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When can I post to my blog from Chrome OS and the mobile apps?

We released Write.as 2.0 on the web at the beginning of June 2016. Next we'll update the Android and Chrome OS apps, followed by iOS and the CLI. We hope to have all our apps up to date by early 2017.

Where do my posts go?

When you publish a post, it gets added to write.as, where you can easily share it. Each post has a unique URL (like write.as/p2ss6e79etmvh) which only you have access to until you share it with someone else.

How do I share a post?

Once you publish a post, you'll find a Share button in the app that will let you share the unique URL of the post you've just published. You can also view the post online by pressing this button and View in Safari on iOS, or pressing the "more" (⋮) menu button and Open in Browser on Android and Chrome OS.

What does unpublishing do?

Unpublishing a post removes a previously published post from the web. This is especially useful for taking down a post you no longer want to share, but don't want to delete completely.

How do I set up a custom domain for my blog?

First create an account and choose a Pro plan.

Create a DNS record for your domain based on the type of domain you're using (this is usually done through your domain registrar):

Domain Record type Value / Data
Top level (e.g. example.com) A-record
Top level (optional) AAAA-record 2001:4800:7810:512:500b:b07c:ff05:8178
Subdomain (e.g. blog.example.com) CNAME me.writeas.com

Back on Write.as:

Go to your Blogs page, press Customize on the blog you want to add a custom domain to, and select the "Custom Domain" option. Enter your domain name (e.g. example.com or blog.example.com) and press the save button.

It may take a little while for the DNS changes to update, so if your site isn't showing up right away, check again in a bit. You might also see a delay in your SSL certificate generating. When its ready, your site will automatically start redirecting to its secure version. Still having trouble? We're happy to help.

Do you support text formatting?

We support Markdown for formatting your blog posts, as well as HTML for advanced users. Markdown is a simple formatting syntax for writers that doesn't take long to learn. Read more about it on our writing guide.


How do I subscribe?

Once you've created an account, navigate to the Subscription page from the dropdown at the top of any admin page (like Posts or Blogs). Here you can choose a plan and instantly upgrade your account.

Can I pay another way?

We also accept checks and money orders for Write.as subscriptions. Send payment to the following address, making sure to include your username and desired plan (Pro):

Post Office Box 40963
Jacksonville, FL 32203
United States

You can also include payment for multiple years of your subscription if you like, and we'll reflect it on your account. If you'd like to get upgraded faster, email us your username and desired plan and we'll upgrade you right away.


How secure is this?

All of your data is sent to the Write.as servers encrypted, which prevents anyone from eavesdropping on what you post. Any password you add, such as for your account or blog, is hashed using bcrypt. The only personally identifying information you can potentially give us—your email address—is AES-encrypted at rest.

Is this really anonymous?

By default, yes. We only keep logs for a few days, and you don't need to sign up to publish on Write.as.

For added anonymity over the network, you can use our Tor hidden service at writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion (requires Tor browser). It is currently supported by our Android app (by enabling the Always use Tor setting) and command-line client (using the --tor flag).


What are your policies on content ownership?

You retain ownership of any content you post to Write.as. By posting on Write.as, you simply license us to distribute the content around the world, that is, make it available on the internet. You will always control who your content is shared with, as only you know the unique URLs of your posts. Unlike many other services, your posts are unlisted by default, and we have no plans to change this.

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