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Jumping on the bandwagon

Here at, we're never one to get left behind on a hype cycle — whether it's world-altering tech like Facebook Messenger chatbots, cryptocurrency, or web3. That's why this April Fools' Day, we're jumping on the Artificial Intelligence train with our very own AI-powered writing assistant. Choo choo, baby!

Don't think, just generate

Sometimes you want to write, but that silly little brain of yours just has nothing coherent in there. Fret not — with our new AI writing "assistant," you no longer have to worry about having thoughts, feelings, or important ideas you want to share. Instead, just generate!

That's right! AI, which I'll call "Billy" I guess, is a super-intelligent computer program capable of creating entirely new language from everything you've written and then foisting it upon the world, whether it likes it or not.

How it works

Enter our AI studio ( account required), where all the magic happens. Here, you'll choose a blog of yours to send to "Billy" so he can generate something new from it. Then, you'll choose the personality of the writing he produces — hinged or unhinged — to determine how "creative" Bobby gets.

Screenshot of the AI chatbot, with 'Model' dropdown to select your blog and 'Personality' radio buttons.

Click Generate and Billy will get to work, poring over your every word and coming up with something entirely original and uh very... unique.

Then he'll send the result to you — this ice-cold word soup of probabilistic calculation — where you'll be able to read it in its full, poorly-formed HTML glory. Or you can view the underlying Markdown, and share this monstrosity with the wider world right here on


Our founder and CEO, Matt, sat down with Billy and asked him to write a new post. Using Matt's own blog to train Benny's beautiful computer mind, the robot man had this to say:

Now my mental adventure. The scope limited as the absurdity of was just can't wait until it to change the financial commitment one that we don't have parts of interaction on was young, just need a percentage of WriteFreely, we need true Web 3.0 defaults to my blog posts in society, in a mind that I’ve had the street vendors, and the product or worse, as shown by myself, who’s built Web-sites and add team will be said they could be the is created on the code to change that cultivate social introduction, no matter how to enable a friendly man telling me every one loses the engine is operating the image metadata means the digital tool like low-priority notifications that is a view on the 2.0 update our digital text-based tools like our quiet, instead.

He cut and pasted it here. Now we all have to suffer through it.

But clearly this is a totally novel step for the English language! This gobbledygook represents the dawning age of Automatronic Intelligence. It is at once an insight into the computer mind, and a bewildering display of meaninglessness our feeble human brains can only hope to one day understand.

Disruptive, but safe — with your consent

Our AI Billy respects you and your wishes. That's why he doesn't train on all the intellectual property you've published on the internet without you agreeing to it — unlike all those big tech AIs. Here, you can only ask him to generate content from your own blog, and he's glad for that.

Open AI

As a responsible band of programmers, we've decided to make our AI open source from day one. You can find the underlying source code in our new project, ChatFreely — compatible with all WriteFreely blogs and communities. There, you can learn about Brian's beautiful brain and how it all works.

“a friendly man telling me every one loses the engine is operating the image metadata”

– AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AI intelligent?

Well, yeah, of course. We know because we give it human words and it returns them in a different order — a clear sign of sentience.

Is the AI happy?

Sure kid, why not.

Is any of this serious?

No, lol. See if this thing comes up with anything funny. Stay skeptical of AI hype. Write on.

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