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This is the first post on here, so welcome I guess. This is basically where I'll make random posts related to running a Discord server.


Channels should be: – Distinct. Do not make multiple channels that are close or identical in topic. – Purposeful. Do not make channels just because you feel like it. They should serve a purpose of conversation. Do not be afraid to trim unused channels. – Topical, but not overly specific.

Channel Names

Channel names should be: – Related to their topic. Good: #linux-customization. Bad: #channel-7 – Self explanatory. Good: #linux-customization. Bad: #unix-porn. – Concise. Good: #sysadmin. Bad: #system-administration-chat – Non-thematic. Good: #support. Bad: #man-pages. Note: you can tweak word choice to add a bit of flair, but you should retain the self explanatory aspect. A good format is a single noun, plus a second word to clarify if needed. For example: #support, #support-type.

Category Names

Category names should be: – Short. One word at the most. Any more is excess. – Nouns. Good: Contribution. Bad: Contributing. – Emoji-free. – Non-thematic. Good: Chat. Bad: /var/.

Channel Organization

Channels should be organized in this order:

  • Welcome
  • Information, modlog, etc.
  • Webhook channels (news, github updates, etc)
  • Chat channels
  • Private channels