one day the flowers bloom one day the winter storm hits one day it's as warm as fresh bake one day it's quiet as the rain pouring

gloomy again, smiling again laughing crying yelling hugging

today too, it's just another day will pass, has to pass if today feels not right, grab a hope tomorrow will be happier

it's gonna be another day for sure, everything goes worries, sadness, anger may the happiness cool them all down

picture by: me

#poemoftheday #poembynabi

as the time goes by you come and go as you please bring the joyful heat of summer, then come as the stormy winter blow a warm-chilly breeze of spring, then shake the autumn leaves

like how i cannot control the wind, i hate that i cannot stop you coming at me i hate that i love your summer and spring i hate that i still like your winter and autumn even if they hurt me even the part of me miss them, i hate it

the flowing wind passes by no matter it is warm or cold, it's just like you no matter it is gentle or disaster, it's just like you and i can't resist it

little note: 바·람·처·럼 (re: ba·ram·cheo·reom) means 'like the wind' in korean

illustration by: me #poemoftheday #poembynabi

og year: 2018

#poemoftheday #poembynabi

dancing alone at the lake dreaming about true love hoping for the better life

they said, “she's beautiful” “she's pure” “sadly... she's weird, losing her mind”

she heard, she knew everyone talked behind her whispered something that should've not been said

her bright self darkened her smile faded her steps stopped

she was a swan who wondered how was life not been trapped in the box

she flew away wherever her white delicate wings brought her searched for enchantment of being free

illustrated by: me haha

#poemoftheday #poembynabi

there's a part of a day when you stop for a while, breathing even if it's just the body

when the night comes, everything becomes so quiet but just like how yin yang is, others are awake

in this silent time of a day, everything becomes more sensitive even the slightest sound can be heard like how the voice inside my head

shut up no. shut. up. no. shut up! no!

the clock ticks the tok as having a deep conversation with my mind louder and faster my mind starts to race with the time

shut up no. shut up! no! shut. up. no. shut... up.... no... shut.... u....p n...o... shut... no.... .... ... .. .

#poemoftheday #poembynabi

i hear the sound of waves through my ears, right to left so comforting, so calming

like someone hugging me placing the hands on my back pat pat pat, little pats won't hurt

as you're standing beside me smiling, staring at the ocean deeply along with the dancing waves

i fall in love again

illustrated by: me

#poemoftheday #poembynabi

again, i stare at the ceiling feeling plain thinking about nothing, just silence

the clock ticks, giving a sign that time is still running as fast as magician playing a trick

my breath, is the only sound i can hear tonight just like that, my night slides away

og date: 200811

#poemoftheday #poembynabi

rather than asking why, i should find the answer of how i should've not run in a circle of why this, why that i should stop myself from blaming anything, or worse my own self

isn't it better to figure out how to resolve this to calm down the noises in head to find myself again

if i do that, isn't everything gonna be okay again?

this thought about why or how, i got it from my friend's story. she's in the midst of finding an answer to her problem. when i suggested her to write down everything she wanna tell from her heart and mind, suddenly she said “i should've looked for the answer of how to solve this rather than asked why did they do that to me”. welp, it hit me hard. so, i thanked her for reminding me too. she's right, it will be much better if we ask ourselves how to this and how to that, to get out from the problem. asking why is good too, but sometimes... “why” itself can lead us to be overthinking and ends up we blaming ourselvesㅡ which is not good, eh. we just run in a circle with no exit door. so, yeah. have a good day, everyone! hope you find your problem solving~

illustrated by: me

#poemoftheday #poembynabi

life, like a wrinkled cloth once you pull out the thread carelessly it's gonna shrink more

but, if you find the entanglement of the thread and straighten it carefully the cloth will be neat as before

#poemoftheday #poembynabi