The Writers Conference is November 4th-7th!

Species: Mostly Dog Breed: Muttalicious Name: Hondo Nickname: Hondi Hondo

Please rate the following on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being the absolute worst, and 10 being absolutely perfect.

WFHomie Companion – 10 Potty trained – 8 . . . so close. Handsome – 11

Cute – 10 . . . I can’t explain it. He’s both cute and handsome. Fun – 9.5 Snuggly – 11 Barky – 9.5 Talky – 10 . . . so expressive. Playful – 10

Leash walker – 8; who doesn’t aspire to catching that squirrel? Cat Cohabitation – 11 . . . they’re so scary. Dog Cohabitation – 10 . . . yes, please. Softness – 10 Sleeps in bed – 10 . . . he’s a perfect gentleman. Crate trained – 6; only if there’s already another dog in it.

Chewer – 10; he loves hooves, antlers, bull sticks, beef bones, and squeeky toys. Rides in car: 8

Total score: Perfect 10

The Writers Conference is coming up in November! Register for the conference here. In preparation for this awesome 4 day event, we have four prompts to flex your creative muscles. Each prompt will be featured in a daily write-in facilitated by Polly McCann of Flying Ketchup Press during the conference. Each prompt is inspired by suits and their archetypes.

Aim for 1000 words for each prompt, and do not feel rushed to complete them right away, you will have the rest of October and all of November to submit your piece!

Thursday, November 4

Wands – Creativity and will: Write a scene, story or poem from the perspective of someone who believes in miracles, magic and the power of the creative mind.

Friday, November 5

Pentacles – Material body or possessions: Write a scene that consumes you or your MC's five senses- sight, sound, sense, smell, and taste.

Saturday, November 6

Cups – Emotions and love: Write about something or someone you or your MC desire, love and dream about and why they just can't get close enough to what they want. 

Sunday, November 7

Swords – Reason: Write about something you need to cut out, cut up, or conquer.

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By Cheryl


He always answers the call.

If the doorbell rings, he opens the door.

If the phone vibrates, he reaches for it even if it’s robo.

If his heart knocks the tired song of what’s next, he waits for the trill to die down, deep in his throat, and slowly moves towards it, compelled.

When I ask him if 4, 5, 6 painters and 2, 3, 4 tree trimmers invading our space all at the same time along with a cacophony of two scared barky little chickens, our pups, troubles him, he says no and means it. He simply attends to the task.

Why can’t I?

After all, it’s what I do for work. I help the person in front of me. Maybe I should stand in front of a mirror and ask the reflection with a cheerful smile: How can I help you?

Like the artist, I seam the broken places, repair the damage, and trace the golden lines of my face with my fingers. My scarred history showing through.

And maybe, finally, like him, the trill deep down inside my heart will not arrest in place but will embrace the life that’s left.

September 12th is the National Day of Encouragement. We would love to hear your stories about the people in your life who have encouraged you over the course of your life and what kind of impact they made.

In 500 words or less (even though we know these individuals deserve a whole novels worth of thanks), tell us about the people or person who encouraged you to reach your goals and accomplishes great things.

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By Purvik

Hello, myself Purvik. I will be going to 3rd grade this fall. I am writing this in paper first and then my mom will help me to put in library online. I will use August month to adjust myself from doing summer activities I have done like: I’ll do activity books to get ready for school studies in my 3rd grade, I’ll start practising going to places a little and put mask where ever I go to get addicted for putting a mask in school with corona and delta variant pandemic, I’ll keep going on in my dad’s car for rest of summer to start getting focused on riding a bus, I’ll start writing lots and lots of paragraphs to get addicted to start doing more and more writing for writing activities for school, I’ll do some new subjects that I have never ever done to get ready for any of those new subjects I get in school, I’ll stay doing some exercise, yoga, and I’ll do some walking so that to get my mind fresh and make my mind ready for anything that happens, I’ll start making my water drinking level to go down a little from my water drinking level being high from summer’s really hot temperature this year. I’ll do learning more of multiplication and other math stuff I’ll start learning fractions and decimals. I will keep up improving my science skills, I’ll write some books so that mu idea will get improved. Finally I will make sure to carry sanitiser and mask with me and also sanitise my hands well by rubbing so it get dried, I will miss my mom and my little brother when I go to school this fall because I was in home from past one and a half year. My mom will always remind me to also some things and say Purvik in school I will not be coming with you to remind you to do stuff so I will make sure I do all my stuff by myself without getting reminded. I will stay positive and think positive like my mom says. Can’t wait to make friends in my new school and meet teachers. Thankyou for giving me opportunity to write this. THE END.

July 2021 Prompt

There is nothing that embodies summer as a whole quite like the ice cream truck. Its familiar call weaves though neighborhoods and lures out children and adults alike to savor in this quintessential summer experience. With so many delicious options to choose from, it is no wonder the line can grow to wrap around the block.

What was your go to treat from the ice cream truck back in the day? Or what do you still get now when you answer summer’s official call?

Let us savor the flavor with you in 500 words or less!

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Thanks for all the thoughtful responses you submitted to our June prompt!

By Katt

The day starts with a 2 mile run and several polite “good mornings” to all the other health junkies and dog parents trying to get some fresh air before the humidity really sets in. Closing that exercise ring before 10am is always a good feeling and chases away any potential guilt that may creep in if I don't. 9am is the perfect time to head down to the neighborhood pool with breakfast bar and book in hand. The same group of ladies is always at the pool in the morning. We share reading recommendations and sunscreen until the nannies appear with their rowdy hoards of kids hell bent on ruining our peaceful poolside book club.

I take my place on the couch in the living room around one and try to watch a movie while indulging in my cat's demands to play and once my cat has decided he's done with me, it is time to try to get some writing done. While normally I would be staring at a blank screen counting how many times the cursor blinks before I start writing, today I can actually hit the ground running and get a whole chapter outlined. My productivity can only be halted by a text from one of three people. “Happy Hour @ ____, be there or you're kicked out of the friend group.” Less of a threat, more of a promise. Either way I am going.

It was never peer pressure that makes me go to breweries across the KC metro area 3-4 times a week, but the reminder that I have friends who aren't related to my softball days. Friends that I have by choice, and not out of convenience. Pulling into the gravel parking lot of our usual brewery means the first round is free and our favorite waitress has already put in our food orders. Is this what it feels like to be retired? As a millennial who will probably never get to retire, I will go ahead and assume it is.

“Y'all ain't gotta go home, but you can't stay here,” the waitress says while deconstructing the great beer-amid of Cleveland, MO. Routine dictates we finish the night at my married friends' property. A short hop over state line, some train tracks, and down a dirt road lead to the hobby farm of my dreams. The barn boasts an eclectic collection of craft beers in the sticker covered fridge and none of them are any help to my cornhole game. The only twin size bed I will ever willingly sleep in is made up in the guest room and is calling my name.

Not bad for a Tuesday in June.

We hope everyone had a great time with Anne Kniggendorf! For the rest of June we want to hear all about your perfect summer day. What activities are you participating in? Is there a list of quintessential summer foods you have to have?

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Thanks for all the responses you submitted to our May prompt!

May 2021 Prompt

We've all spent an unusual amount of time in our houses and neighborhoods this year. While these are spaces that we are intimately familiar with, those on the outside may notice details that we do not think about or no longer notice. In 1000 words or less, tell us about your living quarters or neighborhood through the eyes of a visitor.

This prompt is in conjunction with The Past is Prologue: Secret Kansas City program with Anne Kniggendorf on June 10th at 7pm. Anne will choose an entry to be read by the original author at the end of the program. Register for the program here

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Thanks for all the responses you submitted to our April prompt!

By Katt

I know you hear me in there.

The day starts before the sun rises and I need my wet food the second first light creeps through the windows. Yet, the door remains closed. I've been calling for you and knocking quite politely. I have manners and can be patient. I wouldn't be wearing this tuxedo otherwise. BUT I AM HUNGRY HUMAN. Never mind the large one who gave me breakfast an hour ago.

Ah there you are, yes I would enjoy a window seat for today. If you would be so kind as to open the window, there are punkass squirrels in the side yard that need scolding from a superior. Join me, medium-sized human so I may teach you how to protect yourself from the bushy tailed menaces.

“Work”? What is this, work? This is not on my approved list of acceptable activities for the day. Who are these strange humans in your box? Do they also need lessons on dealing with squirrels?

No matter, there do not seem to be any grey terrors pillaging the bird feed. Medium-size human I request belly rubs. I have flopped over under your chair for convenience. You will have to stretch uncomfortably to reach me. I'm waiting.

Fine, you can't ignore me if I am in your line of sight. Or maybe you can. Let me just push these screens out of the way...

HOW WAS I SUPPOSD TO KNOW THEY MOVE SO EASY?! Don't get mad at me, medium-size human. You're the one that put this rainbow machine contraption against the wall. It's only a small dent.

I am going to go take a nap until you get done, wake me so we may play on your lunch break. If you don't, I'll bite your toes a dinner.

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