Leo on Competitions


Hi. Operating from sunny South Florida, I am very passionate about all kinds of competitions. As a matter of fact, I’ve made my career about it and I work in competitive strategy and market intelligence in the corporate world. I have been in the industry for 10+ years, now.

Today, I'm the Head of Competitive Market Strategy at Zoom. Leading a rock star team of smart creatives that make competitive happiness possible.

I also really like building and operationalizing impact. I previously led and help built Competitive Intelligence functions as VP of Competitive Intelligence at ADP, and Dir of Competitive Intelligence at Cisco.

Outside of work, I also love competitions; both finite or infinite games. This of course includes anything from professional #sports (I have a preference for #soccer that borderlines addiction), to simple family board games (our current family favorite is Blokus)

I am family oriented, a truly diverse music taste, and love everything outdoors, especially: water sports, sailing, salt water life, boating; long distance running.

In times of recession and economic hardship, the natural tendency of companies is to look to retain customers as much as possible. This can bleed into other functions, such as when competing, let’s be defensive. Although business is not soccer (i.e. infinite game vs finite game), there’s some thought provoking analysis we can draw, by seeing what the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is showing about the importance of defense.