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Should Russians be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris, France, next year? The question is out, and the debate is already raging. For me, the answer is simple and unequivocal: no. My reasons are multiple. Here are a few of them.

First of all, we cannot pretend that Olympic Games are apolitical. Participation or non-participation in games can also have a political character. History has shown it on several occasions. In addition, the symbolism behind the Olympic Games and sports, in general, is not compatible with the behaviour of Russia internationally. The Russians are doing anything but show fraternity towards other countries like Ukraine.

Cases are well documented that local Olympic organizations are often close to the government, especially in countries like Russia and China. Governments jump at the opportunity of hosting or participating in games to promote political agendas, to make propaganda tacitly or explicitly. We cannot provide them with this opportunity.

Furthermore, we cannot contribute militarily, financially and humanly to the legitimate defence of Ukraine and, on the other hand, allow Russian athletes to come and strut as if nothing had happened alongside Ukrainian athletes. This is nonsense and an insult to Ukrainian athletes.

Some will say that it is not the role of the International Olympic Committee to act as a police officer. However, it is not about that but about a moral question that goes beyond the committee's mission. The respective countries will be responsible for demonstrating their coherence with their actions towards Ukraine by abstaining from presenting themselves at the Olympic Games, if appropriate. I count on the Canadian government to show consistency and courage equal to that of the Ukrainians.

Finally, the question of the athletes themselves arises. Some will say that we must not unduly hinder athletes from participating in the games after so many efforts and sacrifices. Do I need to remind you that thousands of Ukrainian civilians are making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives? Russian athletes can stay home and suffer a little bit. Besides, isn't this one of the objectives of international sanctions against Russia, to make the government and its people suffer? Otherwise, what good is it?

I say it, I repeat it, it would be immoral to allow Russians to participate in the Olympic Games next year, and even in any other sporting competition, as long as the war is raging and Russia has not paid reparations.

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I’m super happy to see so many countries contributing to the war efforts. Kyiv has been asking for tanks for a long time. Finally, the last roadblock to a significant contribution has been lifted thanks to the German government, who seemingly found the light and made the right decision. Now for serious questions…

Will those tanks, a few hundred of them, of all sizes, models and with various capabilities, really reverse the tide in favour of the Ukrainians? I’m afraid we will have to face reality sooner than later. Much more will be needed to put Russia’s army on its knees and force them to retreat or be defeated. Fighter jets are next. But again, I don’t see that as being enough. Remember when Iraq invaded Kuwait? We had to send people on the ground, not just boats, tanks or fighter jets.

I guess that, collectively, the west is not ready to accept this fatality. The time will come.


Here are a few questions that pop up in my mind when reading the news about the war in Ukraine.

  1. How do they estimate Russian casualties? They are around 500-800 KIA per day. That’s a lot. Is this number inflated for propaganda purposes?

  2. Why is Putin not saying, “Any country sending arms to help Ukraine is, in fact, a declaration of war against Russia”? What would be the implications of such a declaration? Putin looks like a low-profile leader. So why is Putin not more vocal against the west?

  3. Why is the west not sending military aid to Modlova to put pressure on the 1200 Russian soldiers in Transnistria? How is this possible for Russia to feed them with the required resources?

  4. Why are tanks so much needed as opposed to other types of weapons? Are fighter planes effective? What is the aviation role in Ukraine? Are they making a difference?

  5. How many Ukrainian soldiers are killed each day? Why don’t we get these numbers as much as the Russian KIA?

So many unanswered questions.


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After I told my wife that the second-biggest jackpot had been won, she asked me what I would do with all that money. So here’s what I would do.

First, after the usual and probably mandatory press conference, I would get home and patiently wait for the deposit. Once received, I would call my bank to set aside a few million for my personal needs (and for my immediate family, of course).

Then the fun would begin.

Second, I would reach the highest Canadian Government representative, telling him I wanted to meet with Zelensky from Ukraine. The sooner, the better, and I would make sure he gets the message that he should accept my request and wouldn’t regret any minutes of this meeting.

Once in Ukraine, I would ask to meet with the government’s and army’s top lieutenants. My question for them: I have more than $1 billion at your disposal; what do you need the most? I would make sure they get what they are asking for.

After my meeting, I would ask for a joint press conference with Zelensky, telling the world about our agreement and explaining what will happen with all my money spent on helping this country and its people. Next, I would read a message aloud to the wealthiest people in the world and ask them to move their butt and make something out of their money to help Ukraine. Third, and lastly, I would read another special message, this time directed at Putin: “now is the time to put me on the ‘banned from Russia list’” and I would conclude with, “you can go fuck yourself.”

This is what I would do after winning a $1.35 Billion Jackpot. Thank you.

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Poor Putin, now he complains that Ukraine is sending drone on their military bases to destroy military assets and make it hard for planes to take off in direction of Ukraine to commit crimes on civilians. Poor little boy. Fuck him. He’ll wait forever for any kind of negotiation if you ask me.

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We’re close to Christmas and getting closer to new years eve. I hope Ukrainians can get a small break during the holidays. News about increased military activities by Russia in Belarus, north of Ukraine, close to the frontier, isn’t encouraging. It’s like when Russia was preparing to break Ukrainian borders last February. Who knows what they’re up to? We shouldn’t trust them. Are these military exercises like they said? My fingers are crossed.

If Russia tries to take Kyiv a second time, I hope the Ukrainian army is ready. They are probably exhausted by months of defensive combats on the south and eastern sides. How will the international community react if Belarus is again used to attack Ukraine?

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🇺🇦 When reading about the war raging in Ukraine, there is so much to read, see and… digest. As it has become the focus of my attention from a news consumption perspective since the start of the invasion, I tend to talk about it with my surroundings. I think they are starting to feel the war fatigue. They look at me with rolling eyes 🙄, wondering why I focus so much on what’s happening in Ukraine. Now, here’s the question: who’s at fault here? 🧐

I feel sad about our reactions to this mess. It’s a major issue that will occupy the political, economic and world hungriness for quite some time. Most of these will have some sort of impact on us, individually. We should care and stop turning this war into just another war we don’t have control over. We do.

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🇺🇦 I feel sad for Ukraine which has been fighting hell for so long and having to retreat from Sievierodonetsk. It’s probably the best decision from a military perspective. Yet, I feel sad for them. For all of us because we can’t stop the criminals from territory gains. Is there an end to this nightmare? 😞

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Dear (few readers), in case you were wondering, I’m still staying informed about the war in Ukraine. Over the weeks, I’ve taken a more distanced view of the conflict. I try not to make it too personal. I’m still horrified by what Russian criminals are capable of. I still wish we, the west, get even more involved to help Ukraine fight against the invader. I guess things take time; we must be patient. Eventually, Ukraine will prevail. Summer will see hot combats, and I wish the army of Ukraine will start to kick Russia out of occupied regions.

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After more than 90 days of this nonsense, this criminal invasion by the Russian, are we starting to hear voices that ask for some appeasement toward Russia? It seems so if you read the story about Henry Kessinger suggesting Ukraine should concede some piece of its territory. What. The. Fuck? Can’t we look back at history, in 1938 to be precise, for god’s sake?

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