Boring Tools Till – More Drawers

Yesterday I was busy building and didn't stop to take pictures.

Had one drawer box all ready for glue-up when I walked into the shop, so that was the first task. Got it together and started cutting the next box, which went well, and the first box had spent a little over an hour in the clamps, so I could remove them and reuse them on the second box of the day.

And then I started on the third box, and was done and ready for glue in under an hour. Apparently practice still makes me better! So I found four longer clamps and a couple shorter ones to hold the box together, since I'm pretty sure the glue wants at least an hour to set before I remove the clamps. I had a brief thought that I should be using hot hide glue, since the cold at the shop floor near the door won't bother that as much, and I could almost go clamp-free, but I haven't been setting up my glue-pot in the mornings, so Titebond II use will probably continue.

In any case, that was enough for the day, and I'll knock out the last two drawer boxes today, and maybe get the previous batch of three sanded and fitted today, and can get started on designing storage for the bits tomorrow.

Here are the three drawer boxes in place, after cleaning them up on the belt sander.

Till with five of the seven drawers in place

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