a shot flew from my pens body ejaculating soggy paper blazing towards it target hitting, she – my target, squealed like a pig slapped on the rump falling back into the bus seat confident of my stealth I took a breathe then giggled

that was until

my older sister walked over eyes boring into mine

so scared, that I never saw the fist until I had fallen over my jaw a little looser


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I had eaten the apple in the basket before I left for school when I got home it sat there angry and alone

It spoke to me that day about the indignation and right before I could answer the apple exploded into vapor


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My breathe slowed, then stopped My eyes were open, now they are not My hands holding a book, the book is on the floor My life was on and now, now it is off

Through unopened eyes I saw him or I should say felt I felt a thrumming through lifeless body Following the thrum I could see through feeling

Before me was a small man wearing a black olive lab coat looking down at a chart

“help” I began, words not leaving my dead mouth but still, the small mans hand raised to quiet me

the room was melting was melting from the ground in particles of dancing color

slowly they swallowed everything I remembered around me until finally

i was hovering in the dark and the small man hand came down he stowed the chart in his pocket and he looked up

his eyes were empty dark pools

that looked like lightning swimming in rain storm

opening his arms to me I felt compelled, I couldn't fight it

I was alone and then I wasn't


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I lurch from my chair feeling like a rock biter in a baron desert every step labored weak Until, finally, I gather strength before the ivory monolith inside, my life and salvation

I never want to forget eating lunch again


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give me time to be thankful that's all I can say give me time to take everything we've done and hold those moments close to enjoy the tears the bitter misunderstandings the

im happy for you im so happy but the memories wont leave right now so I wanted to say thanks

but give me time at the end of it all thats all we really have

we have time to see and appreciate everything

isnt that amazing


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its all i can say.. how we are now is what we should be.

is no longer any matter. since you passed away

through smiling eyes ill always remember that back then you stood a little taller that I was a little shorter but

deep in those memories that I keep close those moments in life that terrify me the most are the ones where i forget you memories those diamonds shimmering when i never even call they are here and are with me before I asked them to appear

how i miss you so much and I never ever thought you'd go I never thought you could a permanence – now just streaked blood

I try so hard to never care and you always knew how to look at me and stare to look at me and hold my head in your hand without words, we had understanding that this world wasn't made for us but we could

at least stand before the ocean and watch the waves come in

when all this is done for me I hope we can play again I hope you can find me


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a forest of trees stretch to the sky like a finale of fireworks playing out over time in infinite variation branches grow, leaves recast from green to yellow to brown exploring the world as elder tree stars before finally falling to Earth year after year after year


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have you noticed? flower petals bleed when floating on still water grip finally surrenders all the color, held flows out from within to distant edges


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hey, you don't have to listen but when I cut dreams in half I let those images that are freed within grow I don't see the foreground I see the afterglow and all i'm thinking is love... what a beautiful asterisk.

choice is what is choosing you that husk of decision is what's wrecking you words are not surface tension and love is not something from some other dimension its right here when we sit close together that radiates from out our eyes in glowing attraction

hey? I bet you saw it that love is a wonderful asterisk

keep those feelings so close that they burn feel them cover your body and in a turn they should melt and be felt by you

those lovely pieces that weave that don't quite fit did you ever see something like this

love is wonderful asterisk


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Leave the worst to me. it's what I excel at! cleaning out the wounds, with pain – more pressure - unfettered. emboldened. action.

rain that crashes down your cheeks, into a pools collessing near your feet, are mine by all rights this is why I'm sick


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