water wept down in streams across the school bus windows brown lines, following clear tears blurring the world outside

remember looking outside seeing the streetlamps burst into starlight as the light diffused through

remember the gravelly tires crunch and shake at each stop, shaking those cold seats with no seat belts

remember, finally coming to a freeway with effort the bus picks up speed I watched cars pass around like rapid fish around a slow tumbling stone

so many people pass that ive never known

I remember what it was like to travel alone


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abandon: a letting loose, freedom from self-restraint, surrender to natural impulses a person collapses to the ground; personality leaking from a cracked bottle creativity pooling, eyes blink feels like a heart attack looks like a stroke the music hits im done


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fingers gliding through smoky morning light spirits dancing, ember glowing ash smoke glides from my lips cascades into floating puddles of sunlight with the slight motion of standing, the smoke blurs moves as the air moves then the smoke settles again


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I sat on a chair today wiggled a little and stared at all the other people sitting wiggling on their chairs

I breathed out a little bit as the injection went through my skin and all the while the nurse was sweet and she listened

to my belabored frantic speeches... that I don't like shots that I don't like grey rooms with people I don't know that I don't like being touched by people I don't know

but the moment was already over eventually I stood up

after a few minutes past I left my shoulder hurting

i'm really happy for last year to be done


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everything becomes a memory. we struggle with that, we lost folk, walking through the woods of the world who wake each day only to forget the pain, the love and loss we get

only to present those gifts to others

it's not how long we walk that should be measured. but how far we've come

sometimes I forget to remember that

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“don't you think, once the end has been reached... that we'll be happy”

“don't know”, I responded, “I've only ever felt summer I've never held winter.”

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movement is what keeps us awake when we start to fall – it's like: life is saying, “something” just out of reach. to fully understand, though, you'd have to go to sleep

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i have a secret world, that blossomed from all my fears, that I scribbled down in electric notes, that will never disappear. when all my days are over, as slowly my words undone, seek out my hidden hamlet and read it while sitting under the sun.

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the breathe caught in my throat as the cradle slowly climbed, click click click in each moment i could feel time being so caught up in the stream, its intoxicating


I found a mountain far away, that looked like one Id seen on the drive here, the smell of popcorn wafting through the incensed air


We've only talked on the phone, how could this be so easy.

As easy as getting on a rollercoaster

terrifying is . climb . the . . but the drop is what sets love free

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a moment on the dock feet lazily immersed in chilly water. steam rises, curling around the curved edges of my paperback. a mug of coffee moves to my lips. eyes move quickly left to right.

reading, is losing oneself in the pages

I am the protagonist


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