while I still have a brain

writing thoughts...while I still have a brain

Today was unfulfilling. I went to the ER wanting to get a spinal tap. I waited for the doctor for 6 hours. When I presented in all my symptoms the only reply was to put me on Motrin intravenously and run a CBC what a dunce. Apparently he does not have enough clinical experience to realize that there are numerous studies in high impact factor journals showing people having meningitis without fever. I present all the symptoms of stiff neck achy spine photophobia phonophobia and multiple other dysautonomias. Since I've been home after the ER I've been very dizzy and have had pots like symptoms as well as completely stiff neck and nausea. Well it's off to bed and tomorrow will hopefully get a spinal tap some other way.

I tried intranasal insulin a few days ago. I was stupid when I prepared it and used my teeth to take off the top of the novolin R. I may have gotten saliva into the solution...contaminated (bacterial/viral)? Or the bottle could have had fungus from this bad house. Anyway after doing a spray in each nostril, 10 minutes later I developed neck pain. Next day progressed into spine pain, headache and temperature dysregulation. Today forgetful of pretty much everything and cannot engage in conversation. I went to the ER today to make sure it wasn't meningitis and was told it was not “acute” so they didn't think a spinal tap was necessary. Man my cognition is so poor...forgot how old I was today when asked my age...getting me quite worried and upset. Still in pain, confused and dizzy.... will report back later.

You know what really makes me sad? Over the past few months I’ve noticed my cognition to keep declining and getting worse. I’ve become more dyslexic and more forgetful of everything. I cannot remember little things and my working memory is awful. I’ll see myself to stupid mistakes like open a new tab instead of exit or walk into a room and have no idea why I did that. I’ll click the home screen on my phone to perform some task but completely forget why and what app I was going to. My perception of time has been completely weird too. I forget what day it was, how much time has passed etc. for example my foot will hurt and I’ll think to call the doc, sit down then forget what I was going to do. If this isn’t what Early Onset Alzheimer’s is, then I don’t know what is...All of these things I never had a problem with before…