tragedy, tragedy  everywhere  death, destruction, and despair.  ideology askew  humanity misconstrued.

fractals, fractals  all are one. come home. past, present, future, uniting under the same sun.

Man-made concept of time.  tick, tick, tick boom! rise, rise, faster, no effort benign, none consummated too soon

abandoned fragments of self,  sitting amidst the chaos  yearning for peace egos locked and loaded  humility forgotten  pain, pain  insurmountable grief.  misconceptions, reflected in narrowed, unrefined, self-fulfilling beliefs.

Minds decided  battles lost.  storms approaching, closer now, not so distant, tempest angrily tossed.  serenity ground me now in my body,  my mind and soul fragmented and lost. 

agonizing torment  spiraling into the abyss please root me to the core stripped of autonomy,  embedded in thought contagion it’s been planned,  and no longer possible to ignore. bring a pandemic of joy  and hope. Restore.

my fight is yours this is when space and time merge think, remember...

embrace the rays of the sun.  move and connect  ground and focus  it's the only way for it to be done, narrow to broaden retract to expand Flickering light, shine, and serve  holding space to understand. 

we cannot shine without darkness such is the dichotomous nature of humanity. and with each dawn, the sun still rises, undeterred, casting light on those who marred us in their madness, unheard.

hopelessness,   pain, and abandonment. reptilian retaliation...  

bliss, fulfillment, joy and elation lurking in cracks between understanding and communication

umbra, resulting in carnage and stunted cognitive growth, seeking elevation and revelation seems to be the only freeing oath.

#poetryish #war #pneuma