Boring Tools Till – Fitting out Drawers

Jan 2, 2022

Today I started fitting out the drawers.

The biggest problem (the longest bits) I had were a set of long brad-point bits. They're almost exactly the same length as the drawer openings, which means they have to go into a box diagonally. Or the box needs holes drilled in the side walls. So I started by cutting about an inch off the top of one of the boxes and putting a bottom on it.

A drawer-box, held in the face vise, with a cut through two faces

The drawer box, with the top inch or two cut off

The smaller portion of the drawer box, with a piece of plywood clamped to it so I now have two drawer boxes

I also drilled holes into it from the two ends, but forgot to take a picture. Mañana.

In the bottom portion of that box, I put in holders for my set of Fisch augers with hardwood lead screws. They're very nice, but they're not a complete set, and Fisch is unlikely to ever make a complete set, so I didn't leave any spare room.

To make the rests for the sharp ends, I drilled holes in two pieces of board clamped together in my face vise. That worked pretty well.

Holes drilled in a pair of small boards, so that the holes are semi-circles in each of the two boards

The square ends of the bits just slide into half inch holes in another board. And then I made room for my “spare” tapered reamer bit in that case, as the Fisch bits will almost certainly get used in the same projects where I need a tapered hole (chair or staked furniture work).

Finished drawer holding auger bits on the left, and a single tapered reamer on the right

I'll likely cut the box down a little farther tomorrow and make runners so these two partial drawers can sit one atop another.

That was it for today.

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