Boring Tools Till – Small Drawer—Spoon bits, Countersinks, Plug Cutters

Started on the next drawer of stuff. The spoon bits I have are about the toughest to make fit, so I started with them. Rather than using a gouge to carve a holder for them, I used auger bits to drill through two pieces of pine simultaneously, with them clamped in my face vise so the lead screw wouldn't push them apart.

Drilling through a paired set of boards, clamped in the face vise

Then with four holes drilled (for eight bits), I cut them apart on the bandsaw. Woohoo! They'll fit in a single layer in a small drawer!

After drilling the holes and cutting apart the pieces, they are placed in the bottom of the drawer to make sure they'll fit

So I measured how much height I needed and cut off the drawer.

Measuring the height I needed in the drawer

And glued and clamped a bottom to the piece that didn't have a bottom any more.

clamping a new bottom to the former top of the drawer-box

For the other half of the drawer, I carved trays for my countersink bits,

Carved tray for countersink bits, including the bits

Plug cutters,

Carved tray for the plug-cutter bits

And I'll fill the rest of the drawer with spare twist bits and the carbide-tipped spade bits I use for drilling through saw plates.

Drawer with countersink, plug-cutters and spare bits somewhat organized

I think I can take another ¼-⅜ inch off the drawer with the spoon bits tomorrow in order to make room for a pair of runners, so that's going to be the first thing for tomorrow, I think. Almost out of bits to find a home for, finally!

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