Gloucestershire Police Stop & Search

A personal view of stop & search and anti-racism by Gareth Kitchen.

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SAR has to praise the Constabulary for releasing this long awaited report, warts & all.

Although these historic ethnicity figures are similar to those presented by other forces, be under no illusion, they are poor. We believe that the picture is actually worse than shown, due to data integrity issues in the 2018/19 period specific to Gloucestershire.


The long awaited report into stop & search in Gloucestershire has finally been published:-


Header of the report's front cover

The purpose of the report is to examine concerns relating to disproportional use of these powers based on protected characteristics, specifically Race.


An establishment paralysed by bluster and incompetence but our local communities, high streets, grassroot organisations and small businesses all stepped up to the plate to protect the vulnerable and support those in need.


Minutes from the Gloucestershire Constabulary Stop Search Community Scrutiny Panel meetings

May 2021 Skype Meeting (minutes pdf format)

Gloucestershire's newly elected Police and Crime Commissionaire, Chris Nelson recently tweeted about Festus Akinbusoye, Britain’s first black police and crime commissioner.


Gloucestershire constabulary


Stop and Search Community Scrutiny Panel (S&SCSP)

It is essential that panel members frequently refer back to the Terms of Reference to keep perspective on the purpose of the panel and how we report to the communities who we represent and serve. This version was in place when I joined, which remains published on the Constabulary web site.

However, it seems to undergo a process of revision that was never gets reported back or agreed to by the Scrutiny Panel members. This is another somewhat later version that maybe draft