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When you think about what motivates you—what comes to mind?

Here is a short list off the top of my mind.

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Inspiration
  • Things
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Personal Development
  • Technology
  • The Journey
  • Books
  • Other People

Does motivation even work? I'm not sure. I think on some level it does. It is like a carrot at the end of a stick and you are the hawse. Or maybe you're the jockey. It's worth exploring...

I think it's best to not focus on the carrot, but as the feeling of the entire jockey and horse. You are on a path, or maybe a race, but where is it going? The Unknown is very real and much of it is completely out your control. How can you steer the ship, back to where you'd like to go? I find The Journey much more fascinating than the carrot. What happens when you get the carrot? You're just going to want a different carrot. A bigger carrot. When does it end? It doesn't. When will enough be enough? It won't?

What can we focus on then?

If the carrot isn't inherently motivating, then what's the point? Like I had mentioned, I think the point is to focus on The Journey. The Journey is much more fascinating to me. For example, as I'm writing this, I could focus on a million different things. What is my why? Perhaps I don't really need a why other than pure curiosity and creativity. It's so easy to get caught up in material things that we think will make us happier in the future. We all know this is sort of b.s. already, don't we? I mean, sure, it's good to have goals. Absolutely. Goals are important because it is like having something to focus on and have something in mind to chase after. It's not guaranteed to make you happier though. Things will be different at the later date. You may not even want what you are currently craving anymore. There has to a thing bigger than ourselves here, doesn't there? What is it?

We can focus on the energy of things. What is it you wish to explore? How would you choose to express yourself?

Money as a Motivator

Can money be seen as a motivating factor? Money is a dead-end. If you chase money, the more you will end up looking foolish. It is best not to start with money as your eye on the prize. Why is this? Perhaps because it doesn't really mean that much after all. Sure, money helps solve certain things. It helps you buy things such as food, furniture, or shiny objects. If you keep chasing money, you will end up feeling empty in the end. If you have no money to start with when you are creating, but your main motivation is money—how rich are you when you do become rich?


What motivates me as a creator? I think it's when the World fades away and I am just left alone to focus on my writing. It's from this pure place where I can focus and relax and just write. I get caught up in a lot of stuff in my mind like fear and worry. It's hard for me to focus. I am using an app called OmmWriter that is helping me. The internet is a very distracting place.

The Box

I find myself in The Box a lot. The Box is my room. I cleaned it this week which helps me focus. I still need to clean my desk and make my room more of my own. I am going for an industrial/productive/90s-esque vibe. I spend too much time in The Box. I need to find the balance and keep things simple.


The flow state is what I'd like to talk about though as motivation. I think this is a good place to focus what is important to me. It's like the journey and not the path. Things that pop in my mind when I get too caugh up in stuff in just my own head. Things like money, making rent, paying for bills, wanting to buys things, wanting to go places, etc. I know this is normal. It's hard though because I know I spend way too much time in front of the computer. I would feel better if the time I was spending on was conscious though.

What I Want to Motivate Me

What I want to motivate me is intangible. It is expanding my consciousness. It is raising my awareness. It is following the path with a heart. It is stepping out of my comfort zone. It is being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is building my skills-especially those lacking :cough: socializing :cough:.

I feel inspired by things that are shifts in my mind that help me grow (and grow up). I like learning and changing who I am for the better. I like stretching myself. I like leaning into action even if its scary to do so. I love learning through other people who are where I'd like to take myself. I am intrigued by reality and want to understand it better. I want to grow and help others grow too.

I need to remind myself that this is my life I'm living. I make the rules for the playground. I don't control everything of course, but I'd like to have more fun here. It's scary sometimes when I think about time too much. Time feels like it is slipping away and I am in a race to catch up. I need to remind myself of this and not get sucked into the things that don't matter as much. It's fine to relax but I also want to keep my eye on the prize. It's all a “waste of time”, so why not enjoy it?

What's on my mind right now is how I'd like to do more things offline. I really love my computer and I love technology. I love writing and feeling the flow of my fingertips as I type this out and seeing it fill up the screen. This isn't a new “problem” but it's just something I notice. My introvert side is fully formed. I can spend the day writing here and putting in the work. That's what makes me happy. It may take a minute for me to get into that flow state but once I'm writing and feeling it—there's nothing like it. 😊

The part in my mind I'm struggling with a bit is just fleshing out the other parts of me—the extroxerted parts. Granted, it is a bit more difficult these days due to the current state of affairs in the World. I don't want to use that as an excuse though. It's not just about being more social and stuff like that (although that is certainly part of it). It's really just about having a (for lack of a better word), more balance of a lifestyle.

They say it's about finding a work-life balance. The funny thing is I'm not really “working” right now. Not in the traditional sense right now. I feel a lot better though after pulling the trigger and quitting my job. It's not perfect (nothing is), but I would say I feel a bit lighter—especially when I let my worries subside and I focus on my work, which is writing.

They also say to do what you love. One of my loves or passions is definitely writing. I feel I am a much better writer than I am speaker. But I do find communication on a whole to be fascinating. I ought to study linguistics or something.

I think what I'm searching or longing for is just other stuff to do with my time. I think I'm thinking too small and too tunnel visioned. I just need other stuff to do that doesn't involve me and my computer. I love my little hobbit hole too much that it's tough to break away from that. I know there are other things I can be doing though. It's just finding what works best for me.

One simple solution would to just be hanging out with friends. It gets me out of my head and gets me thinking in new and creative ways.

Let me brainstorm some ideas:

  • Reading
  • TV
  • Movies
  • Cooking
  • Take a walk
  • Talk on the phone
  • Cleaning
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Exercise
  • Paint
  • Draw
  • Gig jobs (Doordash, Uber eats, etc)

Perhaps it just takes a bit of experimentation here—a bit of trial and error. I have written about this before, but would like a clearer picture. Perhaps I am over-thinking it a bit too instead of just relaxing with the idea. I just want to be more conscious with my actions and what I do rather than just doing things by default.

I think it's just about finding my natural rythym and what speaks to me. And I do think I am over-thinking a bit. I just want my choices to be interesting and not boring (although “boring” chores are necessary sometimes).

I did come across this

list that is good starting point. On that list (and on mine), the one that appeals to me right now is probably reading.

I feel simple is good here too. You need not overcomplicate things. A simple phone call can do wonders. 😊 I would like to come back to this with a fresh perspective. Before I go, this is why I think (although it's hard right now), having something as an outdoor activity is so important. Especially when it involves others because it gets you out of your head and into the World.

Something like video is a good example of this for me. It would be fun to create videos because I would be afk and still creative. When I am done shooting I can always come back to the computer. Just writing this, I am realizing how addicted to the computer I can be. The thing is no one is forcing me to use the computer. I have to remind myself that I am in charge of my own body and mind.

Do you ever have wrenches in your days? To define, it's one thing that is planned or unplanned in the middle of your day that throws a wrench in your plans. It's hard to focus or remain completeley calm when you have a wrench like this in your day. What is the best way to deal with these wrenches?

As an example for a wrench, let's say you have a dentists appointment at 12 pm today. That doesn't leave much room in the morning for you. Depending on what time you wake up in the morning, depends on how much time you'll have to yourself, etc. I prefer to wake up early. Lately, I've been getting up @ 6am. I'd like to get up even earlier—say 4am. This way I have ample time to myself to do things that are important to me. Not to mention, it also sets the tone for the day. The early birt definitely gets the wormie.

What do you choose to do in the morning that is important to you? I would say the #1 is exercise. Being an anxious person, getting some exercise in first thing really does wonders. The body wants to move. The mind will thank you for it. It's a bit of a head game getting out the door sometimes, but once you are it's pretty much gravy at that point. Another good trick is to put your shoes by the door. Setting a bit of a disciplined routine can help as well, so you know when you are running (or whatever other exericise), and don't have to think about it more.

Another good practice in the morning would be meditation. This is something I'd like to get back into. I would say to do it after you run so that your mind is functioning at a higher level than before. There is so much mental junk up there that needs to be sorted out. I would recommend using a guided meditation, especially if you're new. Just having someone in your ear teaching you and reassuring you that you are doing it correctly can do wonders.

But back to the purpose of this article. When you have a wrench in your day it sort of throws things off. Stuff you'd like to get done in that time slot gets derailed. You may start your project up again later on in the day, but the momentum you had before is somewhat lost. You could have kept going, but couldn't because of your stupid dentist appointment. How can we fix this? How can we stop having wrenches in our days? At least, let's work on the planned wrenches for now.

I would say an easy fix would be to schedule stuff later in the day. This way you pretty much have the entire day to yourself to focus on what is important to you. You have the control that you need and you can work on your projects that are meaningful. The only problem I see with this is that when you have something planned your mind still feels is nagging at you. It is like a notification in your mind that just won't shut up until you are done with the appointment or whatever was on your plate that day. I know for me, tha when I have something planned that day, such as appointment, it annoys me. I feel like I can't fully concentrate or focus on my work because I know it's coming. At least having it scheduled towards the end of the day frees the time up though.

Another solution would be to have it scheduled in the very beginning of the day so that you can get it over with. The two bookends of the day are the most important to me as far as structure, that is why I don't know if I favor scheduling stuff in the morning. I don't know though, I don't need to be so rigid with it necessarily. I do really enjoy delving into writing pretty much first thing usually so that I can feel like I put a full day's work in.

And yet another option would be to have a day either filled with appointments pretty much back to back so that you can get em done in a day. As long as the appointments are spaced out you should be okay time wise.

There is always this underlying pressure to perform. There is a good kind of pressure though.

I can write articles from the comfort of my room and never post them online. There is a pressure or fear of posting that sets in. Even before that, there is the pressure of the blank page. Starting clean with just the page staring back at you, you feel this sort of pressure. How are you going to fill the space? What if you can't do it? What if you procrastinate and take the easy way out? That's not the road I'd like to take anymore. More often times than I'd like to admit, I tend to underperform. I may write something, or not fully do it. I also think I spend way too much time alone in my room on the computer, but that's a different story.

I would like to play with this idea or notion of pressure. There is something special about this kind of pressure to perform. If you can let the anxieties go, and see which direction things want to go, then you're golden. I would like to play in the space of openness. There is something very special about the state of flow that I'd love to explore more, and in various ways. It's about putting in the work. It's about writing, editing, and posting. And to just repeat the process. It's about exploring different mediums as well. It's about seeing what else shows up with possibilities. It's about having fun.


What is fun? What would be fun? Where is the edginess? How can I step up to the plate? I don't have to go all out all at once. Or if I decide to, I can. Writing on a computer isn't necessarily “fun”. I mean, it can be, but it can be difficult. Sometimes it feels like I can't think clearly. Coming up with ideas of how to create fun shouldn't be difficult.

What is Fun?

  • Traveling
  • Recording a video
  • Recording an audio
  • Making an experimental video
  • Interviewing someone

What is scary can also be fun. I need to lean into things that scare me. I don't have to go all at once, but I can build up to things. For example, writing and posting this online is at least a little bit scary and fun. But I know I can do more and tend to hold myself back a bit due to fear. There are somethings I feel like I need to start doing though, but I don't want to go too fast really. I can take the simple approach too. All I'm saying is that I'd like to step it up a notch somehow. I really don't want to overwhelm myself though. I think a good first step would be to get into the swing of writing these articles again more consistently. And to keep at it.

I am not working right now so I need to put in the work somehow. I would like to have some money coming in through gig work and then focus on my creative endeavors. I also think I don't need to go overboard if I don't want to. For example, if I wanted to make a video, I could record myself and keep it simple. Apart of me (in my head), doesn't want to do this though, because it doesn't really light me up inside. That's what I'm saying, I need to do something that truly makes me happy and to be in that space of happiness. Off the top of my head, that would be audio interviews. I could work up to video interviews, but I am more of a behind the scenes guy, and that is a good middle ground I think. I don't want to settle though. And even me talking about this aloud to the computer feels a bit lame, but I think it helps on some level.

I know there is a lot more I can be doing for myself out there. Back to what I was saying before, about writing. I love writing. And I love typing on the keyboard. I just meant that sometimes it can be difficult because you are all alone with your thoughts and while it is very enjoyable to be in the flow state, I would like to make it more fun. And it's sort of weird that it is difficult for me to come up with a list of fun things to do. That's how I know I ought to be having more fun with things. How can I make things more exciting or edgey? I think by continually taking a stab at things and working on writing, the more flow I will experience.

Involving other people can lead to some fun. Forgive me if I am sounding too negative, I am just trying to work things out in my head. Honestly this is fun for me. Being productive and disciplined is fun for me. I feel better about myself and my days. One way I could make things more fun for me indefinitely is by adding humor to things. I love comedy and I love to laugh. So combining creativity with comedy is definitely a recipe I favor.

I also know I need to get out my head. By that I mean, not listening to the fear so much and to just try things. I want to really open up my creativity. I want to work on interesting projects (either solely or with friends). On that note, being around people definitely can get the creative juices flowing. Talking to people that inspire you definitely works too. Just seeing how other people work and create really open ups the possibilities. I could think of things on my own, but having others to bounce ideas off of and work with really opens up the flow of energy.

I am slowly realizing (a common theme in my life), how much energy likes to flow. It doesn't matter what kind either, it just wants to move. There is a bit of a dance at play. Because nothing happens if you just sit and think and don't act. The key thing to remember is to put things into action. I want to write an article about how thinking is sort of pointless sometimes because it's not playing with life. The fun for me is to not think so much and just act. The act of typing, or the act of recording, etc. Whatever it is, getting out of your head is so important.

Have you ever been rejected? What does this say about you? Does it say anything? What do you do if this happens to you? How do you bounce back?

Not the Right Fit

Rejection can come in many forms such as in relationships or with work. In this article, I will use work as an example. When someone doesn’t want you, such as a company, what does this say about you? It could just be that it’s not the right fit. Whether it’s not the right fit now or in general, the sign is to try again. It’s okay to feel butt-hurt and let it sting for a while. This is normal to have these feelings. You may feel that everyone must like you, want you, and need you. This is simply not the case. Realizing this fact sooner rather than later is crucial. Getting rejected is a sign to simply try again.

Trying Again

What does trying again actually mean? Let’s look at 2 examples.

1. Learning and re-applying
2. Trying something different

In the first example, we simply are taking their feedback and leveling up our skills. Feedback is key here. It’s key to listen to what they have to say, go back to the drawing board, and see if you can build your skills for the next time. The next time could be re-applying to the same job, or it could mean taking the knowledge elsewhere. The point is to take the feedback, digest it, learn from it, and hopefully do better the next go-around.

The second example is to try something different. A different approach is healthy. When you are getting rejected (especially if it’s repeated), your efforts are better suited elsewhere. Suppose you are an author and the only way for you to use a particular site is to be accepted by someone on staff. You send an e-mail and submit hoping to become an author for the site. You get it back and they say:


Unfortunately, you were not accepted. You are not the author we are looking for.

Have a great day,

The Gatekeeper

You can take their feedback and be angry about it, or you can take it and do your own thing. If you’re being rejected by someone or something—move on ASAP. There’s no sense in waiting and trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. If someone or something doesn’t want you, why would you try to make it work? It’s better for both parties to just go their separate ways. If they don’t want you, why would you want them? There are countless opportunities—and if you can’t find one, then make your own thing. This is a lot easier than seeking approval and acceptance of others. Can you really ever be rejected if you can always just start your own thing?

Go Your Own Way

Something about this approach really speaks to me. It’s when society says you’re no good—you must discover an alternative route. This could come in the form of building your own thing or just doing things your own way.

This is why listening is so key here. Rejection is totally okay and actually normal. We need to hear feedback from reality in order to course-correct. When we receive the message of “try again”, or “not just yet”, it’s perfectly normal to feel discouraged. This is all apart of being human. Humans are naturally resilient creatures. We can get knocked down so many times—the point is to keep getting back up. These are our learning lessons as we move forward.

I haven’t been writing. ✏ Shame on me! 😅

I think it’s okay

I think it’s okay I haven’t. I don’t mean to keep re-hashing stuff I’ve written about before, but also who gives a fux. Sometimes you are busy doing other stuff and “life gets in the way.” I also get busy doing stuff in the mornings, afternoons, and night—and then I get too tired. Part of me feels guilty for this and another part of me feels like I am going too easy on myself. I don’t particularly like the feeling of letting myself off the hook. 🎣 I think that is the easy way out.

I really love the idea of writing every day. Even if I don’t write every day, it’s nice to have that goal in my mind, if that makes sense. It is like an anchor that keeps me grounded. I like the learn-as-you-go approach; I can always re-calibrate as I’m going through it. I also don’t mean to meta-write (writing about writing). I think it’s okay though because it’s what’s on my mind.

I like writing in the morning best. I feel my thoughts are much clearer and it sets a tone for the day. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and things seem to fall into place much better as the day unfolds. I am sometimes hard on myself when I don’t feel I’ve done much within a day. I compare myself to others and never really feel like what I’m doing is the right thing. I am realizing right now that this is a waste of time. Who is to say what is right and wrong? Only I can be the judge of that. I suppose what I’m getting at is that I want to spend my time wisely and not let it fritter away. I needn’t be so hard on myself though. I do get that feeling of it’s never enough it’s never enough though

I have a mixture of feelings of work. I believe in hard work because it can and does pay off. If you put in the time, then surely you will reap the rewards. Not that the rewards are what you want necessarily, but it is nice to be appreciated for your work. This can come in many forms: praise, gratitude, compliments, 👍🏻, retweet, simply reading, watching, subscribing, money. The feedback you receive is an indicator you are doing something worthy. I feel more strongly aligned with the work smarter approach. I enjoy creating from a place of inspiration rather than a harsher approach. I think the key is striking the right balance with the discipline of the practice as well as leaving room for inspiration and creativity to breathe.

It’s so easy to get distracted on the internet, making it difficult to focus on your work. There are things that can be done, however. What should take less time when focused easily adds up when distracted—notifications alone are insanely distracting. Links lead to other links lead to chatting lead to whatever and down the rabbit hole we go. 🐇

Part of the reason I do this is discomfort. It’s somewhat uncomfortable to sit and stare at a screen where you are alone with your thoughts. At the same time, it’s always a very good feeling. Right now, I have a few tabs open. Another reason is to not feel so lonely and isolated when you write. If you have tabs open of authors and articles you feel like they are there with you in a sense. Something about that is comforting. A writer doesn’t need to feel alone anymore. But like I mentioned, reaching out to others directly or feeling social indirectly (having tabs open) can create distractions. On one hand, I welcome the outside noise, but on the other, I enjoy the feeling of focusing and getting stuff done.

I am not very social, to begin with. I like control. I am somewhat of a control freak. The fact that I am introverted and like being behind a computer screen mostly is comforting. From here, I feel I can be more of myself in a sense. Especially when I am creating such as now—through writing or other mediums. I don’t really care as much about the finished product as much as I do the journey. The action feeling of typing my fingers on the keyboard is irreplaceable. I enjoy watching the words appear on the screen, where it’s just me and my thoughts.

The Outside World can be confusing. In here, I have some degree or level of control. I like who I am with writing. When I am alone. When I step foot outdoors, there is more room for chance. This is totally fine and good too though. I suppose I have to learn to like myself more when surrounded by others. Thinking aloud, writing, and other forms of creativity will fill me out more. When I am in group settings again, I am hoping to feel more of myself. And that’s just it—I need to just learn to be myself. I feel in social group settings, I tend to try to impress or people please a bit too much sometimes.

The Outside World can be confusing. In here, I have some degree or level of control. I like who I am with writing. When I am alone. When I step foot outdoors, there is more room for chance. This is totally fine and good too though. I suppose I have to learn to like myself more when surrounded by others. Thinking aloud, writing, and other forms of creativity will fill me out more. When I am in group settings again, I am hoping to feel more of myself. And that’s just it—I need to just learn to be myself. I feel in social group settings, I tend to try to impress or people please a bit too much sometimes.

Of course, I want people to like me, but I just want to be me. I feel like sometimes in the past I went against the grain socially. Sometimes, because I want to overcome my social anxiety I will push myself and go to meetups, conferences, and other group settings. This on one hand is good for me because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. On the other hand, there are times when I don’t feel like I’m being my best self. There are times when I feel uncomfortable or feel like I should be doing this or should be doing that. This is about paying attention to my gut—it’s about paying attention to my feelings. If something feels right it is right, if something feels wrong it is wrong. This approach can be applied to many facets of life. It can be as complex or as simple as you’d like it to be. Simple wins in my book.

There are 2 worlds. The first world is an introverted one, and the other world is extroverted. Who you are in the introverted world is someone different than the extroverted world. As an introvert and also a Gemini, I wear different hats and communication styles—depending on my mood and who I’m hanging out with. These 2 worlds can become out of balance if you’re not careful, where one world favors the other. It can be difficult to strike the right balance if you rely heavily on one. We all are more dominant in one of those modes yet both are important. I know as an introvert, I have to psyche myself and my mind up and know I am entering an extroverted world. Even if this is just a temporary situation, it can be helpful to think of you loading up your mind of a more extroverted nature. Part of me doesn’t really like this though because it feels too “try-hard”. Why can’t I just be myself at all times? Why do I have to one way or another and cater to who’s in the room? Why not just honor my feelings in real-time and just go with that? It’s because socializing can be an anxious thing.

The extroverted world definitely feels out of balance for me. I don’t particularly enjoy group gatherings. It really depends though. It depends on the vibe and the people in the room. It depends on if I feel safe or not. One thing can set me off to where it becomes negative in my mind. Taking the edge off can be a good approach, but also feels unsustainable. I have too much fear running through my mind about this. I don’t mean to be so negative either—just trying to figure out what’s going on up there and get my feelings out on paper.

Life is more interesting afk. Words are more interesting when life is lived.

Gotta make a video. Gotta make it real good. With the good music and when the edits are nice and fast.

2 worlds diverged in a blue ocean

And the ocean is me

Sail yr soul out to sea ⛵

To see


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Haven’t written for the past couple of days. Right now I’m feeling anxious. Probably should eat something.

I ate a banana 🍌

I ate a banana. I put mushroom coffee on the pot. I set a schedule for myself. Everything will be okay and will fall into place.

Setting a Schedule 📅

Setting a schedule feels good. It helps you stay on task. It also alleviates anxiety. So does going for a walk. Just try to slow down and take one thing at a time. Try not to worry so much. You will be okay. Try to have fun with things. And see where they go.

If I had a set schedule, I probably would’ve gotten the last 2 days of writing in. I actually wrote something that I will post before this a day or so ago. It was the start of something but I fell asleep again. I am not feeling particularly bad or guilty necessarily by missing a couple of days of writing. It is good to take breaks but I also want to really honor the 365-day challenge. I also don’t want to overwhelm myself either. I was thinking that some days could be articles where I spend more time, maybe feel a bit more at ease, and can take my time with them. Other days, I will be lighter days where I can post a review or something I am just starting—that will be a paragraph or so. I need to remember to just breathe through things. Remember to meditate, exercise, and eat lightly as well.

List of Ideas 💡

Here are some ideas for things I can create that are short and sweet—also including productivity habits.

  • Record audio of your thoughts (this is much faster)
  • Only giving myself a short window to complete (half hour-hour)
  • Start right away (write ✏😉)
  • Reviews (bravocoin)
    • Apps
    • Dapps
    • Wallets
    • Movies
    • Music
  • Tips and tricks
  • Record video (faster as well)
  • Start early (first thing if you can)

Here I am again. Waiting until the last minute to write this. I want to keep going though. I'm tired and

I believe there are windows and doors (in the Universe)

Windows 🪟

A window is an opportunity. A good analogy is through sports. I like the Philadelphia Eagles. Go birds. 🦅🏈

When a team’s window for success is open that means they have a certain amount of time (seasons, years, a decade) to achieve the desired outcome—the Superbowl. When the window is closed, sometimes that means starting over from scratch while other years can be a rebuilding mode.

The offensive line’s job is to create a hole or space for the running back to run through. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. The running back may gain a few yards, inching them closer to the endzone. He may juke, stiff arm, and bolster his way through the line. When the o-line succeeds in blocking the defensive line, a hole is created. Once the running back gets past this, a window is open! This is an exciting part of the game! A window is an opportunity, it may only be a split second. The running back doesn’t have time to decide, they just need to act, react, and head to the promised land!

Life is often like this. Opportunities are all around us. It can be difficult to see if there is a window of opportunity open when we’ve been in the thick of something for a while. If that's you, maybe it's time to close it. Just like a real window, we do this by using our hands. The Law of Attraction is a real thing—our hands and feet playing a big part of this.

The Doors🚪

Another way to view this is with doors. If your reality sucks maybe you oughtta shut the door on it. Slam it shut! Perhaps reality works like this. For new opportunities to come through and show up, you must first shut the present. For new energy to emerge and populate, old energy must die or be transformed. This can take courage to do—change is uncomfortable. The funny thing is, it may be scary, but reality often rewards pushing through fear and embracing the unknown. Synchronicities may occur and you may get winks from the Universe in the form of 11:11. 🤙🏻

Whatever you're tolerating right now can be freed up. Once you say no or yes to your situation or scenario, you will begin to feel that much better. Odd occurrences may pop up that tell you you're doing the right thing. Often going with your gut is the best option. Only you know what is right for you in the end. This is your life and you choose to play it however you'd like.

Sometimes it's easy to see windows and open doors. Other times we must deliberately close them. While others, we need to create them.

Keys 🗝

Keys open and close doors. There are things we can do or summon for these keys to work their magic.

  • Moving through/towards fear
  • Summoning courage
  • Listening to your heart
  • Going with your gut
  • Talking to the Universe (it's your friend)
  • Leaving a situation ASAP
  • Freeing up energy
  • Going after what you want ASAP
  • Talking to a lot of people
  • Having clarity
  • Course-correcting
  • Figuring it out as you go along
  • Saying “fuck it” 😅