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Top features:

  • Core publishing
  • 3 cross-posts
  • Publish anonymously
  • branding
  • No ads ever

Top features:

  • Built-in audience
  • Photo hosting
  • Email subscriptions
  • Custom themes
  • Static pages

Create a calm space for your words in seconds. Write as much or as little as you want.

Build a permanent home for your writing with a custom domain and features to keep your readers up-to-date.

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Basic Features
Base blogs / identities 1 3
Monthly Views Unlimited Unlimited
Markdown and MathJax support
RSS feed
Add extra blogs (paid)
Custom domain support (with SSL) ×
Static pages ×
Password-protected blogs ×
Private blogs (your eyes only) ×
Customize blog design with CSS and Javascript ×
Photo hosting with ×
Early access to new features ×
Reach an Audience
Publish to the fediverse
Monthly cross-posts to Ghost, Twitter and Tumblr 3 Unlimited
Readers can subscribe via email ×
Publish to Read ×
Privacy-respecting analytics ×
Community support
Domain name setup help ×
Email support on weekdays ×
Priority support × ×
Open developer API
Discount on our desktop apps None 40% off
Publish via command-line ×
Publish via email ×
Things to Feel Good About
Enabling privacy for writers around the world ×
Funding open source software ×
Start for Free Start with Pro

Included in all plans

Privacy & security

We're built around keeping your identity confidential and your creative work safe. We protect you so you can focus on writing.

Automatic improvements

There's no software to update or servers to run. gets better while you sleep, and we handle the basic maintenance for you.


We care more about stability and leaving things where you last found them over big, radical changes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay any other way?

Yes. We accept PayPal and cryptocurrencies if you email us. Let us know if you'd prefer to pay another way.

Do you sell domains?

No, but we can recommend our affiliate, iwantmyname, for registering a domain and easily connecting it to your blog.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Certain features will be disabled, such as any custom design or custom domains. However, your writing will remain online and you'll still be able to publish to your first / main blog.