Boring Tools Till – Drawer Cleanup

Dec 30, 2021

Took yesterday's drawer out of the clamps this morning and checked it for fit. As I expected, it was a bit tight, due to the bottom being a hair large.

Drawer in its future home, rubbing against the edge

So I scribbled on the sides with a pencil and hauled the belt-sander outside to clean things up. The belt started out as 60 grit, but I've been using it long enough that it's probably more like 120 now. Still plenty good for cleaning up drawer sides.

belt sander, outside, with the drawer box sitting on the table for the disc sander

After a few minutes, the sides were cleaned up, and the drawer fits much better. Maybe a hair loose, but plenty good for my purposes.

drawer in its future home, fitting slightly loose now

And it looks pretty good, too.

drawer side, with the dovetails sanded smooth

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