“The meaning of life is to give life meaning” Viktor Frankl

Learning To Be a Mentor of Your Self

Are you someone who requires constant motivation and support from the people around you? Do you read or watch motivational videos quite often? Do you think that you lack that inner drive that should push you to work? Well, then you are at the right place.

It is relatively easy to get the motivation for a day or two. However, you have to be a mentor of your own to keep up that motivation forever. The present text will provide you with some tips to help you follow a path where you can mentor yourself.

If you learn to be a mentor of your own, you will see and observe a lot of advantages. There will be a constant driving force that will help you work well and work consistently. Therefore, let us proceed and know about the essential practices to be a mentor of our self. You are going to see a lot of changes after that.

Know-How to Be a Mentor of Your Self with These Steps

The following are some of the steps that you should follow consistently. Also, try to teach these practices daily in your lifestyle to be a better version of yourself. Hence, let us proceed ahead and know all those steps that can change our life positively to no small extent.

Reading Books Daily

Books are man’s best friends. Yes, this statement is true. The amount of knowledge that you can learn from books is tremendous. There is no other better source than books to provide you with ample experience and learning. You must develop a habit of reading books daily and enhancing your knowledge. It will ensure that you get more positive thoughts daily and include them in your daily life. Books are the source of educating ourselves to be a better version of ourselves each day.

Therefore, the primary step that you must follow is to read more and more daily. If you are reading everyday and learning something new daily, you will be a better and knowledgeable person at the end of the year. Hence, reading at a constant pace is the first step of mentoring yourself.


Exercising is an essential element of self-motivation and keeping a check on you. The decision and step of getting out of your comfort zone and making small efforts will result in a drastic change at some point. Hence, another important aspect is that you must keep a rule to exercise daily of any kind. Therefore, learn to work out daily and develop a constant habit that will push you to break your limits.

Keeping a Check on Habits

Never ignore your habits. Always keep a check on your habits. Yes, this statement is true. You are the product of the activities that you do daily. Therefore, you must note what your habits are. It would be best if you considered that you should quit all the practices that may stop you from achieving your aim. Therefore, if you start tracking your habits, you can mentor yourself properly.

Maintaining a To-Do List

A to-do list is essential when we are on the goal of achieving something. A planned day is far more productive and better than an unplanned one. Hence, if you want to mentor yourself, keep a note of what activities you will do daily. It will help you to develop a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of the day. Moreover, you can stay focused on the tasks that you are going to do daily.

Writing Diary

Finally, write your thoughts and opinions in a diary when you are about to go to bed. You must be honest in this step and write what you feel. Note down what thoughts are coming into your head. Therefore, eliminate or overcome any negative feeling that comes to your mind. It is one of the most effective elements of mentoring yourself.

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Life is not Just Money. It's more than that

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”

Today the world is more materialistic than it ever was. People want to bring every fancy product to their home; they want to live a lavish life. But why do they want this luxurious life? Simple, because others live like this, under the possession of costly things and a lavish lifestyle.

To afford such a lifestyle, you will have to invest a good amount of money. Therefore, money has overpowered every relation, every sentiment nowadays. People are running after money like anything. They do not see anything above money, and they have made their life all about worldly possessions.

You might be feeling awkward on reading this because you know that we are telling the truth. We have indeed made our lives all about money as you can see after 18 years of age, the only thing youngsters care about is earning money. We forget that we have a life apart from our financial status; those other factors also contribute to our living.

We have come so far in possession of money that we have forgotten; life is more than just money. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you recognize everything essential for a better living.


“Health is Wealth” we usually listen to people using this phrase. Do we really take care of our health when we are busy earning? Even now, a person would have skipped breakfast to reach the office early; someone would have skipped lunch to do overtime.

We must understand that health should be our priority. If our health is not fine, we will not be able to work efficiently.

Take Time for Hobbies

Every person has something other than their studies and profession that they love doing. When you do something that you love doing, you are treating yourself. By taking out time for yourself, you embrace the type of person you are.

Create Experiences

Life is a series of moments that always stay with you. Humans crave experiences with the right kind of people. To create and live experiences, you will have to be completely present in that situation. An experience can be anything, a kiss, a candlelight dinner, a baby smiling at you. It can be anything that stays with you and makes you smile whenever you think about that moment.


We usually complain nowadays that relationships are hollow. They have not remained what they used to be. It is so because earlier people used to value their relations. They knew how to maintain their personal and professional life.

Nowadays, we want to woo our partner with our money, so we invest most of our time earning. By doing so, we make a lot for “us,” but here, we have to understand that your partner cares for the time you spent with them over how much money you have earned.


In adulthood, we make ourselves too busy earning the right livelihood and lose touch with our loved ones. We usually believe that people know how much we care for them or love them, but things don't work like that.

If you care for someone, you have to let them know how you feel. Your physical presence is not always needed; just a message or a phone call can make another person feel good and help you build good relationships.

Personal Growth

During our hike in the career, we significantly focus on our growth as an employee, and we invest all our energy to learn new things to make our work quality better. Do you find something odd here? It's good to improve your work quality but what about you? To live a happy and prosperous life, you should focus on improving yourself and your way of life. The world needs more humanity than money today.

Helping Others

Helping others is the basic thing that all of us are taught in our childhood. No doubt, during childhood, we do everything to help people around us. Over time, when we grow up, our priorities change; we get too busy fulfilling our needs that we forget about anyone else.

Sharing and helping is a human nature that makes us kind and better than other organisms. So, how can you compromise on that?

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Reasons Why You Should Always Stand for what is Right

The truth is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it”― Venugopal Acharya

Have you ever been in a situation when you had a definite belief about something but the people supporting the wrong thing were more, so you backed out? Most of us choose the easy path.

Since childhood, we have always heard our elders saying, “Always do the right thing.” They told us the difference between right and wrong things but didn't tell us how to fight for the right when the whole world is standing for the unjust.

There are always three types of people; the first one is who take the easy path and follow the wrong part, the second category is of people who have proper justifications of why they support this idea and why it is right, and the last category comprises of people who have nothing to say about the issue. They do not support either side and stay neutral.

The exciting thing about these divisions is that everyone thinks their perspective is the “right perspective.” But the most acceptable right thing is when the decision or your actions are beneficial for a good number of people.

Only a few people have the guts to stand against the odds and fight for the right thing. It is not easy to voice your perceptions because people in the other category will do whatever they can to preserve their narrative and oppress yours.

People who support the right thing always have some vital points to present and contribute to society, but they fear standing against the crowd. Therefore, we see some counted faces who give their complete self to stand for the right thing.

The world is changing now, and we need more faces and more people to come out with their opinions and take a stand for what is right. If you are still thinking about how your voice will make a difference, you will get all the reasons to fight for the right thing in this blog.

People want Someone to Initiate

Some people are born drivers, and some are born passengers. People with qualities of the passenger are damn afraid in taking the steering in their hand. So, they wait for someone to take the initiative, to come forward with the ideas about the right thing. If you have driving qualities in you, you know what you are doing, then come along, take your seat and begin the show. Once you come forward with your stand, you will be joined by people with the same mindset.

Show the Other Side of the Issue

For every existing idea, you will find multiple narratives. The narrative that we will be striving for will gain a high amount of recognition. It is most commonly seen that the narrative presented with confidence and loud voices start imbibing inside people's minds. Therefore, you cannot just let your voice be suppressed. If you think people are being manipulated and you have the right point of view to share with them, and you have all the proves to justify your thoughts, then take a stand for it.

Spread Awareness

When it comes to choosing between right and wrong, unawareness can lead to making bizarre decisions. Hence, to give them a clear idea about the thing, you can only spread awareness by educating people about the topic if you are well versed with the right and wrong of the issue.

Makes You Feel Good

Whenever you stand for the right thing, your heart supports you. You will stand firm without considering the consequences of fighting against the odds because you have wisdom by your side, and nothing can beat that feeling. When you are standing for the right cause, you start feeling good about yourself, and it is the most empowered feeling.

You Feel Powerful

When you do all your research; find all the facts in favor of your point of view, it gives you positivity. Even if you are standing alone against thousands of people for the right thing, it gives you the power not to let your voice down. The right things always give you the ability to see into the wrong's eyes and tell them that the correct form still exists.

Be an Example

When you fight for the right thing today, your voice will be remembered for years. You will become an example for others who cannot tolerate the wrongdoings, but today they are afraid to stand against them.

Make People Believe that Their Voice Matters

It takes only one voice to bring forth the other voices. If you will stand by your opinion and prove it with all the points, then people around you who were resting in their cocoons will be forced to give thought to the issue and speak for whichever side they feel is right.

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The Ongoing Crypto Boom Might Be The Biggest Opportunity Of The Century

The phrase “what a time to be alive” has never been more relevant than it is currently in the context of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin hodlers and crypto investors in general have been very happy for the past few weeks thanks to the amazing crypto boom that has been taking place.

The cryptocurrency market is off to a great start in 2020, especially Bitcoin which is considered the grandfather of all digital currencies and the first crypto to grace the public market. The digital currency experienced its biggest rally ever, and has arguably performed better than it did during the great crypto rally of 2017.

Understanding the extent of the 2021 crypto rally

Bitcoin has been leading the charge as far as the crypto boom is concerned. It boasts of the highest daily trading volumes out of any other digital coins and that is thanks to the fact it is the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency. It is thus fitting to use it as a yardstick for understanding the ongoing rally. To put it to perspective, Bitcoin’s price peaked at a $39,700 according to Coinmarketcap, making it the new historic high. An overwhelmingly impressive jump considering that one Bitcoin was worth as low as $5,292 in March 2020.

To paint a better picture of just how good an investment Bitcoin has been, anyone who invested roughly $500,000 in Bitcoin in March 2020 when news about the pandemic was breaking would now have about $3.7 million in the span of less than 12 months. The true winners are the ones who bought Bitcoin in its early days. For example, someone who bought Bitcoin worth $100 before 2013, especially when its value was equivalent to that of the dollar, would now have $3.7 million. Mind-blowing!

Forces behind the rally

The ongoing crypto boom is the culmination of many factors which are relatively easy to pinpoint. Chief among them is the coronavirus which grounded many other investment avenues such as securities and stocks. Investors avoided them and instead favored cryptocurrencies which are not directly linked to economic performance.

Many people saw digital coins as safe havens through which they could protect their wealth from erosion caused by the pandemic. It explains the rapid increase in crypto trading volumes in the past few months. Cryptocurrency prices tend to increase the more they are acquired, which means that a huge influx of buyers contributed greatly in the impressive price hikes.

The crypto buying frenzy rapidly encouraged more people to invest in digital coins. The realization of the pandemic’s negative economic impact also encouraged more companies to adopt cryptocurrencies, thus encouraging more mainstream adoption.

The great reset

Talk of the great reset may also be another reason for the sustained rally. Bitcoin’s price showed some resistance at around the $22,000 price level. However, it managed to break through that level and continue with its stratospheric performance especially around the same time that news of the great reset started spreading. The news spread more fear about the post-pandemic financial situation, thus further fueling the crypto rally.

One of the aspects of the great reset is taking more from people, leaving them with less control of their finances. Such an idea is bound to encourage people to take actions such as removing their wealth from the traditional finance system and putting it into a system that has less centralization. In this case, the crypto market was the ideal place.

The difference between the current and 2017 rallies

Looking back at the above factors, it is easy to see the patterns that have contributed to the crypto market’s current price surge. The market has been overall bullish and it has received a lot of support from the influx of buying activities by individuals and institutions, supported by economic downturn and an increased awareness in the crypto market.

In contrast, the 2017 rally was largely a bubble where people were simply buying to get in on the action. The current rally is backed by actual data against traditional finance. Another key differentiator is that majority of the people that are now investing in crypto have the right information and they know what they are getting into, compared to the 2017 crypto bull market where investors blindly jumped on the hype.

There was a lot of friction against cryptocurrencies especially from governments and financial institutions in 2017 despite the influx of trading activities. It was certainly enough for the market to be considered shaky and that may have contributed to the huge crypto market crash in 2018. Meanwhile in 2021, even governments have started embracing the idea of digital coins and blockchain technology. In other words, cryptocurrencies have become widely accepted now, thus giving them a solid rooting. These factors may have contributed to the continued price surge.

Where do cryptocurrencies go from here?

The previous rally in the digital currency market had important lessons for us to learn. For example, the crypto market is immensely volatile. Prices spike by huge margins and they may also fall hard. Investors should thus be careful to enter and exit the market at the right time. Unfortunately, it is not easy to predict when the next crypto crash will happen. It is not a matter of if, but rather when it will happen.

There are two possible outcomes as of now. Crypto prices will either continue to rally or they will drop. The outcome depends on the market situation, especially in the traditional finance system. If the pandemic is subdued and normalcy returns quickly, it could encourage more investment in traditional finance, which means that people will move their money out of crypto. Such a move would likely trigger a money drain from the crypto market, which would in turn subdue the prices of digital currencies.



How Curiosity can make Your Life Successful

Nobody knows everything. Even Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent people in his time didn’t know everything. But do you know what made him special? He was curious. Because of his drive to know more, he developed the law of relativity, which is one of the most famous formulae among mankind.

But he isn’t the only curious legend in history. There’s Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, the Wright brothers, and many more. What do all these inventors and scientists have in common? They had a knack to find out new things that did not exist in their time.

Before Nikola Tesla, there was no alternating current electricity. If it weren’t for him, we would not have generators, drilling machines, computers, fans, air conditioners, hydraulics, pumps, and many more. Besides, without Isaac Newton, we would not have the law of motion which we apply in our daily lives.

Don’t you see? Without their curiosity, we wouldn’t be living the convenient lives we have today. Everything needs to be done manually in industries, which could lead to injuries. Education wouldn’t be possible because theories and concepts are non-existent. There wouldn’t be medicines and more casualties will be reported.

Because of their curiosity in life, its aspects, its possibilities, and its peripherals, these scientists and inventors were able to breakthrough. They were able to use existing resources to discover, build, and innovate.

You can do the same. You can never be too young to be curious. If you are experiencing a midlife crisis or mid-career crisis, you can use your curiosity to break away from your hardships and reach success. Are you excited about how you can be curious in life?

Here’s how:

Listen more!

We always here “Talk less, listen more.” Many people do not understand the essence of this quote because of their need to share their thoughts and opinions. Some of them believe that they are the smartest people in the room, which often, is not the case. Others can have better and more profound ideas. If you allow them to talk, they could teach you more.

No matter how expert or intelligent you are, there are still things you don’t know. This is why you need to open your mind and listen to other people. No matter how ridiculous they sound at first, you will realize that there’s are lessons you can apply later in life.

Ask questions more often

Another way you can be curious is to ask questions. Don’t confine yourself to the limits of a manual, a set of beliefs, or a guide. Let your mind wander and think of the least thoughts taken by people. Don’t be afraid to ask the most dangerous question, “What if?” for it can change your decisions and your life for good.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

One of the most common reasons why people remain stagnant is their fear to commit mistakes. Think about Newton, Einstein, Descartes, and others. Their scientific trials were full of mistakes. Intelligent as they are, it took hundreds of trials to perfect their formula. Do you have any idea how long it took them to develop what seems today as simple formulae? They knew the risks of doing several experiments but they were willing to make mistakes until they succeed.

You should do the same. The greatest inventions came from the biggest mistakes. From these errors, you can learn, you can discover, and you can innovate. While it has risks, it also has advantages. You never know if these mistakes can change your life until you commit them.

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”

People tend to speak without really knowing the situation, the facts, and the people involved. Because of this, there is a spread of wrong assumptions and wrong information. This could affect how people could think. Instead of asking the most important questions, they end up confined in their thoughts.

If you want to learn more about things, it’s best to say “I don’t know”, especially if you don’t know the whole story. Saying “I don’t know” allows you to be open to suggestions and information. It allows you to listen without judgment. Lastly, it grants you the enlightenment you need to make better decisions.

Take time to learn new things

Another thing you need to achieve success through curiosity is learning new things. Find another academic course and pursue it. Look for another hobby. Find time to read a book and watch a documentary. If you can, travel, join seminars and workshops, interact with people far from your age. This way, you can learn more, discover more, and do more with your life. Who knows? Information from these sources could come in handy in the future? It might even change the path you take in life.

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10 Practical Ways to Protect Your Environment

The environment is no one's property to destroy; it's everyone's responsibility to protect. – Mohith Agad

Since human beings' evolution, the environment has always been there by their side to provide them with all the necessities. Even today, the environment plays a significant role in providing humans with various products so that they could live modestly.

In response to the affection of the environment, humans have only devastated nature by prioritizing materialistic things. Today we have become dependent on machines, cars, motorcycles, and industries for our needs. We are consumers, that is not something bad, but we need to be mindful consumers. It's high time to stop thinking only about ourselves and focus on the other beings around us. Because we as living beings are designed for existing together and helping each other thrive.

Sooner or later, we will have to understand that the environment around us is also a living being, and we are very much dependent on it. Besides realizing our dependency on the environment, we are continually depleting the environment in the name of industrialization. We are behind this chaos, so we will have to do something to control the environment's desolation.

In this blog, we will enlist ten practical ways to protect your environment and create a better living.

Choose Reusable Products

Nowadays, disposables are in trend. People use disposable glasses, plates, and bowls for one time use to eat or drink something. This single use plastic, when it goes into the soil, depletes its quality. Therefore, it is suggested to use reusable products over single-use because they last longer, reduce the amount of trash, and save the environment.

Recycling is Always an Option

There are many things that we can't afford to lose, but the truth is they are of no use to us now. If it can't be reduced or reused because of its nature, then recycling is the best option. Before disposing off your product in a recycling bin, make sure that you are disposing it off in a suitable bin so that it is properly recycled.

Prioritize walking over Transportation

When you have to go somewhere nearby where you can easily reach on foot, avoid taking Transportation. Reducing the use of carpool and motorcycles will control the amount of pollution in the air. Moreover, walking or bicycling will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Conserve Electricity

Conservation of electricity is the most doable step in protecting the environment. All you have to do is switch off the lights when you do not need them, use energy-conserving lights and bulbs, etc. There are many more ways to conserve energy; that is the least we can do to protect our environment.

Grow Your Own Food

The eatables that we find in the market are sometimes genetically modified. It happens so because the production is less and consumers are more. If you grow your food, organic products' production will save the farming land from getting polluted with artificial products.

Use Limited Water

The amount of drinking water on the earth is less than 1%. If we waste water the way we are doing right now, that day is not far when there will be a massive scarcity of water, and people will be fighting for a drop of water. The best way to make proper water use is to turn the tap off when not using water, avoid free running of water, timely fix the leaky faucets, and reuse the rainwater by rainwater harvesting.

Buy Secondhand Stuff

The material used in the manufacturing of new cloth costs a lot, but we can avoid this cost and labor if we start buying secondhand products. There are many shops and places where you can find vintage or secondhand clothes. The material used in manufacturing those clothes is excellent, and they are affordable than new clothes.

Chemical-Free Environment

Nature is extreme and pleasant when it exists organically. Nowadays we have introduced chemicals in everything like beauty products, farms, etc. The environment does not have a good equation with chemicals. Hence, to protect your environment, wipe off the chemicals you are using in every product.

Limit Your Consumption

Humans are consumers. Therefore, we sometimes forget to distinguish between our needs and desire. We buy many products that are of no use to us and eventually occupy a backspace in the closet. We should start being true to ourselves and learn to make a firm decision if we need that product or not before buying anything. Also, if a product is not serving you in any way, it's high time to get rid of it. When you dispose off any product, do not just throw it away. To protect the environment from further depletion, reduce, reuse, or recycle the disposed off product.

Avoid Packaged Food

I know packaged food seems quite fancy to many people, and they believe the quality of packaged food is better than local food; that is not true. Packaged food comprises of additional preservatives, and various chemicals are added to them. Also, the packaging used to make that product fancy is not suitable for the environment. Hence, it is advised to buy food from locals for the betterment of your health and environment because non-packaged food is right for you.



Ripple Is Going Down And NEXO Users Are Among The Most Affected- Everything You Need To Know

It has been a great year for the cryptocurrency market with prices surging to new heights but unfortunately, not all cryptocurrencies are made equal. Although some digital currencies like Bitcoin have largely been bullish for the better part of 2020, XRP seems to be having what is possibly its worst year.

Ripple, the company responsible for XRP was recently accused of illegal marketing to retail clients. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against Ripple on Monday, through which it accused Ripple of failing to implement necessary investor protections. This is in line with the SEC’s previous claims that XRP should be classified as a tradable asset.

Is it the end for XRP?

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO stated that the lawsuit did not make a lot of sense considering that his company has always strived to uphold transparency with regulators. He claims that the SEC does not seem to understand that XRP is a digital currency rather than a share. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done, judging by XRP’s performance in the past few days. The cryptocurrency’s price dropped from its 2020 high of $0.6643 in November to its current low at $0.2182.

Many analysts are concerned that the recent challenges that Ripple has been facing might represent the end of the road for XRP. Some crypto exchanges such as CrossTower, Beaxy and OSL have already removed the digital currency from their platform and this is just a tip of the iceberg as far as the impact is concerned. Coinbase which is one of the top global exchanges in the world recently announced that it would halt XRP trading on its platform after the SEC lawsuit. The announcement further contributed to XRP’s downfall.

NEXO customers cry foul after sustaining XRP-induced losses

XRP holdlers are not the only ones suffering now that the cryptocurrency’s price is crashing. Crypto-based payment platform NEXO is also one of the services that have been severely affected by Ripple’s ongoing woes. The platform allows users to take out loans using their crypto holdings, particularly their XRP as collateral.

NEXO recently disabled the option of paying off loans through XRP despite the fact that many clients collateralized their loans through the Ripple token. This means users can no longer use XRP to pay off their loans which is not surprising considering that the cryptocurrency is failing, thus NEXO is no longer accepting it. Interestingly, the same platform liquidated those loans through XRP.

The NEXO situation has so far led to huge losses for users, especially with 600M XRP lost due to liquidation at discounted prices. Users on the platform are rallying to take legal action against the platform for the huge losses suffered.

List of exchanges that plan to stop offering XRP trading

Quite a number of exchanges have already suspended XRP on their platforms while some plan to halt trading soon. Here is a list of exchanges and their announcements regarding delisting or trading suspension of XRP.

• Coinbase- plans to commence suspension on January 19, 2021.

• Bittrex- will halt trading on January 15, 2021.

• Binance- Will suspend trading on January 13, 2021.

• January 19

• Bitstamp- January 8.

• OKCoin- January 4.

• Crosstower- Already suspended until further notice.

• B2C2- already suspended.

How will Ripple’s troubles affect the Spark token airdrop

XRP’s performance was quite promising prior to Ripple’s ongoing problems particularly due to the Flare network launch and the Spark token airdrop. Airdrop news a few weeks ago encouraged XRP investment because the airdrop was to take place at a 1:1 ratio. One might thus be curious as to the fate of their investment now that XRP seems to be collapsing.

Fortunately, traders need not worry because the airdrop will take place as planned. Coinbase announced that despite the fact that XRP trading will be halted, it will still be available in user accounts. It also means users will still have XRP registered to their crypto wallets and those wallets will still be available for withdrawals and deposits. It also means that XRP holders will still receive the amount of Flare tokens equal to the XRP tokens that they had in their accounts at the time of the snapshot.

Will Ripple’s conundrum affect the banking industry?

Ripple’s problems with the SEC might directly affect the banking industry considering that only the XRP trading will be halted at exchanges. However, there are some concerns that such problems might be bad for business in the banking sector. Ripplenet has been adopted by many banks across the world and it is the main reason why XRP’s price tends to be relatively stable. However, the cryptocurrency has been losing value courtesy of the SEC row.

Ripple’s problems may discourage banks from using the XRP platform, especially banks that have not yet adopted Ripplenet. The other major problem is that banks traditionally rely on trust in their operations and Ripple’s current situation seems to be sowing the seeds of distrust. The result might be a ruined relationship between Ripple and the banks, thus spelling more doom for the company. Banks operate under strict regulation and so the decision of whether to continue working with Ripple might be guided by regulators.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Day

Another day is a symbol of chance, renewal, forgiveness, love, and adventure. It is a new beginning that allows people to gather their thoughts and emotions and to continue building a future. One day, 24 hours, 1440 minutes. That’s why it takes to change your future. All you need to do is grab the opportunity and soar.

Conceptually, this sounds like a great idea. However, it’s easier said than done considering several factors such as fear, pressure, self-doubt, and lack of self-confidence. No matter how much you say you can change your future today, you end up putting your best food backward instead of forward and postpone your chances at success.

Many people believe that backing off and standing down is good because you never know the consequences. But think about what could happen if it all goes right? You could reach the epitome of your success. So, do not underestimate the power of a day because it can work wonders to change your life.

If you’re still scared to take the leap, there is a way you can push yourself to seize the day and make the most of it. Here are some of the best ways to take the opportunities given to you in 24 hours.

1. Forgiving and asking for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to give to people considering the pain and position people put you through. Because of this, there is pain, anger, frustration, and a need for vengeance. If you let his emotions conquer you, in time, they will cause dysfunction in your life because you’re too focused on hurting that you neglect to live your life the way it should be. If you let these negative emotions get the best of you, the only person to lose is you. It’s the same way as feeling guilt.

I know I cannot dictate when you should forgive other people who wronged you. But if you find it in yourself to forgive, you will feel the freedom from anger and vengeance. You will live a fuller and healthier life. If you’re on the wrong end, do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness and make up for what you have done. You never know the impact of these acts on other people. It could mean the world to them, which could affect your overall environment. You never know if these acts could influence how you take your next step tomorrow.

2. Learning new things and building skill.

The second thing you can do if you were given a chance to live your life for one more day is learning new things and building skills. I know, we learn a lot from school and our parents. But it’s a different type of experience if you choose to learn on your own. What are your hobbies? What is your passion? If you know, why not learn more about these and make it your profession? You could start a business out of it and achieve fulfillment and success. You can even invest in yourself and be happy grasping your information and honing new skills. You never know when these can come in handy as the future comes.

3. Spending time with your loved ones.

You can also make the most of your day by spending it with your loved ones. Instead of wasting your hours on unproductive activities, why not spend it with your support system? This includes your friends, family, and spouse. You name it—make memories with them and show them how much you love them. The small things you can do that make and them happy could mean everything to them. With this, you just made your whole day worthwhile by relishing in the moments you can share with your loved ones. You never know if you can learn new things from them that can inspire you to work your way to the top.

4. Going on adventures.

The fourth way to seize the day is to go on adventures. Why not try taking the road less taken by other people? You can walk with your friends and family to see new sights that will fuel your imagination and motivation. You never know if you can make a discovery and innovate on the way, which can make you the next big hit in your profession. If there’s a plane or bus ticket, don’t hesitate to use it. Don’t hesitate to explore because you never know what lies ahead at the end of the rocky road.

5. Doing what makes you happy.

The last but not the least way you can seize the day is to do what makes you happy. Do not rely on what other people dictate. While it’s great to listen to suggestions, remember that you should always have the last say. It is your life, after all, and you should be the captain of your own ship. Instead of wasting your time on things that you don’t love, don’t hesitate to let them go. Don’t let them hold you down because of societal norms or because your parents told you so. If you’re old enough to make your own decisions, be the person who directs your future. This way, you’ll be living a happier and contented life—something that you will be proud of in the end.

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Bitcoin Makes History After Hitting New High And What It Means For XRP

The year 2020 has been quite challenging with the global pandemic, controversial elections and many other negative news. Fortunately, it cannot be all bad and it turns out 2020 has been a great year to be a crypto hodler, particularly with Bitcoin reaching an all-time high of just above $22,000.

Interestingly, Bitcoin traded below $5,000 in mid-March at the time the coronavirus was exponentially spreading across the world. The panic caused investors to pull their funds from traditional investments such as the securities and forex markets. Many decided to invest in the crypto market thus the steady rise of digital currency prices. Bitcoin traded at $22,067 at the time of this press.

Source: Coinmarketcap

Bitcoin’s price has so far surged by more than 400% in 2020 which represents quite an impressive gain. Bitcoin’s price performance is largely influenced by buying and selling forces. For example, many people purchased the cryptocurrency in the first half of the year thus pushing up the price of the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency enjoyed a lot of attention from institutional investors. For example, an insurer called MassMutual recently purchased Bitcoin worth $100 million and this purchase was arguably critical towards pushing up the price to its new high.

A look at XRP’s performance

It is major buyers such as MassMutual that are contributing to Bitcoin’s rally and also the rest of the cryptocurrency industry’s rally. Bitcoin’s price performance has historically influenced other cryptocurrencies. However, XRP which is also one of the major cryptocurrencies seems to be free of Bitcoin’s influence and as such, its price performance remains weak.

XRP’s price was $0.559168 at the time of this press while its weekly low was $0.465994 and its weekly high was $0.583693. Its year-to-date performance shows that the price has barely changed up until the end of November where it experienced a notable uptick. However, the uptick was arguably linked to news about the Spark token which will be airdropped to XRP holder accounts at a 1:1 ratio. The airdrop may have encouraged more people to purchase more XRP so they could receive the Spark token.

Will Bitcoin’s rally influence XRP’s performance?

Bitcoin does not seem to have a major impact on Ripple’s performance but that does not mean that it will not. XRP failed to rally during the coronavirus pandemic but it did rally slightly due to the Spark token airdrop, which also means that it did not yield to Bitcoin’s influence. However, the two cryptocurrencies may provide a guide on what might potentially happen now that most of the cryptocurrency industry is heavily bullish.

We cannot rule out Bitcoin’s potential impact on XRP’s price performance. A huge rally on Bitcoin’s part tends to encourage investors to purchase other cryptocurrencies even if there is no other underlying driving force. A major Bitcoin surge may thus influence price surges on many other cryptocurrencies including XRP. Such was the case in 2017 during the great crypto bubble which was subsequently followed by a huge market crash.

Source- Coinmarketcap

Judging by Bitcoin’s current performance, the 2020 surge is even bigger than that of 2017, which also means that it could potentially encourage more XRP purchases. The Ripple token’s performance in the last seven days indicates an uptick that was largely influenced by the Spark token airdrop but it may also have been influenced by Bitcoin’s rally. XRP reached its price peak at $3.10 in the first week of January 2017, after which it plummeted. This is around the same time that Bitcoin was also climbing down from its late 2017 peak.

Technical analysis

Many traders analyze XRP by pairing it with BTC and evaluating the chart. Using this perspective reveals that XRP has been trading with a support level around the 0.000024 BTC price point which indicates that the cryptocurrency is still bearish. Crossing that support level would highlight bullish potential.

Some analysts expected XRP’s sub-$1 price to attract more buyers just like it did back in 2017 but so far it remains to be seen if that premise will work. XRP’s previous surge happened in the last week of December and ended in the first week of January 2017. Perhaps lightning will strike twice. The cryptocurrency seems to maintain high trading volumes despite the price remaining below $1 dollar. The cryptocurrency’s 24-hour trading volume during the latest trading session was $17.38 billion while its market cap was $25,485 billion.

Why does XRP remain relatively stable unlike Bitcoin?

Image source- Coinswitch

XRP’s price performance remains below $1 and it is not as volatile as many other cryptocurrencies. Its performance is like that by design. We have to look at the cryptocurrency’s native platform to understand why it behaves that way. The digital currency runs on a decentralized ledger called RIppleNet which was developed by Ripple.

Ripplenet rapidly become popular over the past few years especially in the banking industry thanks to its robust solutions designed to improve money transfer. The Ripplenet payment platform is important because it provides a superior gross settlement (RTGS) system that offers real-time remittance services. Money transfer that previously took hours and even days can now be sent instantly across the globe.

The Ripplenet ledger achieves the incredible improvements over traditional banking and remittance services thanks to XRP. The latter acts as the digital currency for Ripplenet-based services. For example, if one bank sends money to another foreign bank, they send XRP to represent the sent cash. In this case, stability is important and that is why the cryptocurrency is intentionally more stable than its counterparts.

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8 Ways to Hit the Reset Button of Life this New Year

New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings. Do you, too, believe in this saying?

It’s already the middle of December, and New Year is around the corner. Each one of us is excited for this year to end. 2020 has been a nightmare to all of us when we understood that life is uncertain and carpe diem is everyone’s mantra of life. Still, the year 2021 is a hope to everyone. People are longing to meet their loved ones; they await hugging to be back in trend.

Well, after this bizarre year, we all should hit the reset button of our lives with this New Year. Now you must be thinking, how? Have patience; this blog will tell you how you can start your New Year on a positive note and grow in field of your life. Continue reading to check out the list.

Be True to Yourself

Ask yourself questions like, “What am I good at?” “What o I feel passionate about?” “What am I doing in the field of my passion?” “Am I going anywhere in life?”

These questions are uncomfortable, but you must ask these questions to yourself before anyone asks you these. Then if you do not have any answers to these questions, it might harm your self-respect.

Analyze Where You are Investing Your Energy

There are many things that you do in a day voluntarily or involuntarily. Analyze all your activities and keep track of the time that you invest in each activity. Once you have this record in front of you, look at how the activities serve you to achieve your goal. Now you have a clear vision of which action you should keep on doing in the New Year and which one needs to be halted.

Leave Your Past Behind

Write down all the grudges and regrets you are holding inside you. If you have guilt about what you did to someone, then confront your feelings. Let them know how sorry you are. Honesty is the way to completion so try to be honest when you confront your guilt. Taking the actions help you overcome the thing that had been disturbing you for a long time.

Cry, scream, and let out what you are holding back in your heart and start the New Year on a happy note.

Take a Step Forward

We all know it takes blood and sweat to achieve our dreams, yet we sometimes compromise them. It is so because we find it hard to quit our comfort zone. “Good job,” these two words drag you toward mediocrity. So, train yourself to push your limits and list all the things you need to do to take you near your goal. Leave your lazy and insecure self behind this year and start the New Year with your version of self, which is more of a doer.

Do Not Make Resolutions

Yes, you read it right! Resolution word has this stigma attached to it that their life is only till February. Instead, set targets for yourself. Make an advance planner. Maybe things may not turn out your way; perhaps they do. It’s worth taking a chance.

Get off Useless Materialistic Things

We humans have this habit of sticking back to materialistic things to honor a moment attached to them. If that thing is hurting you in any way, then it’s time to get rid of it. Go through each room in your house, collect all the broken things, all the things that are of no use to you anymore, and throw them. When you throw the clutter outside, it feels light and fresh.

Focus on Money Section of Your Life

There is no particular age to start earning. Set a goal for yourself, how much money can you earn by the end of 2021. When you have decided the figures, make a list of options to earn that amount. Then decide what actions are needed to execute these options. You’ll then have a manual of work and your success in front of you.

Take Out Time for Self-Care

Don’t tell me you’ve been doing self-care during the lockdown because no one was. If you genuinely were, I respect your actions. Start taking self-care seriously. It can be emotional or physical. If you think you need to see a therapist, be vocal about it.

You’ll never feel the need to work out, but it’s vital for you. The workout is not only mandatory to balance your body weight but to lead a healthy life. If doing exercise seems too heavy, yoga can be an effective and light option for a healthy life.

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