Write.as is the easiest way to share your writing on the web.

Create a journal, newsletter, space for your thoughts. Reach people with your ideas, and form new connections. Keep loved ones in the loop, free from social media. Write.as is a simple, modern, and ad-free web pub­lish­ing platform.

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No distractions

The editor only gives you what you need to write, and auto­ma­ti­cally saves while you type.

Start a minimal blog

No comments, spam, likes, or dis­trac­tions — just your words in your own digital space.

Privacy by default

We don't collect your personal data, so you can write freely. Publish anonymously or under any name you choose.

A Permanent Writing Space

Give your writing the digital home it deserves, on your own domain, on a service that will still be with you tomorrow.

Read about longevity.

A Community Pro

Share with a community of writers on Read Write.as, our dedicated reading space.

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Effortless Newsletters Pro

Publish to readers' inboxes, making it easy for read­ers to always see your latest updates.

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Custom Themes Pro

Get full creative control over the look and feel of your blog. Start with a community-made theme, or build your own from scratch.

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Tell Visual Stories Pro

Our photo-hosting platform, Snap.as, is included with a subscription — the perfect complement to your words on Write.as.

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Write.as Pro includes everything we offer on the platform, plus perks like early access to new features and our friendly human support.

$ 6

per month, billed annually — or $9 month-to-month.

Get Started

  • Open distribution

    Reach readers using open web technologies: browser, RSS, and ActivityPub.

  • Custom domains Pro

    Brand your site with your own domain name.

  • Three or more blogs Pro

    Publish to multiple lightweight blogs / identities under a single account.

  • Custom themes Pro

    Make your writing space fit your personality, starting from scratch or from our showcase of themes.

  • Privacy settings Pro

    Join our community on Read Write.as, password-protect your blogs, or keep them completely private.

  • Format control Pro

    Design your site as a novel, notebook, or in the classic blog format.

  • Newsletters Pro

    Start a newsletter people can read from their inbox.

  • Static pages Pro

    Add permanent pages to your site.

  • Photo hosting Pro

    Add visuals to your words with simple, integrated photo hosting from Snap.as.

  • More publishing options Pro

    Publish via email or our command-line app, and get a discount on our desktop app.

  • Discounts for longer subscriptions

    Get a discount for subscribing for one or five years at a time.

  • Team support Pro

    Reach our friendly team of humans via email during business hours.


Write.as is the perfect long-term home for your writing. Over five-plus years in business, we've given hundreds of thousands of writers a place to share their work on the open web — and we're just getting started. We're ultimately building a suite of web publishing tools, starting with Write.as.

After launching in 2015, we're still 100% owned and operated by our founder, Matt Baer, who has no interest in making an "exit." We're in this for the long-haul, driven by principles like privacy by default, and the hope to build a software company that looks out for its users.

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