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Want more control over how your links show up on social media? Now Pro users can upload a custom image that will show on sites like Mastodon, Twitter/X, and more when someone shares a link to your blog or any post. Just head to your blog’s Customize page to get started!

Now you can turn off Federation for your Public blogs! People have asked about this for a while now, and especially as the fediverse has continued to grow, we think it’s even more important for everyone to have control over how and where their writing reaches people. To disable federation for your Public blog, just uncheck the option from your blog’s Customize page.

Happy New Year 2024! To start the year off, we’ve just added support for importing Markdown posts into your Write.as blogs. To get started, select “Import posts” from your user dropdown menu.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon, as we add support for other platforms like WordPress and Substack.

Happy Friday! Now you can verify your fediverse / Mastodon / open web website without adding a link to your blog description 😌

Just head to your blog's Customize page, and enter the URL you want to verify. If you’re on Mastodon, simply add a link back to your Write.as blog and it’ll show up as verified! It works by adding a rel="me" link in the <head> section of your blog.

Screenshot of the Verification setting, which says: "Verify that you own another site on the open web, fediverse, etc. For example, enter your Mastodon profile address here, then on Mastodon add a link back to this blog — it will show up as verified there."

(Thanks to @rmasoni@mastodon.social for inspiring this!)


#fediverse #verification #updates #writeas

There was an issue with loading past posts and editing their metadata, especially when the posts only had a title (no body). That's fixed now!

We fixed an issue with image alt text, where certain characters would cause the entire alt text to not show up for readers. Now you shouldn't have any trouble writing great image descriptions to make your blogs more accessible.

Made a bunch of improvements to our alternative blog interface, Tiny.Write.as!

  • Fixed paging! Now those “Older” and “Newer” links will give you consistent results, 20 posts at a time
  • Fixed blog descriptions — previously, you might see some plain HTML on blog posts and the Blogroll
  • Fixed fediverse mentions — now clicking them on a Tiny blog will work correctly

Your blog's browser icon will now show up in the fediverse!

Screenshot of the @micromatt blog as show on Mastodon, with the browser icon as the blog's avatar

To make sure it looks nice, you’ll want to re-upload a high-resolution icon for your blog. Just note that the icon might not show up right away on other #fediverse platforms like Mastodon if you’re already following your blog. New followers should see it just fine, though.

We now support Vimeo embeds! Just drop the link into your post to have it automatically embed the video.

Just fixed an issue with eBook downloads — if you were unable to download yours before, you should be able to now!

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