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A message from Matt Baer:

Before I created Write.as in 2015, I kept my writing spread out across note­books and text files in strangely-named folders on my computer. When I came across old entries, it was usually by accident, when one of those weird folder names would beg me to look inside. I'd open an old entry, forgetting what I was search­ing for in the first place, and maybe see "Last modification: December 2012".

I always like looking back on what I've written — sometimes as a reminder of a thought I had; other times to feel the difference that time makes. Overall, I can always see that life never stops changing, even when it pretends to stand still.

Now Write.as has become the place I leave most of my thoughts. Some are public on write.as/matt while others are in private notebooks here. I can still find my early posts on the platform, before we even offered the concept of a "blog."

February 2nd marks five years since the name "Write.as" really meant anything — the day in 2015 I shared the website with some strangers on the internet. In many ways it's stayed the same over the years, but also changed — just like me, just like the people who write here.

We wanted to do something special for everyone to celebrate this anniversary, so we created the 5-Year Pro Plan — taking a cue from other longevity-focused services on the web. It gives you everything we offer in Pro, both today and to­mor­row, at a price you only need to pay once every five years.

Write.as wasn't built to be a temporary place that's here today and gone tomorrow. Instead it's a dependable home for your thoughts over time, as you go through periods of writ­ing, think­ing, and just liv­ing. To be sure of that, it's built on free software and a sus­tain­able business model, funded by the same people that use it every day.

Now with our 5-Year Plan, you get an unchanging place to write and share your thoughts over the years, as other parts of your life go on changing. Ultimately, we hope that this will help you settle in here, write when you need to, and simply live when you don't — without worrying about a sub­scrip­tion.

5-Year Pricing


per month, billed every 5 years — $180 total

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  • Everything in Pro
  • Seven additional blogs (10 total)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts?

Since our 5-Year Plan is already offered at a discount, we don't offer any additional discounts on it.

However, if you're a student or teacher, part of a non-profit or open source project, or otherwise need help covering the cost of Write.as, please reach out to us about a discount on our normal yearly plan.

Will you remind me before this renews?

Yes! Just like with our yearly Pro plan, we'll remind you before you're charged again, using the email address on your account.

Will the charge be prorated if I switch from Pro monthly or yearly?

No, the charge won't be prorated. However, the 5-year period will be added on to the end of your existing subscription.

For example, if you switch to the 5-year plan in February, but your subscription doesn't normally renew until December, your subscription will now extend to December 2025.