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Hey read.as, I'm writing this as my last post to say that I am moving on! I really glad that I found write.as and that I started my blogging journey on here, and I will be forever grateful for this introduction into a hobby that I'm really growing to love! If you want to continue on my blogging journey with me, check me out here:


Hope to see you all there! Who knows, maybe I'll be back here someday :)

This post is just a straight up Transistor appreciation post. Supergiant Games is probably one of my favourite game development companies and Transistor is an absolutely beautiful addition to its library. If you've never played it, then it's worth at least checking out the artwork because the art design is amazing.


My work officially shut down the night of the 18th, so I've been home since then more or less. I'm not used to journaling in any capacity so I thought that extra time at home would warrant a try!


My initial thoughts on the newest addition to the mystery dungeon series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon; Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. At this point in time, I've hit about the 7 hour mark and wanted to record some thoughts on it as well as talk about how the core mechanics differ from the original.


This series is something I want to try and keep going in the future, documenting some of the exciting stuff going on in my life. Maybe even use it as an excuse to break out my DSLR and try to get back into photography. Most photos will be taken on my Pixel 2 camera FYI!


Morphite is a small stone, in the very large, almost unlimited ocean that is video games, but it is a stone that I'm... pretty sure I was glad to experience.


Looking for something in particular? Here are some things that I talk about often if there's something specific that interests you!


If you want to see what I'm currently up to in the world of games, I've started keeping a backloggery!

Note: It does not contain any games that I play indefinitely, like Animal Crossing, Dead By Daylight, Stardew Valley, Dragalia Lost, etc. Those are usually listed in my mastodon profile!

Hey there! My name is Seeley and this is the start of my adventure, documenting my experience playing video games! There might be bits and pieces of other content along the way, but we'll see how it all goes.

Some things I plan on doing in the future, check out my Categories/Tags page to see things that might interest you: – One shot video game reviews / experiences – Cross stitch projects (completed and progress posts) – Extended, multi-entry posts about lengthier, ongoing video games – Photo journal posts of some kind

This blog is still a very early work in progress, so thank you for your patience! I have plans for what I'd like to fill this space with and I'm looking forward to making it happen!


There are a few places you can reach me if you'd like to provide feedback or just chat about any of my stuff!

Mastodon: https://elekk.xyz/@seeleymoyed Telegram: https://t.me/seeleymoyed Email: seeleymoyed@protonmail.com

A piece on my personal journey playing the game Tales of Vesperia. A combination of a review, and a think piece on how I consume larger pieces of media.