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The Big Tech Three

Today I really started thinking about just how much power is in the hands now of just three tech giants, Twitter, Facebook and Goggle and the various offshoots they own, Instagram, YouTube etc...

No one under 50 watches tv or reads a newspaper to get their news anymore. That makes these tech giants often the go to source for attaining people's daily dose of news and information on the latest happenings in the world.

All that power in the hands of so few people opens up a whole Pandoras Box of bad possibilities.

Basically they get to control what information gets out to the general public and more important what information gets buried to never see the light of day.

They also get to decide who can even participate in the discussions by limiting who can use their sites.

I'm an anti-monopoly type of person and think anytime just two or three giant companies control a whole industry and are able to use their power to bully smaller companies around it isn't a good thing for the general public.

That's my thought on the subject from my deep mind shaft.

Merry Christmas?

Christmas is one of those weird times of the year when both the good and bad in people come out. Last night in the apartment building I live in there was a fight between two elderly men probably in their 70's who must not have gotten the message about having the, 'Christmas Spirit.' The one guy punched the other guy several times in the head until he stumbled out of the building.

Then today there was a knock at my apartment door by a kind neighbor who knew I would be home by myself for Christmas day. He had made a full ham and turkey and also living alone wanted to share it with other neighbors on the floor.

So it's up to you on what side of the Christmas spirit you want to fall on.

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Thoughts on life

Welcome to my blog. On here I'll be sharing my thoughts on life in general along with some of what's going on in my personal life. I hope that you find some entertainment value here and more important some helpful thoughts to help you out in your life too.

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