immobility dualistic fragility

Unstuck but motionless Spiraling yet looped imposed volatility

insurmountable suffocation cascading possibilities unfurl, insignificant choices spinning, spiraling twirl

patterns patterns everywhere…. I need a vacation from my mind.

Rumination, rumination forever-shifting vibration...

what to do? so much inside... gaged and bound in silence, with so much to say terrified at being witnessed, talents astray.

rhyming is stupid,
but I can’t help but think in a rhythm colors and sounds, feelings blurred into mystical vision.

no predetermined road, lonely as i stand lost in this maze, no guiding hand.

internally adrift, yet externally poised in the facade of ease can't seem to bridge the two, incumbent disease.

must forge a way to bridge this gap a destiny I must create, stuck in the uncertainty of how this task to endow steadfast in my resolve, won't jeopardize their fate

Humaning is fucking hard

#possiblepoetry #unfilteredvulnerability