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It's fascinating to see the breathtaking pace at which Elon Musk is finally driving Twitter to the wall.

I can't even reorder popcorn that fast.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #SocialNetwork #Bulldozer

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Cologne Main Station

Today I took the train to Wiesbaden (Germany) to join the Google Enterprise Day. A few minutes ago, we stopped at Cologne Main Station (you can see the Cathetral mirroring in a window).

Until #cologne it was very quiet in the train, everyone was reading or working. But here a group of elder people on a (probably) funny #trip joined us. And now they're chattering around louder than a barn full of geese ever could. 😄

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We had 2 hot summerdays this weekend. Yesterday it was 34° C outside (in the sun it was even more hot). The #kids played in our neighbours garden, the older girl tried their new pool and got enthusiastic about this.


I love the idea of not limiting comments to the individual blog. This allows a discussion to potentially gain speed. This also benefits the individual blogs by giving them more visibility.

However, I'm still missing a few things to make remark.as useful as a place to share opinions.


Reading tmo's entry about chatting, I have to think of my own internet past. I was used to chatrooms at Aol as well, but I remember also, that it was very expensive to surf the internet that days (around 1997/98). It was a completely different web: no TikTok, no Instagram, no Twitter. Even no weblogs and Google didn't exist.

In some way it were the “naive” days. In some way it was a happier time like the first explorers in a new world.

How do you remember this days?

#nostalgic #history #internet #chat

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Today is a very sunny day, nearly like in summer, but not so warm.

I brought the girls to their know kindergarten and now I have a little break, before I drive back home. We spend the weekend in another city, so there is still a lot to do.

When something interesting will happen, I will write about.


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A few days ago, my daughter built a Moskito Trap with a Flashlight (to attract the insects) and some Kind of dark boxes.

Today she decided, that they deserve something better. So she constructed a Moskito Hotel. Here ist the result.


I took the big girl to the eye doctor today. It's amazing how you can mutate into Homo Patiencis from one moment to the next. In our doctor's office, the procedures are well organized. You are taken from one station to the next. Despite the well-rehearsed doctors and assistants, waiting times are unavoidable due to the busy schedule. As a patient (or accompanying person), you take on the role of the person waiting and are slowed down. Would you accept this in other everyday situations?

#patience #everydaylife #beingkind

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I turn 50 this year and I told my wife, that there is only one crazy gadget on my wishlist: the Freewrite typewriter.

I know, this is an absolute hipster writing tool, too expensive at all, but I fell in love, since I met the idea for the first time.

I am looking for a distraction free writing tool, since I droped my old electric typewriter from the early 90s. First I was fascinated by the possibilities, a personal computer offers, but the more this machines were able to do, the more I lost my focus in my daily work.


The older I get, the less I want to have to deal with what hardware I use for my everyday digital stuff. The days of me participating in the digital race are definitely over. Even though I've tried Apple, Windows, and a few other systems over the last 50 years, it doesn't have to be this or that gadget anymore. I should be able to write comfortably with it, that's the requirement. The best – also in price-performance ratio – I find Chromebooks or older devices that are brought to new life with ChromeOS or ChromiumOS.

#ChromeOS #Chromebook #Upgrades

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