Who What When – To From Then

As pointed out in my About me post, this project was inspired by the warning “Don't talk to yourself in a way you wouldn't talk to a close friend.”.

It appeared to be obvious where this was pointing: internal Self-talk. And by implication: internal To-Self-Talk. As the warning above states, be wary about the way you talk to yourself. We understood that and analysed it so far. Be a valuable close friend to yourself and treat yourself accordingly. That's still what it this about, isn't it?

The subtle but important difference between obviously and apparently: the direction we started to walk was correct, yet we haven't trodden the path to its end which goes loop after loop after loop in spirals. Talking to yourself means being talked to by yourself and hearing from yourself. (Independent if you listen to yourself or not.)

You are on both ends of the conversation. A monologue.

You probably often disagree. A dialogue.

“Who Am I?: And If So, How Many?” [a book by Richard David Precht, let me state it immediately: I haven't read it]

I feel a lot of snarky questions bubbling up, all eventually leading to cynicism

Unearthing and understanding this tug of war (if it even is one) requires a closer look at permission and justification, decision and calculation, me and myself.

For now, the next time I talk to myself I am going to focus on listening. To what isn't said. The blanks between the lines. To the truth I wouldn't even tell my closest friend.

Shame on me if I fool me once Shame on me if I fool me twice.

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