funny... it's either the world being harsh to you, or you making your own satire about the world

here here, just close your eyes for a moment spring's in front of your eyes replacing bad winter with flowers erasing all dark skies

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in this vast world i feel empty slowly i become eyeless my head's spinning, breathless i curl up, one with gravity

even if you hear me screaming will you come back again? please don't say such a thing you don't know how hurt your words to me


no always no tomorrow no future please keep it in yourself you just hurt me more

og date: 190127 #poemoftheday #poembynabi

humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less

C.S Lewis

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it might be exaggerating if i say you're prettier than the moon but what can i do? it's true, you are for me

it sounds cheesy when i tell you, my world is yours but what can i do? i only tell the truth

it seems a lie i call you star because i'm your astrophile but what can i do? i love you shining around me

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you run run run and keep running here i am, only waiting i wanna run to you but you don't give me a cue

you're running around and around only see me when one circle's down no, can you see me? or you just pass me by, like a pea

note: 'like a pea' here is referred to 'The Princess and The Pea' by H.C Andersen. “me” is a pea, actually can be sensed by “you” but “you” decides to ignore “me” and keeps running

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she remembers the excitement from thinking about being 24 planned what she wanted to do, what she really wished to have, with whom she would tie the knot, what kind of life she would have, couldn't wait for 24 to come quickly

nowㅡ ha.... it's so hard to dream again little did she know, everything has been snatched away

while she was catching up the phase while she was running to uncertain finish line while she got bleed from falling after falling she's finally arrived “welcome to 24!”, they said

she barely breathes 24 that she dreamed of is different but is there any other choice? no

being adult hits everyone 24 is just number like the others let's just dive into the good mess and cheers for another years for life, for happiness

happy 24 for me! #poemoftheday #poembynabi

on the rainy day i see you standing alone outside the fence my hand moves to chest unconsciously feeling the burn from inside

how two people who shared different worlds and became one because of love, now standing apart from each other drawing invisible line which gets thicker and thicker as the clock ticks

oh you, who's loved by the sun must be sorrowful your days are since i hushed away the rays from you, above us and get drenched alone on the rainy day

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when the silence speaks louder when everything feels like enemy got inner chaos that built up the wall when people's eyes more judging than the judge when their mouths keep asking, sounds trivial but suffocating when the path i step on is full of thorns when waking up only becomes formal

i no longer can recognize myself on the mirror my voice my own mind

og date: 200101 #poemoftheday #poembynabi

can you hear that sound? an owl reigning the whole night as the world is its and full moon showering the earth with her golden light this is another peaceful night but again, my body stays but mind

og date: 190901 #poemoftheday #poembynabi

hi, hello here is nabi. i got an advice to write short stories or poemsㅡ which i prefer poems teehee~, to keep myself sane (lol..)

ah! the poems i write aren't always from my own experiences (but some can do, probably). i feel that i need to emphasize this because people often mistakenly thought that all the poems i wrote were based on my own life, some even worried about me too ㅠㅠ

it's a bit embarassing... ahㅡ english is not my first lang but i'm more comfortable to write in english (i'm still learning too!). therefore, i'm sorry in advance if i make mistake (>̯-̮<̯)

lastly, if you stumble across my blog, hope you enjoy!

yours truly, nabi 🦋