Roscoe's Story


Conversation at the mailbox

16 April 2020 ~ 11:30

It was a pleasant, sunny afternoon when I walked out to check my mail yesterday. Pulling out the few letters and magazine that had arrived, I saw my neighbor approaching on the sidewalk. An older lady, she was walking her two little dogs as she does daily.

“Good afternoon,” I called out to her.

“How are you holding up under this lockdown?” she asked me.

Wondering how best to answer her, I chuckled and said as she passed by, “You know, things could be a lot worse.”

She laughed a little and said, walking away toward her house, “Actually, my life really hasn't changed much at all.”

For those of us older folks, long retired, especially those of us who have structured our living and financial situations prudently, and who are well plugged into the Internet, this whole pandemic shutdown thingy really isn't that big of a deal.

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Hitting closer to home

07 April 2020 – 14:30

A few minutes ago I received an email letting me know that a friend of mine has just tested positive for the CCP-flu, and is in the hospital on a ventilator. Darn!!

He's younger than me and in pretty good health otherwise, so I have reasonable hope for his recovery. But still... Darn!!

#SeniorLiving #pandemic

This afternoon I was surprised to see...

05 April 2020 – 13:45

... the long line of shoppers waiting to be let into the HEB Store on Austin Highway. Aided by cute little markers either painted or glued onto the sidewalk, everyone in line was keeping a safe, six-foot distance from everyone else. And I took my place at the end of the line.

As shoppers in the store completed their purchases and left by a big exit door, an employee there would keep count and call over to another guard at the entrance that he could now let a batch of us in.

The system worked well. Shopping in the store was less stressful than I've found it really recently. And the shelves were better stocked. There were only two items on my list that I couldn't find. And neither of them were “critical.”

And so the adventure continues.

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So now I'm a masked man.

03 April 2020 ~ 13:00

At least I can be a masked man when I have to be, when situations require me to mask due to CCP-flu pandemic regulations.

my mask

Sylvia made this mask for me as well as a matching mask for herself. Thank you, Sweety.

Since she and I are both senior citizens, and since our local health-related restrictions are becoming stricter, we will probably need our masks on those infrequent times when we have to be out in public.

#SevenTwoProject #SeniorLiving #mask #pandemic

All is well here, not much new.

29 March 2020 – 19:45

Like most folks (I hope), she and I continue to stay home, stay safe, and stay well.

Yesterday we learned that a friend had fallen ill with what appears to be the CCP-flu that is causing all this pandemic hooplah. He was more her friend than mine, being the husband of a friend of hers. We had him over to our house for a party two years ago and haven't seen him since then. He's been tested and is waiting for the results. Hope he recovers.

I ordered nearly $200.00 of household supplies today that will be delivered over the next few days and weeks, saving us some trips to the store.

This afternoon I cleaned off the back patio and washed a gravity chair kept back there. I can hang out back there during the afternoon now that the weather is nicer. So even though I have to stay home I won't have to stay in the house all the time.

And the adventure continues. Quietly.

#SeniorLiving #pandemic #stayathome