Boring Tools Till – Second Door

May 3, 2022

Before I hung the second door, I spent a few days outfitting it with hangers for additional tools. I wanted to put a bunch of my marking and layout tools on the outside of the door, and a couple eggbeaters on the inside. (The first door will get the balance of the eggbeaters on the inside and more marking tools on the outside, as well)

So, here's a look.

Drills mounted on hangers on the inside of the door

Marking tools mounted on the outside of the door

Both doors visible, along with the drawers beneath them

The doors won't quite both close at the same time, because geometry, but I should be able to fix that fairly quickly with a block plane without having to remove either door. Plus, the left one will probably have to come off at some point so I can hang tools on it. Not going to worry about that today, though.

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