The Main Course.....

Flashback... (Their Second Year in the Uni)

Mark’s POV...

I don’t know how many times I’ve been lost in my thoughts today. I’m staring blankly at my brother, he shake his head while looking back at me. He is sighing before he called one of the bodyguards outside “Simon, can you here me? Come in here now!” he ordered. In a second the one that Tyrone called Simon came in. He bowed at my brother “is there anything you need Sir?” he asked politely. Tyrone pointing his finger at me “get him some drink” he ordered Simon lazily. Simon turn his head slightly at me then back to Tyrone “what kind of drink Sir?” he asked again. My brother waves his hand, gesturing Simon to get out of the room “anything. Just get out of here already! I still have a lot of things to talk about with this guy” then Tyrone turn his head down to the file folder on the table, rummaging them. Simon bowed again “understood Sir” he step back but I called for him “umm... Excuse me, can I get a cup of coffee instead? If it’s not a bother though” I asked hesitantly. Simon stopped his movement, looking at me and looking at my brother, waiting for his approval. His eyes still glued on the documents, Tyrone said “you have a ball to asked him to get you a cup of coffee huh?” Tyrone sarcasm never fail me. He straightened his body, looking up at Simon “why are you still here? Get his fckin’ coffee and leave!” not gonna lie, this time he look intimidating. Simon bowed once again “yes sir” he get out of the room then shutting the door.

After five minutes, there’s knock on the door “come in” Tyrone said. The waiter come in with a tray “excuse me Sir. Enjoy your coffee” he placed the cup of coffee on the table in front of me. I look at him “thankyou” I said “you are very welcome Sir. I will taking my leave now” he said, before he walk out of the room, he bowed. That man is too polite for his own good.

Since Tyrone still busy with his documents, I’m sipping my coffee, enjoying the bitterness inside my mouth. Finally he look up at me “now Mark, can you tell me everything you know about Ramona?” he asked as he leaned his back on his chair. I cleared my throat before speaking “well, Mr Lee I—“ he burst out a laugh as soon as he heard what did I called him. He tried to control his laugh, trying to talk “pfffftttt..... Mark.... pfftttt.... I can’t..... wahahaha” I look at him in disbelief.

After like five minutes listening to his rooster like laugh, he finally stopped “Mark, you don’t have to call me that when it’s just the two of us hahaha” he still chuckling. I let out a frustrated sigh “you look so intimidating when you bossing that man around before. What do you expect from me after seeing that?” he laugh again “it’s because they’re my men, they work for me so that’s why I’m bossing them around. But you, you’re my baby brother, I don’t have a reason to do that to you too” he told me with a gentle smile now. I showed him a disgusted look “can you stop babying me? I’m an adult now” he is still smiling “no matter what happen, you will always be my baby brother Mark. Enough of that, now tell me everything about Ramona” he said. He clasped his hands on the table, ready to hear my story.


Mark’s POV

I lifted my cup of coffe “...... that’s how we become this close now” after I told everything about my friendship with Ryu to Tyrone, I sipped my coffee again, as my throat getting dry after that long story. He nodded then gave me the documents he has been checking before “now let me tell you everything about Ramona Kwon. About who actually she is, about her family” I read the documents slowly. His finger pointing to the documents “as you can see, the Kwon is not just as simple as a name. The Kwon is a dynasty inside the business world. They stand strong for fourth generation already and Ramona will be the next heir. She will be the first lady to take the Kwon’s throne since she’s the only child of Gideon Kwon. She can step out of the throne if she has a cousin but unfortunately, her father is the only child too. She does have a cousin from her mother’s side though, even he has been live in the Kwon’s way, he can take the throne since there’s no a single drop of the Kwon’s blood in his veins. Do you now that famous model who choose to retired from his career after he got an awards as the best models two years a go? Chester Park, that’s Ramona’s cousin from her mother’s side. He retired from modeling because the Kwon elders asked him to take the CEO’s chair in NineClouds,Inc. so basically he is my boss now. Back to the Kwon, Their power in business world is no joke, they even rule the government. This is what I need you to do Mark, you need to make sure that she will be save no matter what. Go with her everywhere she goes, you also have to ask her to go with you when you go out of the Uni. Since you will have different classes from now on, always text or call her every now and then. And you need to report me immediately if there’s something suspicious around her. Do not do anything stupid which will lead you, especially her to a dangerous situation. Always remember this Mark, Ramona is in danger and the Kwons are dangerous!” he said the last words with emphasis. I dropped the documents on the table “aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!!!!! What the fck did I get myself intooooo?????!!!!!!” I pulled my hair with both hands frustratingly.

I took a deep breath and try to calm down “so basically you want me to become her personal bodyguard?” I asked, looking at Tyrone. He thinks for a second before answering “hmm... You can say that. But, there’s something good you need to know about the Kwon” his tone made me interested. I asked “what is it?” he start lowering his voice “in the Kwon, there’s no rules that the Kwon’s heir have to marry someone with the same background or they need to marry someone base on business contracts. Their businesses are strong enough to stand on their own, they don’t need others to help them. The Kwon’s heir can choose whoever they love as their partner, but the partner will have to live with the Kwon’s way. The Kwon’s heir soon to be partner will get a very special education from the Kwon’s elders. The Kwon’s elders will teach them how to live in the Kwon’s way, so the soon to be partner will be suitable enough for the Kwon’s heir. Why did they give freedom for the heir to choose their own partner? Because the elders want the heir to at least have a happy married life since their whole life have been controlled from they were born ‘till they die. So what I’m saying here is, you have a chance Mark. Maybe in the future you will be live as one of the Kwons, who knows~” he smirked at me, moving his eyebrows annoyingly. Did I ever tell you how much I hate him? Did I ever tell you about the reason? THIS IS the reason. He will never stop to annoy bejeezus out of me.


(Gideon Kwon – the Fourth Generation of the Kwon, Ramona’s Father)

(Chester Park – the CEO of NineClouds,Inc., Ramona’s Cousin)


The Surprise.....

Flashback... (Their Second Year in the Uni)

Mark’s POV...

It’s been an hour since my brother left and here I’m, thinking, trying to figure everything out. I got interrupted because my phone rings again. I check my screen, an unknown number can be seen. My brother warned me about this, they will call me and ask to meet. Before I pick up, I clear my throat, gaining my composure. I press the green button and bring it to my ear “hello?” I greet them first, I got really anxious “is this Mr. Mark Lee, a Psych student from Parthenia University?” a man’s voice asked over the phone “this is Mark Lee speaking. Can I help you?” I answered them, my heart has been beating so fast “as we knew that your brother, Tyrone Lee just met you and we believe that he already told you about everything. We have something to talk with you. Meet us this evening at Green Olives restaurant at 6pm sharp. Thankyou” then they hang up without waiting for my answer. What kind of mess I get myself into? Dear Lord, what did I done?

***** Mark’s POV…

There’s still 15 minutes left till 6pm and I already here, in front of the Green Olives. I will just wait, inside my car. As the time getting closer, I can feel myself getting more anxious too. Negative thoughts has been roaming around inside my head, “what will they talk about? Are they gonna kill me or something?” and etc.

I’m looking at my watch, it will be 6pm in three minutes. I took a deep breath, checking myself at the front mirror before opening the door of my car. I got out of the car, walking towards the entrance. When I opened the door, a bell sound rings. A man with a butler outfit welcome me “good evening Sir. Are you Mr. Mark Lee?” I nodded at his question “yes, I’m Mark Lee” then he gave me a polite smile. He continue “this way Sir. The Kwon’s representative have been waiting for you” he pointed at a staircase politely then lead the way. I walk behind him, my eyes roaming around the restaurant. I got confused because there’s no a single person sitting on the table. Out of curiosity I asked “is this restaurant close? Why there’s no one here?” he turn his head to me, give me another polite smile. He answer “the whole restaurant have been booked by the Kwon, Sir” it’s surprise me a little bit, but then I realize I should be known better. They are the Kwon after all.

When we already on the second floor, he stopped in front of the biggest door there. He turn around, facing me and give me his polite smile. He gave me a gesture with his hand, pointing at the door in a very polite way “the Kwon representative is inside this room Sir. You may get in. But before that let me remind you, please don’t do anything that will make him angry. It’s for your own safety Sir. Then, excuse me” after saying that, he bowed at me and left. Is this man that scary? What am I supposed to do? I’m looking around and there’s no one here. My negative thoughts are coming back. “Dear God, if I’m not make it today, please tell my mom that I love her so much” I said my prayer and start knocking that big door. I pulled my hand away from the door “coming in” I can hear someone said that from the inside. That two big doors swing open slowly and I start walking, entering the room hesitantly.

I’m inside now, my eyes looking around the room, it was a conference room. There’s two bodyguards beside the door, while their Boss is sitting at the center of the big table. He’s sitting on a big boss chair, his back is facing me. I stand there awkwardly, didn’t know what to do, until “you two, leave us!” I jump in surprise as I heard the Boss’s booming voice. The two bodyguards bow politely at their Boss then got out of the room. I’m still looking at the door as it getting shut “you may take a sit Mr. Lee” the Boss ordered me. I hurriedly take a sit at the nearest chair from me. Actually, there’s something that have been bothering me. The Boss’s voice, this man's voice is so damn familiar for me. I believe that I have heard it somewhere before but I couldn’t remember.

As I lost in my thought, trying to remember about the voice, the Boss turn his chair around. Now he’s facing me but I still didn’t notice his face because I’ve been looking at the table, still in deep thought. He called for my attention “good evening Mr. Lee. Well, it’s nice to finally meet you Mr. Lee” I turn my head at him, finally realize whose voice is it. I’m glaring at him “what the fck are you doing here?” I got up from my sit, hit the table with my both hands then pointing my finger at him angrily.

(A/N: Since I can't put a GIF here, remember Mark's reaction at Jisung's English name? That's exactly the same reaction as what he did above, except he didn't smile this time.)

He cleared his throat “Let me introduce myself, my name is Tyrone Lee, I’m a Lawyer and the Head of the Legal Team in one of Kwon’s Industries company. I’m here as the Kwon’s representative” he said, acting like a professional. He is sitting mightily in that big chair, looking amused. Oh I can see how much he really enjoying this. What an asshole.

I’m still glaring at him and getting confused now. Why did he said that he is the Kwon’s representative? I took a deep breath “just cut the crap already! What are you actually doing brother?” I said exhausted. He start to laugh “you should see your face Mark. That was so priceless! hahaha” he stated and his laugh start to sounds like a rooster in the morning. I got anxious for nothing, he is just unbelievable.

Tyrone is still laughing right now. I drop back to my sit, lay my head on the table and groan “aaaaarrrrgggghhhh..... I hate my life” I hit my head on the table. Tyrone stop laughing, at last “stop doing that Mark. You’ll get your head bruise later” I pulled my head up, looking back at him. I ask him again “seriously brother, what are you doing actually? Since when you work for the Kwon, on top of that you become their representative, how?” my head is full of so many questions right now.

He let go of a sigh, getting ready to answer my questions. He threw me his business card “you remember Sheldon Oh, my senior when I’m still in the Uni?” I nodded my head as I read his business card “he’s the one who recommended me to the Kwon. He is the Head of the Legal Team too just like me, but he is in the SilverBerry,Inc., that company runs in culinary field. Three years a go, Richard Lee, one of the Five CEO at the Kwon, he is the CEO of SilverBerry,Inc., asked him if he had someone who works in the same field like him, then he recommended me. They build a new company, that housewares company the one that got really famous these days. They need an expert to handling a few stuffs that related to the laws. I got accepted immediately and start working in NineClouds,Inc. ever since. Why they choose me to become their representative to meet you? Because you’re my brother, as simple as that. Did that answer your questions?” he asked at the last of his words then sipping his coffee. After listening to his answer, I can feel my sanity fading away from me. It’s even not the main topic yet but can you see how much I got stress because of this? I swear to God I will be send to an asylum immediately when we start talking about Ryu's situations and the madness inside her family.

(Sheldon Oh – the Head of the Legal Team in SilverBerry,Inc.)

(Richard Lee – the CEO of SilverBerry,Inc.)



Her Identity.....

Mark’ POV...

My name is Mark Lee, I’m a Psych in this Uni. It’s my last year so everything have been really hectic last few months. But at last I can take a break and focus on my Dance Competition next month.

This is my best friend, Ramona Kwon, but I call her Ryu (or baby. Yeah, that baby baby haha). I’ve known her since day 1 in the Uni. Ryu has different major with me, she’s a Management Business student but we got same class in English study at our first year. Afterwards we became closer because she’s an introvert and I’m her only friend.

Ryu told me everything about her life. From something a bit sensitive like family matters, to the most random things that will happen to you, like her cat fall into a trash bin because he try to catch a butterfly. If she’s not an introvert, I believe people will fall for her immediately because of her big personality.

Talking about fall for her, I have been falling for her since our second year. And when I told you I have been falling for her, I do falling really hard. Spending my day talking about everything with her will never be a waste of time. In that second year, I have decided to start calling her “baby”. She got mad at first because she think it will make other people misunderstand our relationship. Well I won’t mind what people think, it’s just funny looking at her annoyed face. But now, she seems used to it, except when we’re in public. She will glaring at me and hit my arm if I call her baby in front of a lot of people.

You asked me how I realized that I fall for her? Hmm... Okay, I will tell you about that, but please, never tell Ryu about this. The story that I want to share to you is related to her biggest secret. It's about her true identity, it's about who really she is.



Mark’s POV...

Springs has came and my second year in the Uni will be start in a week. But here I am, laying around in my dorm, playing some random games in my phone. I have arrived in my dorm since two days a go. Why? Because I got really sick with my family. I have one older brother and he is a very famous lawyer in the capital city, country even. My family always said “look at your brother, look at Tyrone. He got really successful as a lawyer. You should follow his path. Stop doing something useless like dancing. It won’t make you success like him” and they will never gonna stop. This is the reason why I choose Psychology as my major, to shut them out and choose this Uni because this Uni is located in a small town. Even it's not that far from the capital city, at least my family won't come here since it's just a small town.

Speak of the devil, my brother call me. I’m looking at my screen for a few second, hesitant to pick up or not. Eventually I press the green button then pressing my phone over my right ear “hello brother?” I greet him first “hello Mark? are you at the Uni right now?” he asked and I furrowed as I feel it’s kinda weird because he asked my whereabouts so suddenly “yeah, I’m at my dorm right now. Why?” I asked him back “great! I’m in front of your dorm right now, come down here please. I need to talk about something” my furrowed got deeper, wondering what my brother doing here “okay, wait a minutes” I hang up without waiting his answer as I got out from my bed and leave my room.

I walked out from my dorm main entrance, looking left and right, trying to find my brother. Then I hear someone calling my name “Mark! Over here!” I turn to the fountain right beside my dorm building. There he is, standing on front of a bench near the fountain. He is waving his hand so I can notice him. I walk towards him with a long strides.

In a seconds, I reached him already. I stopped 3 steps away right in front of him. Since I really hate hitting around the bush, I shot him with my question “what do you wanna talk? Is it about me joining the dance competition behind our parents back again?” I stared at him lazily. He gave me a surprise looks then he laugh after. As he start to stop laughing, he sat on the bench “wow! Easy little brother. You know that I always support you with everything you’re doing as long as it’s not against the law. Beside I came here because I have to talk about this, you are a friend of Ramona Kwon right?” he grabbed his bag, pulling out a file folder and handed it to me.

I’m looking at my brother confusedly, accepting the file folder with both hands “what is this?” I asked him. He points to the file folder with his hand mindlessly, a cigar is in between his fingers “open it and read it yourself” he said as he start lightning the cigarette. I do as I’ve told, after reading that I’m glaring at him “what the fck is this brother?!” I shot him. He pull away the cigar from his mouth “it is as it is, just like what you have read on the paper” I still didn’t understand and ask again “what is this have to do with Ryu?” he look back at me “Ryu?” he asked, confused “Ramona” I said, then he make an O shape with his lips. He look away from me and blowing away the smoke.

I click my tongue as I got impatient since he didn’t answer my questions yet. I can see his lips start to moving “that girl is in danger and her family are dangerous. Her parents will send her away to London tomorrow. Her father’s rival have been threatening her family for weeks. Even they don’t know her face yet, not even her first name, they need to do everything carefully now. As you can see, she’s the only heir of her family. Scratch that, her clan” I start to frown as I put all my ear to him.

Tyrone’s eyes roaming around my Uni as he continues “as you know her surname is Kwon, that Kwon. They’ve been hiding her for years. Put her in a boarding school in different countries, moving her to another country every year so their rivals can’t track her down” I got really shocked with what he just said.

I didn’t know what to reply, but seems like he’s not over yet “I got calls two days a go, they asked me to meet them at lunch time that day. They told me everything and I asked what is it have to do with me. Then their answer is really shock me. They told me they will kill you, my baby brother if her true identity got leaked to the outside world because you are her only friend” then he turned his head to me “that’s why I’m here. I need to warn you. Keep your mouth shut, act like you don’t know anything. I heard that she will arrives here anytime soon” he look down, dropping his cigar and stomping on it.

I still processing everything inside my head but his last words caught me of guard “wait, didn’t you said that they will send her to London tomorrow? Then why is she coming here?” I asked him, he leaned his back on the bench “well, that was their original plan. Not until the princess herself dropped to her knees, begging to her family elders to finish her study in this Uni. She even made an agreement with her father. She gave everything she have, even the rest of her life so just she can get the only thing she desires the most now” I looked down and sigh deeply as I pinch the bridge of my nose “what is it?” I start to get a headache with this madness. As if it is not enough, he drop the bomb “you. It’s you. Her only friend” he said lightly and I shot my head back at him in disbelief. As if he can read my mind “no, you’re hearing it right. It is really you. But Mark...” he pause for a second, now he is looking at me with a very serious expression “I’ve been wondering, are you really her friend? Really just a friend? Because seems like it’s more than that since what she did really amazed me” he said that with an amused expression. This bastard..... Can you see that? He just shows his true colors. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce my Older Brother, Tyrone Lee. He is an asshole.



Going Home.....

Ryu’s POV...

Hai, my name is Ramona Kwon, but you can call me Ryu. My Mom said the night before I was born, she had a dream about meeting a dragon, that’s why she choose Ryu as my nickname. Weird right? I know.

This is Mark Lee and he is my bestfriend in the Uni. He really is a very bright boy, just like his smile. How we met? On the very first day in the Uni we have a same class. That time he came a bit late and rushing to the sit right next to me after the Professor scolded him.


To begin with, I’m an introvert and have no any friend in the Uni. Not a single one. But there he was, sitting right beside me and mumbling to himself “Wow! That was a hella long lecture and it’s not even about the English study. I wonder what would he talk about later since he really talked nonstop about students being late. I’m just late about three minutes jeeezzzz” he said in annoyance.

I glanced at him and his face looks funny. Without even realizing, I giggled at him. He turned his head and asked “What’s so funny?” his eyebrows lift a bit. I’m start to panicking and rumbling my apologies “Uuuhhh... I’m sorry... Ummhh... I—I didn’t mean to” I stuttered my words because I’m afraid he will get mad and bully me later.

Surprisingly, he chuckled at me and he said “Ahahahaha no, it’s fine. It’s my fault in the first place since I came late” then he smile at me. I got really confused with his response and smile awkwardly after “Umm... Okay, sorry again” I said to him. After he heard that, he answer “Nah, it’s fine” and he wave his hand a little at me. We stop talking because the class has begun and the Professor have told us no talking in his class or he will kick you out.

The class just finished and the Professor just left minutes ago and here I’m with my old habit, waiting for other people to leave the class until I’m the only person left. All of sudden there’s a hand stretched out in front of me. I’m looking at the hand and up to the owner face with confusion, after that he said “Hey, you’re not leaving? My name is Mark Lee by the way, you can call me Mark” then he smiled.

The introvert in me jumps out, I think he noticed it and start laughing at my expression, he said “Are you an introvert? You seems a bit panicking. You’re not scary of me, right? Don’t be scared, I won’t bite haha” he is still laughing. My stuttering words comes out again “Umm... yes I— uhh... I’m an introvert” after saying that I really want to slap my face because I sounds stupid.

He stop laughing “Are you really gonna ignore my hand? It’s getting awkward tho” he said that while rubbing the back of his neck with his other hand. Still in a panick state I grab his hand and talking really fast at him “MynameisRamonaKwon,butyoucancallmeRyu.NicetoknowyouMark” I said that while shaking his hand a bit fast too.

Mark being the brightest boy that he is, start to laugh again “Hi Ryu, it’s nice to know you too. I don’t know you can rap. Btw, when are we gonna stop shaking hand? haha” after that I stopped shaking his hand and pull my hand away still confused with what is actually happening.

He smile at me and his next words really confused me even more “Are we friends now?” still smiling, waiting for my answer. I turn my head down and playing with my fingers “You are not lying, right? You said you want to be my friend but you’re not gonna bully me in front of your friends or something later, right? You know, people did that to me in high school” I said that in a very small tone, but he still can hear it. He looks shocked with my reply “What?! Of course not! You got bullied because you’re an introvert before?” he raise his tone a bit because he got surprised.

After hearing his reply I slapped my lips impulsively because of my stupid words. When he saw that, he pulled my hand from my lips “Hey, don’t do that. It’s okay you asked that because you have a trauma. So it’s true that you got bullied before?” he asked while letting go of my hand.

I let go a sigh “Yeah, I got bullied in high school and I have no friend. That’s why I’m afraid and said that. Sorry...” I said, not realizing I shared one of my secrets to other people except my family. His response is “hey, no need to apologize. I totally understand what you are feeling Ryu. Now raise your head please, I want to see my new friend’s face” then patting my hand.

I raise my head slowly in hesitant and what I see is his smiling face. As he watched what I’m doing, he said “Well, hello there Ryu. I’m so glad you accepted me as your friend. Please don’t be afraid of me, I won’t hurt you” then he showed me his smile again. I gave him a smile too “Hi there Mark, thankyou because you want to be my first friend. Please don’t hurt me since I have trust you” I told him. He really has a power to made me trust him in our first met.

End of Flashback...

After that, we got really close and we became best friends. It’s our last year in the Uni and I’m afraid what will happen with our friendship after we graduate. He told me he will follow me anywhere I go after we graduate but for me it’s just sounds wrong. I want our friendship last forever but I do realize that we have our own lives.

One day he got really mad at me after I told him about a girl who just confessed her feeling to him. I asked him why he didn’t accept her feeling and become her boyfriend. I have told him a lot of time that he can’t be with me forever. Turns out my words offended him. It’s the very first time he got that mad and called me with my real name, he said “Just stop it Ramona! If we gonna argue about this again, I’m done talking! We’ve been talked about this before and I have told you that I don’t need a girlfriend since I have you. I don’t like that girl too, I don’t even know who she is. So stop talking about this nonsense!” after that, he left me. I’ve got really shocked that day.

***** Ryu’s POV...

Since I don’t have anymore classes and got bored in my dorm because the only thing left for me as student in the Uni is gradation day in a few months, now here I’m sitting in this studio dance, waiting for him to finish his daily practice. Yes, he’s a performer. This boy is really talented. He can dance, he can play music instruments such as guitar and piano, he can sing and rap too. Sometimes I wonder why he chose Psychology as his major instead of Performer Art.

They got a break for 10 minutes and he walk toward me. He put his head on my lap and lay down beside me. I put his towels on his face “wipe your sweat” I said that lazily and start reading my book again. He pull the towel away from his face and start screaming “Why are you ignoring me baby?” after hearing that, I close my book “Sit down! And how many time I told you to stop calling me that?” I answered him. He sit in front of me and I start wiping his face in annoyance. Yup, he has been calling me that since the second year and people start to misunderstand our relationship.

Screaming again “but you’re my babyyyyyyy” he start to nag. I glare at him “keep nagging and I’ll leave you. Your friends are looking at us” I slap his hand lightly. “Fine!” he pout at me. I just sigh at his acts, he is just unbelievable. Then from across the room someone yell at us “hey lovebirds! Please continue that later. We need to finish our choreography here” that is his friend, Lucas, I think. His friends have been calling us that and this pouting boy in front of me never try to correct them or do anything about that. He turn his head to him “Okay, coming!” he told his friend and turn his head back to me “Stay here! Don’t go anywhere. See you later baby” he said in a serious tone, pat my head lightly, then run to his friends. I just shake my head at his antics.

His dance practice has been finished thirty minutes ago but here we are, still in the dance studio. It’s his habit, he will do the choreography, record what he is doing and review them. He will do that until he feels satisfy. I walk toward him, take a sit right in front of him and handed him his water bottle. I wipe the sweat on his face, his eyes glued to his phone, watching his moves before. He frowned as I can see that he saw something wrong with the way he moves. I sigh as I got worried “Take a break please. You’ve been doing this for thirty minutes already” I pull his phone away and he raise his head, looking back at me.

He drink his water, eyes still looking at me. I just watching him as our eyes locked. The competition is in three weeks and I can see that they got a lot of problems with the choreography. He looks so restless, it’s worry me a lot. As he finish his drink, I start to caressing his hair “you need to cut your hair, it’s getting messy since it’s got too long” he just humming as a respond and close his eyes, enjoying what I’m doing with his hair.

Still caressing his hair, I told him “I know you’re tired and it’s stress you out because the choreography is really hard this time but please take a break. You’re doing amazing, don’t push yourself too much. I got really worried here” he opened his eyes then he pull my hand away from his hair and put it on his cheek instead. He sigh and answer “Okay, I’m sorry baby” he kiss my palm and put my hand back on his cheek, closing his eyes again.

What he has been doing is really confused me sometimes. He act like this and he got really possessive too. He sweet talking to me and treat me like a queen. He really put me in his top priority. Because of that I fall for him, really hard. I’m in love with him but I don’t know about his feelings. I’m afraid if I confess to him, I’ll be ruin our friendship if he didn’t feel the same way. That’s why I keep my feelings towards him to myself.

I try to pull my hand and his grip on my wrist tightened a bit. I just let him do what he want “Hey Mel” I called and he opened his eyes. He really love when I call him that. He told me only special people can call him that and I’m a bit fluttered when he asked me to call him Mel. Even he won’t allow his father and brother to call him that. It’s his mom who gave him that special nickname when he is still a baby.

Again, I call him “Mel?” he is looking intently at me “what is it baby?” he pulled my hand from his cheek and caressing the back of my hand this time. I smile as crazy idea pop up in my head “can you make me dance again?” I told him, I laugh at his confused expression after he heard that. He arc his eyebrows “did I hear it right?” I laugh again “I know my body is as stiff as a maple tree in front of the Uni right now, but you knew that I used to learned ballet before my father ordered me to stop. So can you make me dance again?” then he laugh at what I just said. Still chuckling, he ask “I know, but are you sure about this baby?” I put my finger on my chin “hmm... not really but I wanna try” he smile at my reply “alright if that what you want” he said and I smile back at him.

***** Ryu’s POV...

We are having fun as he teach me some moves, we are laughing a lot “hahahaha are you sure you learned ballet before baby?” he teased me. I put my hands over my chest and shot my protest at him “hey! are you doubting me?” I puff my mouth. He laugh again “I’m just kidding baby. Why are you so cute?” he said that as he squeeze my cheeks.

As time pass, I can feel my flexibility coming back even if it’s a bit hurt in a few part of my body. We learn some couple dance moves, he put his hands on my waist “jump!” he said. I jump and he lift my body and I straight an Arabesque pose. After a few second he put me down “well, I can see you still got that in you babe” he told me, his both hands still on my waist. I look at him “now you talk” I said then I smirk at him.

We take a break as now my T-shirt drenched because of my sweat. We are laying on the floor next to each other. I turn my head toward him, looking at his face, his eyes close. His chest moves up and down, catching some air “thankyou for making me feel beautiful again Mel” he opened his eyes, turn his head to me, his expression looks serious “what are you talking about? You always look beautiful babe” he raise his hand an caressing my hair softly. I smile at him “I know” then he chuckle at my reply.

***** The Competition Day...

Ryu’s POV...

Today is the day, the Dance Competition that Mark and his friends have been waiting for. I watched their performance and as always, they really are amazing dancers. They won the first place and got a fast track ticket to the Nation’s Dance Competition. I’m really proud of them.

I’m on the way to the backstage now, carrying a bouquet of flowers. I knock on the door, open it slightly and take a peek. Mark saw me and open the door wider “baby, you come” he hug me, lift me from the ground and spin us around. We laugh together and he put me back to my feet. I gave him the bouquet “congratulations Mel, I’m so proud of you” he accepted the bouquet with his right hand while his left hand remain on the side of my waist.

He smile, looking at the bouquet then looking back at me “thankyou baby. Now where’s my kiss?” what he just said really surprise me. I hit his shoulder “stop joking like that! Your friends are here” he just laugh. After that “then, you want to kiss me when we are alone?” he whispered to my ear, his eyebrows moving up and down. I’m glaring at him “YAH!!!” I hit him again.

As Mark can stop laughing at my annoyed face, his friend Lucas, (now I really remember him because he is the tallest in their group and the closest one to Mark) walking toward us “okay lovebirds, that’s enough. We should get going, the party will start soon” he stopped in front us. Lucas point his finger at me “you should join us too, Ramona. We are celebrating our victory in the Diamond Sky, that very famous club. You know that, right?” he put his hands inside his jeans pocket and smile at me.

Mark and I looking back to each other “yeah you should join us too baby. It will be fun” he plea. But I shake my head “you know that I hate those kind of places right? You guys can go without me” I assure him. He let go a sigh, he know no matter what happen, I will never go to that place.

***** Ryu’s POV...

He pulled over his car in front of the dorm of our Uni. I removed the seatbelt then turned at him when I feel he hold my left hand. I’m looking at him with a question look “are you sure you don’t want to join me baby? Just this one time, hmm?” he give me a puppy look. I chuckle and caressing his cheek with my right hand “it’s a no Mel. I’m sorry okay?” I gave him an apologetic smile, hopping he will understand. He put his other hand over my hand that still on his cheek “but—” I shake my head fast, cutting him off. He sigh and gave up.

I pulled my hand from his cheek and holding back his hand instead. Thinking how to make up to him, until I said “how about the kiss? You want a kiss from me as a present since you won right?” then his expression lighten “are you sure?” he asked. There’s an excitement in his tone. I chuckle as I look at him. Without hesitant, I gave him a peck on his right cheek. I pulled my face away, looking back at him “there. That’s your present from me” he looks really shock. He even lost his words and just blinking his eyes at me.

Since he still in his shock state, I talk again “you should go now, your friends must be waiting for you now. Thankyou for dropping me off. Don’t forget to text me when you’re already back to your dorm” I let go of my hands from his hands and turn around. I open the car door when I’m about to get out of the car, I turn my body again at him, give him another peck on his left cheek this time, get out of the car, slammed the door, and runaway from his car. I laugh as I can hear his scream since the windows of his car are opened “YAH RAMONA KWOOOOONNNN!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MEEEEEEEE?????!!!!!!” I turn back to see his car and I can see him hitting his head to the steering wheel. I laugh again.

***** Ryu’s POV...

It’s almost 11pm and I got a phone call from father. Every time his name showed up on my phone screen, there will never be something good going to happen. I pick up “hello father?” and he answer “Ramona, you need to go home now! I need you to take a place in our company as soon as possible. I can’t handle them myself alone now. The Jet will be waiting for you at the airport. I’ll send someone to pick you up, you hear me?” see? My father and his order for every moves I make in my life. I hesitantly answer him “yes father, but can I go to the airport by myself? My friend will take me there” then he answer again “fine! But you need to go, now!” then he hang up without waiting for my answer.

After that call, I have been trying to call Mark, but he didn’t answer. After a few times, finally he picked up. But the only thing I can hear is a booming sound of music, not his voice “Mel, Mel can you hear me? Can you take me to the airport now? I need to go home now. My father just called and he order me to go home. I need to go now. Mel? Please, can you hear me?” I scream to the phone. Then it’s start to become quiet, I call again “Mel, can you hear me?” to my relief I hear his voice this time “Hey Ramona, I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you before. What is it?” I got confused by his answer and pulled my phone away from my ear, checking if I dialed the right number. It is his number.

Thinking maybe he’s a bit drunk right now, I asked again “hey Mel, can you—“ my voice got cut off when I hear a woman’s voice over the phone “Mark, hung up the phone already. You said you want to take me somewhere private so we can having fun” I hold my breath when I hear his response “okay baby, wait a second. Hey Ramona, I have to go now, I’ll call you later” then he hang up. My phone still pressing against my ear “what did happen to him? He just got really excited when I kiss him a few hours a go” I talked to myself in disbelief. I lost my energy in my body, my hands drop to my side, hanging there limply.

As I’m still in shock state, I jump in surprised when my phone rings again, this time is my mom calling “hello, Ryu? Just pack the important things for now and someone will get the rest later. You don’t need to go back to the Uni after this since you actually have finished your study. The only thing left is just your graduation day next month right? We have to skip that, it doesn’t matter. Just go home now before your father get mad” I take a deep breath before answer her “okay mom. Can you order someone to pick me up? My friend can’t take me to the airport” I can hear her sigh of relief “Okay, I will send someone. Just wait a minute okay?” I just humming to her before I hang up the phone.

In a few hours, my life turn upside down. After four years of my quiet life as a student, far from my heartless father and his demanding order, now it has come to an end. It’s getting worst after my call with Mark. I just don’t understand what actually happened to my best friend. When he dropped me off and I kissed him, he act like a teenager who just got a text from their crushes. But just now, he act like we just known each other for a few days a go. He even called me Ramona, not Ryu nor baby as usual.

After a few minutes, I got a message from my mom, saying that the driver has arrived. I try to call Mark again, but this time it’s send straight to voicemail. I decided to just left him a message then I hang up.

After sending my voicemail to Mark, I’m crying loudly while hugging my knees. I don’t want to leave, I want to stay here, I want to stay beside him but this is my fate. I will never ever have my own life. My life has been written by my father even before I was born. These four years living as student in the Uni is just an agreement between me and my father. And now my father asked for his payment from me. I really can’t do anything.

***** Ryu’s POV...

I’m on my way to the airport now and it’s start raining really hard. The rain really reduces the visibility and the drivers slowed the car. There are only a few cars on the road since it’s midnight already. We stop at the traffic light for a few minutes. After the light turn green, the car start moving again but the driver didn’t see a truck came from our right side, it came really fast.

***** Next Morning.....

Author’s POV.....

Mark’s sleep have been interrupted by the sounds of his phone. His hand going anywhere on his bedside table. When he found his phone, he take a pick to see who have been calling him for nth times. He check the time, and it's still six in the morning. A curse slip out of his mouth when he saw Lucas’s name on the screen. He picked up “you bastard! do you know what time is it?! Our plan will be start at 10am! Are you out of your mind?!” he said that even before Lucas greet him. To his surprise, Lucas scream back at him “YAH MARK LEE WAKE UP!!! I HAVE BEEN CALLING YOU FOR A HUNDRED TIMES!!! AND IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR STUPID PLAN!!! TURN ON THE TV NOW, YOU HAVE TO SEE THE NEWS!!! NOW!!!” Mark pulled his phone away from his ear and put it back after Lucas stop screaming. He scream back “YAH LUCAS WONG!!! DID YOU HAVE TO SCREAM LIKE THAT?! I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GONNA KILL YOU IF THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT!!! YOU BASTARD YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR THIS!!!” without any pause between them, Lucas scream back “JUST TURN ON THE FCKING TV NOW!!! IT’S ABOUT RAMONA YOU ASSHOLE!!!!” after hearing that, Mark open his eyes widely and raise his body to a sitting position. His phone still glued to his ear, while his other hand fumbling with the remote control, trying to turn on the TV.

After switching a few channels, he found the one that Lucas has been talking about. The only voice came out from his mouth is just “what.....????? How......?????” and after hearing that, Lucas talk from across the phone “I’m on my way to your dorm mate. Please don’t do anything stupid. Wait for me” then he hung up.

Mark still couldn’t believe what he just seen on the TV. He tried to call Ramona a few times but to no avail. He tried a few times more until he realize he got a voicemail from her. With a swift movement he open it and press his phone to his ear.

“Hey Mel, I don’t know what happen to you. I’m still wondering why you call me Ramona so suddenly. Did I make a mistake? Did you mad at me? Who is she? Is she your girlfriend? Did my best friend finally got himself a girlfriend? Please tell me everything later, okay? I called you before because I need you to take me to the airport but you seems busy right now. I—yah...” Mark can hear her took a deep breath before continuing “I even didn’t have a time to pack my things and clean up my room. I’m really sorry because I have to say this over a voicemail. Mel, I need to go home now and I’m not coming back to the Uni. I’m not coming back here. Mel... hiks... I’m sorry, I’m really sorry... hiks...” and now he can hear her cry “no baby, no. Please tell me it’s just a lie! Please tell me you just want to prank me like what I did to you last night, right?” Mark stop talking as he can hear her continue “Mel... thankyou for everything, thankyou because you want to be my best friend. Actually Mel, there’s something I want to tell you. It’s my biggest secret... Mel, I love you, I love you so much Mark Lee. I really do...” he answer her word really fast, his voice raise a bit. It’s almost like a scream “I LOVE YOU TOO BABY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO! NO PLEAEE NO! PLEASE NO BABY! NO!” there’s a long pause there before her next words make him feels like his whole body got struck by a lightning “I’m Sorry and goodbye Mel....” Mark lost his breath as he can feel his world’s crumble with Ryu’s final words “Mel, I’m Going Home......” That morning, Mark just lost his other half.


Author POV...

BREAKING NEWS: Ramona Kwon, the only child of Gideon Kwon and the only heir of the Kwon Industries, one of the biggest and the most influential company in the business world has passed away. The car that she was riding on with her driver got hit by a truck last night.


Author’s POV...

Ryu is sitting inside the car, on the way to the airport. Her eyes is in a daze, looking at the rain outside the window. The car stopped in a traffic light. When the light turn green, the car start to moving again. Unfortunately the driver didn’t see the truck coming to their way from the right. But Ryu seen that, she saw that truck coming toward her really fast. And that right moments she realizes the time has come.

God answer her misery as she got really tired with what her father has been doing. Her father want her to Going Home but she didn’t want to. God want her to Going Home and she willingly letting Him to take her away. She mumble to herself “thankyou for the wonderful memories, I love You Mel. I’m sorry, Goodbye.....” and she smile as the truck hit the car right at her side. The truck hit the car really hard and it flipped a few times before it stopped in an upside down position. That night Ramona really Going Home and she will never come back.