Boring Tools Till – Small Drawer—Batwing and Forstner Bits

One more drawer mostly done today. These are both carved into a piece of ¾ inch pine.

First the batwing bits, because I won't use them very often. They're nice for making a clean hole it they're in good shape, but mine aren't yet, and they haven't been a priority to sharpen up yet.

Tray holding an assortment of bat-wing spade bits

Recesses for the larger bits, pieces of bamboo skewers to hold the smaller bits, and a couple ipe knobs I turned from a ¾ inch diameter stick I had laying around so I can lift the set out of the bottom of the drawer.

Next is a tray for my forstner bits. Again, carved using three different gouges.

tray for forstner bits, with pencilled numbers indicating the sizes of the bits, in sixteenths of an inch

tray with forstner bits in place

Then I stuck a couple pieces of pine on the ends of that board so it can sit over the batwing bits in the same drawer. I may need to add a handle or I may not. Trying to decide if I'm going to make another tray to hold my plug cutters in this drawer too, but I got hungry for lunch and called it a day in the shop.

Drawer box with tray of batwing bits in the bottom

Tray of forstner bits, with oversized edge pieces to hold it above the lower tray

Once the glue has had a chance to dry, I'll cut off the top and bottom of the sides to get the tray of forstner bits fitting perfectly.

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