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Resting my legs after a workout on the stepper machine.

Resting my eyes after focusing on a computer screen for over an hour as I worked on the day's correspondence chess games.

Resting my mind after spending time on news sites loaded with lies, half-baked opinions, and immature threats.

Resting by sitting in my room with the lights dimmed, listening to the radio call of this afternoon's Bears / Saints game broadcast by Westwood One Sports Radio over Roku's SiriusXM Channel.


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As life returns to semi-normal...

Tuesday's Bowl Games

... I'm finally all caught up on my chess work, and I have two College Bowl Games to watch today.

My schedule was thrown off enough during Christmas week that my chess work was cut back quite a bit. Oh sure, I moved in some games almost every day, but today was the first day in almost a week that I've been able to work on every single game for which I have moves pending.

Now I've got plenty of time-cushion built up in all my games, so I'm not under time-pressure anywhere. And of my twenty or so ongoing games there are only about ten that require serious study and analysis. Still, it's good to be back to where I can give all my games the attention they deserve.

And today's chess work is out of the way giving me plenty of time to enjoy Oklahoma State in the Cheez-It Bowl later this afternoon and Texas in the Alamo Bowl tonight.


And the adventure continues.

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My Christmas Eve football...

Bowl Game

... shall be the 2020 New Mexico Bowl. And the kick-off time is scheduled for just a shade over an hour from now as I sit here at the keyboard.

This comes after one of Sylvia's big breakfasts: stuffed omelet, bacon, stack of pancakes. And it finds me enjoying a quiet, happy day: a most pleasant Christmas Eve.

More tomorrow.

The adventure continues.

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A few of my favorite things

Growing up a football player and fan in Northern Indiana, having the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as one of my favorite teams was only natural. And they still are. So I'm happy to be following their game against Louisville this afternoon.

Then as a transplanted Texan I found it only natural to fit in with this state's love of football. And among my favorite Texas teams are the Texas A&M Aggies who are playing a late afternoon game. When the Notre Dame game ends I'll be able to switch to a local AM radio station to follow the 2nd half of the Aggies' game.

And at 19:00 local time I'll have my Saturday night favorite Svengoolie to watch.

The pandemic and lockdown restrictions may have me stuck at home, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying some of my favorite things.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 17 October 2020, ~16:00 CDT, this is my post number 90/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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College Football Saturday! Yes!

My favorite way to follow football has always been to listen to good play-by-play coverage over the radio.

I can close my eyes and “see” the game much better while listening to the radio than by watching on TV. And I'm happy to find a full schedule of live games playing on TuneIn Radio that will keep me entertained through this afternoon into the early evening.

This is my post 69/100/365 of the 100 days blogging challenge. (And it's posted mostly from my phone, so I'm not able to format it as I'd otherwise like to.)

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