Multiple projects going on in the shop today, so I didn't make a ton of progress on the till. I did get the doors planed (and sanded – pine is almost as fast to shape with 60 grit as with a plane) so they'll both close at once and then I installed the latches. I'll probably need to take a hair more off each of the doors – maybe a 64th or so from each, so that they'll still close once I put a coat of oil on the edges that meet in the middle.

Looking at the two doors from the top, they don't quite close

I put the latches on the top of the till because I can still reach them there just fine, and they'll hold better than latching the two doors to each other.

A few over the top of the till with both doors closed. A steppe landscape is visible out the window behind and above the till

Next up is outfitting the left door with hangers to hold whatever tools I decide need to live there, then it'll be about time to call the till done.

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