I craft a lot of stories that never make the journey from my head to the outside some that ill admit I could really do without

ill tell you one story but listen.. this one I tried to hide

its about a child, playing on a beach with azure dress and lemon hair who lays on the sand

waves wash in as she glances a bone white medallion close enough to reach she doesn't hesitate she puts it to her hand this rough and warm sand dollar

for a moment nothing, than it buries itself into her palm

as corals erupt from her fingers she goes to run away when seaweed lashes from her legs into the ground she goes to scream, but sand erupts in a spray her eyes turn towards the shore she goes to move as seafoam falls down her body

Its then the water moves in

she never knew what waited to be found beneath the sand As easily as wave crush dirt her days were at an end


sitting here. eyes closed. it feels like, a flower settling on calm moonlit lake. stars pressing themselves into the blanket of water the universe losing in a pool of dark tapestry undulating motion, ticking the pebbles on the shoreline.


The endless lights that scream, Against and across the empty vastness.

I want to be a star.

Raging against it all.

Not because its a conscience revolt, but because it's what I am.

I'm a force in this world.

So are you.



Prologue ~

I approach the door I see in my dreams. The shifting dreams I've had for the past few nights. Sometimes its the same door, sometimes it's new. So each night, I focus and describe it in this journal The door, so that one night I can choose.

door of lost

I don't remember.

Tethers that Stretch Deep hang, slack now Without Connection to Memory

The door is here. I'm dreaming.

I'm standing although I don't know how I know that I'm standing

I'm closed, so without knowing how. I open.

{{ The Door Is Here }}

The door stands in front of me. Silvery tendrils flow like seaweed from the core of the sun. The tendrils, translucent, beckoning heartbeats in a vacuum. Flickering against a pouring light – So white, that if I had flesh, I knew it would already have burned away.

As I go to scream, a tendril reaches my cheek and I remember my mother.

The smell of her long dark raven hair. The autumn eyes, the first eyes id ever seen in the world.

The warmth of being held The first time I knew I wasn't alone. held.

The forgotten memory, my first one, retches something so deep so personal, it hurts.

The light around the door, pulsates, in satisfaction. Rippling the loose shadowy threads

I don't know how much ive forgotten For a moment I ponder staying For a moment The pain of remembering vs The pain of forgetting struggles until at last I turn away teary eyed, I force myself to wake up

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as the rain subsided as the blanked of night freed itself from a mask of clouds

looking out from my tent

puddles bloomed in the moonlight galaxies of reflected stars

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the water washed the pebbles in a ceaseless ebb and flow soft footfalls of pixies running through a summer breeze


I think i might know. after hours riding alone where the freeway drops away, where the heart beat of yellow lines start to fray, where nature gets a wild and the sun prickled road breaks.

I think I might know where I belong


we filled the scrapbook with many things we all poured everything we could think of into it hoping it would swell instead that made it hunger

more memories. more time.

more and more and more and afterward

we gave up


The road itself, was immortal.

Countless people had crossed it, Countless others would eventually come

This truth was one of only a few That the road had always known

For it held no memory, save for the places where wind and rain had etched deep patterns, over years, into it's sides

The road could feel through expressions through the plants and grass through winds playing through flowers

The road could show great joy

It had grown large fruit trees Shading travelers Feeding them Providing respite

The road was happy


Prologue ~

I approach the door I see in my dreams. The shifting dreams I've had for the past few nights. Sometimes its the same door, sometimes it's new. So each night, I focus and describe it in this journal The door, so that one night I can choose.

The sky door

An obsidian monolith is before me Darker even against the somber room it's housed edges shimmer a glassy surface shining with a glint a hungry wolf smiling

I walk closer, not prepared to see the dark of this doorway simply

fall away ~

I could see a world, from high above

a storm cloud that looked like prairie smoke dancing with light casting dispersions on a purple field far below

a step closer

Fields of thistle colored trees wavering hard hugging coral coastline water surging, pounding cliffs with spray as golden as an egg yolk

A tempest in resin

I hadn't noticed but wind is beating my face pushing me back yet

This world beckons

another step, as I pause

A long vermilion shape, emerges far below breaking free of the thunderhead wriggling disjointed movements a hypnotic site as a dragon pulses upwards towards me

The dream ends I hear it call me


“come back”

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