Boring Tools Till – First Drawer Done—Starting on the Second

Started out today by cutting down the drawer holding my Fisch auger bits. They only need a single level, and the added space will give me room for runners for the drawer above them.

Shortening a drawer-box by about a half-inch, drawer-box is in the face vise and I am sawing the top off with a large backsaw

Next up, the small drawer that will hold my long brad-point bits.

Short drawer, with holes drilled in the end of the box

When I drilled the smaller holes for the brad points, I broke through the end of the box (intentionally). So today it was time to fix that up. I glued on (with hot hide glue) a spare bit of edge-banding to cover the holes and protect the brad points.

Clamping a piece of edge banding over the holes I just drilled in the end of the box

Since it was hot hide glue, I didn't really need to clamp at all, but the clamps made it easier to take the curl out of the edge-banding.

The edge of the box with the holes covered by a piece of edge-banding

The drawer, seen from above, holding the bits

And now the small drawer is done. Time to give it some runners to ride on. I cut a couple pieces of oak, and tacked them into the till, spacing them the thickness of a scrap above the drawer below them.

drawer-runner protruding from the end of the drawer-cubby

Two hand screws holding the runners in place, viewed head-on

Two hand screws holding the runners in place, viewed from above

And a little over a half hour later, I figured the glue was “set enough” to test the fit.

Two drawers inserted to check the fit

Yep. That'll do.

Time for the next drawer. This will hold my old set of (mostly) Russell Jennings auger bits. I made wooden holders for the largest bits.

Lower layer of (larger) drill bits in a drawer-box

And then reused one of the metal clips from the (broken) box I got the bits in to hold the smaller bits. Plus I added a small handle I had left over from something else so I could lift this tray of bits out.

Upper layer of (smaller) drill bits on their removable tray

Again, hot hide glue put the piece of plywood into the end and set up quickly enough that I could continue working, rather than having to wait for the glue to dry.

So that's two drawers fitted out.

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