affected by the same economic factors that affected the traditional finance system.

Cryptocurrencies presented an avenue for investors to safeguard their wealth while also making some money from the unusual circumstances birthed by the global pandemic. These factors encouraged many people to invest in cryptocurrency, and thus the demand fueled the strong bullish run contributing to a steady rise. The last three months have mainly been interesting due to an influx of institutional buyers and individuals with FOMO. They have pushed the demand leading to a surge in crypto prices to levels previously seen in 2017.

What the 2017 bull run can teach us about investing now

The cryptocurrency market's performance in 2020 is not so different from its performance during the 2017 crypto rally. Common characteristics include a slow start at the beginning of each year and a steep climb near the middle, as well as the end of the year. However, we have to consider the key influences which present the differences between the current bull run and the one experienced three years ago.

The bull run this year is caused by demand associated with the shifting dynamics caused by the unstable investment environment in the traditional finance sector. It also means that a return to normalcy might trigger a crypto selloff, which would offset significant gains from the cryptocurrency market. Such a move would likely happen if a vaccine could eliminate the coronavirus was released and made available across the globe, allowing the markets to recover.

The cryptocurrency market has so far demonstrated that it is incredibly volatile, and prices can come crashing down fast and by huge margins, such as what happened in 2018. Selloffs would trigger such a move as people aim to reinvest their money in recovering securities markets as normalcy returns. Right now, cryptocurrency prices are high, and a selloff chain reaction would easily send prices crashing below $10,000, thus the need for crypto investors to be careful.

Is it still a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies?

It depends on how one invests and also on market factors. For example, if past performance data is anything to go by, it means the current bull run might be on the top end. There might thus not be a lot of extra bullish room to stretch upwards. One also has to keep track of COVID19 vaccine developments because they will likely significantly influence economic recovery.

Many other factors may influence the cryptocurrency market's performance, and one can never predict price direction with complete accuracy—for example, more digital currency investments, especially from institutional investors. One of the best ways to successfully trade cryptocurrencies is to keep track of major accounts' trading activities, otherwise known as whales.

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