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Posted 16/Apr/2021 ~ 09:25 Central Time

— by Roscoe

This afternoon will be for yard work. Weather permitting, of course.

Posted 14/Apr/2021 ~ 11:55 Central Time

— by Roscoe

A perfect ending to a busy day: listening to Eric Nadel calling a Texas Rangers game, and the Rangers winning said game.

Posted 13/Apr/2021 ~ 20:30 Central Time

— by Roscoe

Well. Either the touch screen on my smartphone has developed a psychotic mind of its own, or my fingers have achieved new levels of clumsiness.

Posted 09/Apr/2021 ~ 18:45 Central Time

— by Roscoe

Big change! The dynamic of my days over the next 3 months (and maybe for much longer than that) will change considerably from what it's been for the past year. Responsibilities with my KofC Council have really picked up. Time management will be key as I try to balance the hours most effectively.

Posted 08/Apr/2021 ~ 19:20 Central Time

— by Roscoe

The bad... Oak pollen levels here in San Antonio are obscenely high today. My sinuses knew that before the guy on my morning radio told me. Yes, this will be another day to megadose on the allergy meds. Already doing that.

The good. Even this early in the day my central a/c is pouring cool, cool air throughout the house. Good thing, too: outside temperatures may top 90 degrees. Here in Roscoe's micro-verse we'll keep it a comfortable 72.

Posted 07/Apr/2021 ~ 08:50 Central Time

— by Roscoe

Much easier. Installed and worked with the Audacity software program on Linux this afternoon. Found it so much easier to use than when I first tried to work with it 10 years ago.

Posted 06/Apr/2021 ~ 17:50 Central Time

— by Roscoe

So. I may watch tonight's NCAA Championship game, but then again I may not. I saw the Baylor / Houston game Saturday night and enjoyed it. But I didn't watch the Gonzaga game. By all reports Gonzaga is an excellent team. But reports also say their players “grandstand” a lot. And I'm in no mood to watch college kids behave that way.

Posted 05/Apr/2021 ~ 19:50 Central Time

— by Roscoe

Darn. Learned this afternoon from his wife that an old friend of mine who has been suffering with ALS for over a year is now near death. /sigh... The older I get, the more friends I lose.

Posted 03/Apr/2021 ~ 18:30 Central Time

— by Roscoe

Oh, this is comfortable! A few minutes ago my first ever pair of Birkenstock sandals were delivered and I'm wearing them now. Hope they're durable, because I intend to wear them A LOT!

Posted 03/Apr/2021 ~ 14:15 Central Time

— by Roscoe

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