just keep it up. keep going. hurry. speed up. push on faster. go. go. go.

i will not

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Those placid eyes in the mirror look so tired. they remind me of my mother's eyes after her long shifts. I think of my fathers face how he used to look coming home

I see those hardships slowly being chipped into my own

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keep this. so that each day, when the sun rises. when the bitter taste of coffee touches your lips. when that warmth rushes through you. remember, why we shed dreams.

it is for days like today. keep this, remember to live.

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It goes without saying that ever year adds flavor to a consciousness constantly shifting

a wonder it is, to grow only by living to harden only through practice to thrive only when challenged

what it means to live

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I remember life when rolling down hills through itchy skin and laughter

I remember peace lying on a roof staring at crystal lights dispersing in a halo around a full moon

I remember being alive when I ran through secret allies flew from tops of cliff sides into the warm sand

Those things I remember

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we sat, our feet dangling over the edge of the cliffside the ocean spray sending shivers while sunlight protected and coated us these days that never seem to leave that lose color no matter how long away those days were i wander back to those hours when youth was spent happily just being close to each other

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63 / 100

How inversely pictures age As the viewer wanes As seasons, decades pass

Though on a wall Immortal judgements Pursue us as freshly the day It was snapped

Forcing memory or feeling Calm or dread

You silent moment That is so dear and dreary I find you lacking flavor I find you simple Hanging on the wall Until the frame falls And then the photo itself Can finally be Forgotten

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62 / 100

snow melt ashes cremating into silky fog. wisps play on sidewalks, covering lawns.

last night as winter bore against us and as we had stared out at branches falling under the snowfalls weight

the remnants now memories of a child's tantrum nature working itself out

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Day 61/100

I always judge myself in every facet of this life through a most intentional most sinister gaze

Until, finally, I can't do anything at all except watch other people and judge them instead

I just want to understand why

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I broke into a run It felt like flying Cold sea air brushing my cheeks In my ears were the last explosions of laughter Id hear from classmates for the year the excited footfalls of people leaving school As the corners bleed into each other Im running My backpack slapping me in congratulations It was only moments into Summer The world was more than vibrant it was electric with possibility A deal, I thought A deal, with myself Id wake up tomorrow as early as I could and id watch the sunrise from my roof Id go to the cliffs and fish Then before noon I would have soda and sandwiches I would.....

then I remembered i dont get those things i dont get normal summers so .. I stopped running and wrote those dreams down instead and let those days go and went to work and that was my summer like every summer more work work work



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