Boring Tools Till – Gluing up the Doors

Apr 27, 2022

This evening I got a little time in the shop to glue up the doors of the brace till. Yesterday I had finished the joinery for the frames, and rough-cut the door panels.

This evening, I measured the door panels more carefully (since I had made the grooves about ⅜ inch deep in ¾ inch boards, I can set the frame on the panel, aligning two outside edges, then make a pencil line on the two opposite inside edges, and be pretty close to right). So I did that and cut the door panels with the circular saw.

Then I test-fit things. The grooves were really tight for the ¼ inch plywood, so with a block plane I took three passes angled along each face of each edge of the panel, raising it just a hair. Now the panels fit into the grooves, but they were about ⅛ inch too big, so I set up the table saw with the fence almost touching the blade and quickly turned a bit of the edges into sawdust. Could've done the same thing with a hand plane, but my low angle jack plane that I normally use for trimming the edges of plywood was not very sharp, so the tailed apprentice got the call.

With things fitting correctly now, I put glue on all the pins, set the door panels in place (no glue on them), and placed on the tail boards. Then on with the clamps and call it a night.

Two door frames with panels, glued and held together with clamps

Tomorrow I think I only have a few minutes in the shop, but that should be enough to plane the dovetails smooth (the pins are protruding just a hair) and put on a quick coat of BLO, and I can hang the doors on Friday. Fingers crossed!

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