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Parrot OS

I replaced the broken Kali OS on my other laptop with Parrot. Unlike the last install, I was treated with a desktop environment via my USB stick. The install went well and I'm happy :)

One thing I remember was that my older laptop's BIOS could not detect my boot USB after formatting it with the OS image, no matter what methods I use. Perhaps that BIOS was just too old to recognize many different boot devices.

2112 Cooperation

I discovered an old flash game called ‘2112 Cooperation’ on a random flash game website (I assume it was Y8 games since I used to use the site a lot). It’s how I discovered the flash game series ‘Hostility UF2’ which was created by 3DBBQ.

The game 2112 Cooperation is basically a dual-screen rail gun shooter with pre-rendered cell-shaded 3D visuals and a spy-thriller plot. The visual style, and the character designs of the protagonists and other characters looked so appealing to me personally. The gameplay mechanics were also impressive and innovative at that era.

As an autistic person, I’ve been addicted to that particular game for a long period of time. I was even hyper-fixing about it during middle school, and I couldn’t wait for break time to start so I could go on the computer and play that game again.

Since discovering that game, I looked into the other games of Hostility UF2, including Hostility UF (original games), Cyber UF2, Time Bomb 90 seconds, Battle Garden, and Street Skirmish. These games were awesome as well. The games were in Chinese, but most of them had important English text as well as subtitles for dialog.

It’s so impressive how one guy did the programming, game design, art design, and 3D graphics by himself. These games ultimately impacted my taste in art as well as my personal artistic style. It’s also why I love the colors blue and orange so much (Cyan’s color scheme is blue and Alma’s is orange).

Video playlist of the Hostility UF2 series

We've been hearing ongoing trends of 'AI' systems being used for writing school essays, documents, or apology letters, as well as create half-assed content on many platforms like YouTube or TikTok. It's likely that LLMs will be pushed into a standard for language learning and interpretation between people of different tongues.

I just heard from The Atlantic that learning for languages other than English in North America are in a decline since the last decade. Along with that, people are slowly adapting 'AI' for language purposes.

I really dread for that potential future where almost everyone who communicate with foreign people would only do so with 'AI' translation software on their small devices.

The major problem with this is that you can't just learn the logical systems of a language, you also have to learn the cultural nuances of said language in terms of grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation. There are so many words and phrases in different languages that have major cultural or social roots in those countries. So only learning the surface level rules and words of a language would only limit your comprehension of the culture and it's people.

Imagine a future where American politicians and corporate execs use LLM software instead of a native or fluent interpreter to communicate to their counterparts or civilians in a given country. It'd be quite a disaster on a diplomacy standpoint.

I personally do not intend to use 'AI' to speak to people in a different language. I currently have a passionate goal of learning Japanese, Esperanto, and even some Mandarin too in the future. I feel it is vital to learn new languages, especially in this insane sociopolitical era we are living in right now.

I think I found a key to do productive and relaxing activities on a daily basis:

Activities that involve action at daytime (ex: cleaning routine, self-hygiene, walking/jogging outdoors, learning activities, etc).

Relaxing activities at nighttime (ex: reading books, watching or listening soothing media, journaling or doodling, etc).

For my ADHD mind, I need to be active in the morning in order to give myself energy for the day.

And during nighttime, I need to rest my mind and body to avoid over-stimulation.

I turn off Bluetooth whenever I'm not using my wireless earbuds.

I do not have my phone in front of public cameras, let alone have anyone next to me peek, when I'm inputting passwords, especially for sensitive accounts such as banking.

I put tape on webcams and back cameras on my devices. I rarely use the former anyways.

My brain has been very unreliable in setting goals and sticking to them.

As I prepare for the things I need to work on for job readiness, my creative goals has been in circles and kept getting lost in thought.

I first abandoned the idea of pre-planned projects and go with blogging. But I kept holding myself back due to this internal fear of imperfection. I had no idea what kind of thoughts or ideas I should prioritize, nor could I stick and organize those priorities. And I kept thinking that my posts should be extensive, consistent with the topic, and complete.

I keep on losing focus and it's been frustrating.... But I read a blog post by someone else that basically said that your blog is an artistic medium of incomplete stories. The blog doesn't have to be complete nor perfect. It should be a place to freely express yourself without rigid organization or fear of judgement. I've also been learning about the value of being in the present and appreciating the imperfect beauty of nature in Zen Buddhism.

I should not care about perfection at this point, yet it's hard to stop those lingering feelings. I want to just do something, not be passively taking in information. My mind and body wants action, no matter how messy it can be.

I want to make my posts simple, valuable, and adorable for anyone reading them. :)

I'm an aspiring cybersecurity professional, and I hope to help people with my own skills and passions as a neurodiverse person. I believe that information technology should make people feel secure with what it does to their data, time and emotions, not stress/abuse/terrorize them.

For this blog, I want to share my own learning experiences and insights with technology, my observations and thoughts on ongoing technological and societal trends, and some cute and zen artistry. ^_^

Zen Tel Zen Phy

Recently, I made a habit of changing backgrounds on my Linux Mint desktop. I tend to get bored of looking at the same image in front of me over and over. So I decided to change backgrounds frequently.

I use backgrounds depending on my current moon or the time of the day.

When I feel happy, I use bright or vivid backgrounds. Cherry Blossoms and Hanging Lanterns, Pexel

But when I feel low, I use a more moody image. Kinkaku-ji Temple, Pexels

As for the time of the day, obviously I use bright backgrounds like day time photos. Japanese Shore, Pexels

In the night, not only I use darker backgrounds, I also choose the ones that have little to no blue light elements on them. Allyway, Pexels

You noticed these are photos from Japan, which is my recent special interest. Being immersed in Japanese culture makes me happy :)

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Everyone around me, including my family, are crumbling on all levels. People are losing their sense of what matters and what's happening outside of their circle.

Am I crumbling as well...? Maybe not as much.

But I swear, I will get out of this sunken place sooner or later. I won't let anyone stop me.

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Learning the components that make up the characters really help me. They help me better distinguish the characters, which I had a harder time doing years ago. It's really cool that the radicals and smaller kanji inside of a single kanji can convey some hint or meaning behind it, although this isn't always the case.

I've been learning kanji in the N5 category, and they're fun to look at and study. I can already recognize some of them when I watch a video or read a piece of text. :)

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