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Nowhere Man

Posted 15/May/2021 ~ 08:00 Central Time #blog #QuickNote

  • by Roscoe

Signs of Life

While policing the yard this morning I noticed signs of life in that conglomeration of big bushes by the back fence. Though the big branches which have been getting bigger every year are mostly all dead, new leafy branches have sprouted up from the roots. My task now will be careful pruning: getting rid of the big dead stuff as quickly as I can so the new growth can flourish.

Posted 25/Apr/2021 ~ 09:20 Central Time #blog #QuickNote #chores

  • by Roscoe

Saturday Chore

This morning and, perhaps, into the early afternoon I'll be out in the backyard with weed-eater and lawnmower trying to make things look a bit more civilized back there.

Posted 24/Apr/2021 ~ 08:45 Central Time #blog #QuickNote #chores

  • by Roscoe

Just had a nice text chat with Sylvia's older brother in the Philippines. He's my age. He's glad we're doing fine and getting vaccinated. We're glad he's doing fine, too.

Posted 19/Apr/2021 ~ 21:50 Central Time #blog #QuickNote

  • by Roscoe

Her part-time job has now resumed its regular, pre-pandemic hours. Instead of 9:00 AM to Noon, 3 days a week for awhile, then 4 days a week for awhile; now she's working 8:00 AM to Noon, Monday through Friday again. So I'm getting up an hour earlier every day to help her get ready.

And the adventure continues.

Posted 19/Apr/2021 ~ 09:30 Central Time #blog #QuickNote

  • by Roscoe

Excellent! I've found an “Elegant Slow Blues” Collection on YouTube to play in the background as I read, and as Sylvia naps.

Posted 18/Apr/2021 ~ 18:25 Central Time #blog #QuickNote

by Roscoe

  • by Roscoe

Of the three or four (or five?) regular announcers for during NASCAR Races this season, one of them insists on speaking into his microphone while wearing a mask. Why won't someone tell him how AWFUL that sounds?!

Posted 18/Apr/2021 ~ 17:05 Central Time #blog #QuickNote

  • by Roscoe

Even before I turned on the computer to which it's attached, my printer came to life, informed me on its little led screen that it had just received an update, and told me it was time to change my ink cartridges. Amazing how it can do that.

Posted 17/Apr/2021 ~ 08:00 Central Time #blog #QuickNote

  • by Roscoe

The Walmart order straightened out, I'm happy to say. I now have an order number, and they say everything on my list will be delivered during the time slot I selected. Whew!

Posted 16/Apr/2021 ~ 16:45 Central Time #QuickNote

  • by Roscoe

Tried to place an online grocery delivery order from Walmart earlier this afternoon, something I've done easily many times. But this time it went all wonky, and I'm incredibly stressed out.

Posted 16/Apr/2021 ~ 15:30 Central Time #QuickNote

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