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What I'm doing now

Inspired by Patrick Rhone who was inspired by Derek Sivers

The garden is waking up fast now. I'm pulling weeds, especially creeping buttercup and Geranium Robertianum, which I left alone last year because the last owner hadn't planted any flowers. No regrets! And doing some drastic pruning to the Prunus Laurocerasus. You basically have to defoliate an evergreen. I'm not particularly fond of it, but still a bit apprehensive.

I'm thinking about a big DIY project: redoing my study in English Library style. I'm planning to incorporate some ideas I got when I was thinking about building a tiny house. It feels good to take my time.

Reading all sorts of books. Currently Hoe god verdween uit Jorwerd, a history of a Frysian village illustrating the changes in Dutch agriculture and countryside of the last century. And The Thursday murder club by Richard Osman, a modern cosy murder mystery.

Reconnecting to people in real life.

Work-wise: a lot. As usual. I especially love that I get to read and study lately. I'm looking forward to teaching the last trimester.

Also: worrying about the world.

Last updated 10 March 2022