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Bitcoin, Bitcoin is the word that spreads around and it goes up, up and UP ! ! ! Where is this boat sinking ..... if it actually is ! ! ! Where is this train crashing .... if it actually is ! ! !

I wanted to write about Bitcoin, had it all in my mind, We have seen 20.000 broken this year, 30.000, 40,000, 50.000, 60,000, once again, where does this need to go. Well, it doesn't go any further for now, as my Bitcoin blog has been hijacked ! ! !

This blog happened, but has been changed accordingly ..... you'll understand why ! ! !

So, ..... I was walking with our new dog and was followed by this man. He yelled at me to halt me .... I waited a second, and he asked me if I was that guy talking crypto at school the other day ... he had overheard me ! ! !

I think I am, although more and more people are talking digital asset ! ! !

“Well, I may have a question about it. I am getting more and more into it, love it, it is so much different than what I have been doing before; it is so much more what I have been doing, it makes me alive. I am looking around in the industry, been really busy; love Bitcoin, doing things with Litecoin, XRP, overheard you, don't know about it, but I am getting into it. Started to follow a lot of XRP on Twitter, Wietse Wind, wow, talking about a guru, Jeremy Hogan, that attorney, Matt Hamilton, working for RippleX, but also, XRPCryptoWolf, XRP_Cro, XRPTwin, and of course some YouTubers ... MoonLambo, Eri, Working Money Channel, the Bearable Bull”

Wait ..... WHAT, did he mention me ! ! ! Well, that is what I was thinking .... This was interesting, hahaha.

Got a good list there buddy

....Well, couple names on the top of my mind, added more than 100 names yesterday ! ! ! Many coins are on my mind ... PACCoin, Algo, Flare .... man, I am in all the reading at the moment.

But here is where I struggle. Setting up accounts, wallets, it is a lot of new things I have never really worked with. I want to put money into it, but want to make sure I am doing the correct thing ! ! !

WOW, hold on did he really say XRPTwin .... and he has NO clue it is me ! ! !

Well, there are a couple things I could help you on, absolutely. Been there done that, and I guess, I will do it again ! ! !

SO, we spoke a little more. Preferences of payment methods, exchanges, coins, people on Twitter, it was just too funny. This was a little mass adoption, without the mass, I guess.

Pretty sure, I am going to talk more with this person, and hope XRPTwin stays XRPTwin ..... pretty sure this text WON'T give it away ..... the story has been changed in the most important parts; only fun ! ! !


Now it was my turn to hit town ...... together with my wife. We had a Friday Date .... how cool is that .... a date going to a hardware store; We LOVED it ! ! !

Once again, we had to sign for a specific day / time and 2 people were allowed to enter the store. Well, 2 people can be husband and wife. So, we looked for a day and a time and yes, we found a slot that allowed us to go together. I had flowers with me and treated my wife like it was our first date.

Gamma, was the store where we went:

Nobody would disturb us, the store was OURS ! ! !

We did have a chaperon. She guided us to the corners where we needed to pick up things: a ladder, a door latch, some paint, brushes and other paraphernalia.

Empty isles



We had a great time. Just browsing the store for 20 minutes. AND YES, we brought more stuff home then we had on our shopping list.

Our paint took the time ...... I needed to be shaken, not stirred ! ! !

The store in a big panorama picture, nobody around, on the right a couple people that work in the store, but we WERE the store, loved every single minute of it.

It almost felt like winning a price: 20 minutes free shopping. Well, that is the feeling in the last minute. You have the feeling you have to hurry, you feel you are missing things, you feel you want to make that round one more time ..... oh what about isle 16, we forgot to buy little light bulbs ..... wood, don't we need wood .....

The Gamma Employees did well, they had everything under control, they gave us a great experience, a safe experience, a great date, thank you GAMMA ! ! !

It was a lot of fun, next week the store will allow 50 people at one time. I don't want to do that, but this experience is mine ..... is ours.... and guess what ..... I went home with the lady, I did well ! ! !


Well, the country has been on a lockdown – evening clock since December 15 and we were not allowed to go to retail stores anymore. If stores had more than 80% of their balance coming from eatables and drinks, they were allowed to stay open, with very strict rules.

Stores like .... Action, were NOT allowed to be open, as their inventory does carry foods and drinks, but not far enough to be even close to 80%.

For a couple weeks, the government introduced Click & Collect. You had to order online and at least 4 hours later, you were allowed to pick up the product in store. The Action was not open for this, because it did not bring enough business AND their website did not allow to click and eh .... collect.

Since last week, retail stores are allowed to eh ... allow people in their store again, BUT only 1 person every 10 minutes. For a lot of stores, that still does not bring the cash, but Action decided to open up ....... and a lot of people were interested going there again. Action, if you do not know the store is a store that you go to, to actually buy 1 thing and you come home with 10 other things ...... and the original item is not 1 of them ! ! ! It is an amazing store, a lot of junk, but junk you need. You go for a spoon, you come back with motor oil, a jigsaw puzzle, a pyjama and an iPhone charger. All for the total price of 13.99 (not really, but it is cheap) ! ! !

So, every day the store would open “the agenda” for the next day and you could block “YOUR” 10 minutes. Well, not even a minute and the agenda was filled out, to give you an idea how eager people are to return to the store ! ! ! My wife did get her slot the other was happy, walked around with a smile and the smile said enough: I ran into her and the smile made me ask:

Did you get in? ? ?

Smiling from ear to ear, her answer was

YES ! ! !

Good for you honey. A little later I caught making a map of the store and the ideal road to take pass ALL the isles in the shortest amount of time, with all the products in her basket. She had it all planned out and was ready to go.

Made sure she left the house on time, no bad traffic situation, train crossings, traffic lights, she had it all worked out, on another map: the ideal road to the store ! ! !

And there it was the Store:

She was starting to get nervous, I heard this after she came home, as there was only 1 person allowed to enter the store; she took the pictures what was not as easy because it cut down her “search time”.

She was nervous, felt like 10 minutes of free shopping, just loading up the card, but nothing free though. Action called it Click and Collect but it was not really Click and Collect.

So my wife went in and talked with the first Action employee. She was ready to start, 3 minutes till the starting time. She was lucky because the person that had the 10 minutes before her, was already done, so she had more time. She was allowed to start immediately.

But that is where it went wrong, they made her start at a different point in the store and they had a particular walking path in he store. She was a little lost, as her planning, her map was for nothing. Color coding, product prioritisation, time indications, no use whatsoever ! ! !

So she just started, from a safe distance, a lady followed her for possible questions. They actually ended up being a great team and the ladies were laughing a lot ! ! !

5 minutes passed and a warning was heard from the speakers .... OOOOHHHH, only 5 minutes left ! ! ! !

After 10 minutes the client was asked, per speaker, to move along, go to the check out and hand over all the products.

It had been a lot of fun, stressful, but she managed to get all the products from the list ...... and a couple more :–)

It was a lot of fun, when she was sitting in the car, she had a satisfying smile on her face .... and first thing she did when she was at home, set an alarm 11:58 PM, to get ready to book another 10 amazing minutes


Last year I tried to grow some vegetables in the garden and had some successes with it. Tomatoes and bell peper was the score.

This year I am going for broccoli and tomatoes. Well, To start with, more to come of course. I am looking forward to see where it is going:

Setup, all the seeds, pots, and a pen to write down what is planted

Broccoli 🥦

Tomatoes 🍅

And we have some green results:

These are the first results. Let’s hope for some more green in a week.

To be continued


This morning, I brought my son to school and I was waiting for him to go in. It was just a couple minutes till the bell would ring when I overheard a couple guys talking and I caught:

But France is going to use XRP ! ! !

I was triggered, waiting for some more “action”.

Well, you know that Christina Lagarda is French and she is President of the European Central Bank .....

I was biting my lip on that one, Christine Lagarde ....

and she is very pro Ripple ! ! !

Oh boy, should I “mingle” with these men; I decided to just wait a bit ....A moment later the story had shifted and the following sentence was “singing through the air”

what about that, buying your Tesla with Dogecoin .....

That was enough, I blocked the conversation, I am sorry, I actually had been eavesdropping on the two guys ! ! !

Going back home, I started to think .... The Tesla thing, well, just forget about that, the story is different, but oh well, if they want to buy a Tesla using Dogecoin good luck. No no no, I was thinking about Ripple / XRP in general. I was really surprised that the thought that was running through my mind had not struck me earlier:

****Is all the Ripple / XRP news we are getting not too much information, so we cannot handle it .....

****I am okay with the sentence: “I know a couple things about Ripple and XRP” but have been around it for a couple years now. A day without any news, is eh ..... weird. There is just such an overload of information about this new industry, this relative new company, this digital asset. Since 2017 there have only been a couple days / weeks that were not filled with new facts about the fast growing start-up and / or the digital asset.

I have invested in a lot of financial products. Whether it was stock, options, trackers, futures, forwards, precious metals, cars, wine I had my fair share of help, but some of these financial vehicles were investments that were just holding on and talk to you later in a couple months ! ! ! Never ever have I been so involved in an asset with SOOOOOO MANY people doing the same thing.

This is the first time, I want to know everything about it. No, I do not know everything, I hate it, but it has been such a learning curve, I have not seen one like this before. Yes, I am interested, so it is easier, but it still strikes funny to me: Every day there is news, maybe fake because .... Twitter, but there is always news.

The story the gentlemen were talking about was of course regarding Ripple and not XRP:


The header says more about Bitcoin and Ethereum when I read it, but it is just so easy to connect the dots. Yes, There are stories Ripple talk to CBs, but you cannot connect the two without assuming it may not be the Bank of France. You have to be cautious assuming things; we have seen that a lot in the last three years. I know I have made assumption, that should not have been made, but I have been more careful about it.

You just have to look at the bigger picture and stop analysing every single detail. There is just too much of it and if it needs to succeed, it is more a matter of time.

Being so involved in your investment, whether long-term or short-term, sometimes take a little breather / distance to give it some space. It will be okay. This of course is no financial advise ..... men, I need to put that in here otherwise people are going to analyse that also.

Watch your health and if it needs to happpen, it will happen


Source Header

I am reading this hashtag more and more and wanted to dig a little deeper into it. I have been (twitter) friends with Sass for years.

Yes, more than 3 years, time flies when you're having fun ! ! ! Well, it flies as fast when you're NOT having fun, don't get fooled. So she is one of the OG's in the scene.

We met in the XRPZoo, a group of wild people, very diverse, talking crypto, living crypto, breathing crypto. Most of us have been in this space for 2,5 / 3 years and we have see the industry change. They zoo has their own YouTube Channel setup by @1000bonesXrp, @JamesMalpass12 and @1KickboyTriple

No mass adoption yet, but more and more people entering the market. I see daily new Twitter followers, one way to measure “new blood” coming into the industry. Analysts like @im_goomba, @AltcoinPsycho, @nebraskangooner, @scottmelker, @360_trader, @LisaNEdwards, to name a few, are followed by a lot of people, to read about the industry, getting the best advice and this of course brings us to this blog. Like the title it is best said through a hashtag:


1,000 dollars turning into 1,000,000 dollars; the dollar can be Australian or American or it can be British Pounds, Euro, any denomination.

I have see many tweets by Lisa Edwards, shout out to the lady @LisaNEdwards, which to my knowledge introduced this. I have read a lot of message by the following 2 accounts: @BoydOakes and @rippleitinNZ, both OG's in the crypto market.

So, what about this 1,000 to 1,000,000 challenge, what is so interesting about it ? ? ? Let's first know who we are dealing with though, who is SASS ! ! !


Hi Sass, hope you are doing fine; can you share some things about yourself, so people have a view of you ? ? ?


Hi, my name is Sarah but you can call me Sass .....

I'm a qualified hairdresser of over 20 years ( I have also had many other various jobs including working in mining, recruitment and the retail sector), and now I am a full time mum to a spirited 3 year old. I spend most of my time looking after him, but on my down time I've found a keen interest in crypto trading thanks to the Thousand to Million challenge. I am keen to share my experience and hope to inspire others to give it a go.

XRPTwin: eh .....Mining, that is some serious stuff lady ! ! !


It seems Australia and New Zealand are well represented in this list, you being from the same region. Can you say something about yourself and why the interest of this continent ? ? ?



While I can't speak on the behalf of the continent, I can certainly say that the Australian culture is that of a “give it a go” and “she'll be right” one. We are not afraid to try new things, and see how far we can get with them.

The Australian government has been a big supporter of tech innovation, providing enough clarity to support businesses alike in using or testing blockchain technology. We have recently seen a world first of Quant and its Overledger technology pair up with AUcloud for use by our defense force and other departments, as well as developments to tokenise gold and other precious metals on the Ethereum blockchain.

In another first, we are able to invest micro-payments into a share portfolio which contains about 5% of the portfolio put into Bitcoin.

It's a very exciting time to be a part of digital asset culture as we move forward to develop interoperability worldwide. This is just a small step in a much bigger global picture.


You have been in crypto for a while now, what made you decide to go for this challenge ? ? ?


It has been a while! I entered the world of crypto in September 2018, creating my first account with an exchange, making my first ever crypto purchase (XRP baby!) and joining Twitter (at the time for the company announcements, but will stay for the memes and the beautiful friends I've made) all in the same day! I first heard about the Thousand to Million challenge through some posts by friends on Twitter – thank you @BoydOakes, @LisaNEdwards and @rippleitinNZ – I will be forever grateful for the journey that you have set me on.



Just before going into the challenge, I also read a lot of negativity from people that do not think it is possible whatsoever, why is that do you think ? ? ?


I think it comes down to mindset and perspective. I have always been the kind of person to be happy to try something if it calls to me and if it feels right. I try to view new endeavours as experiments so “failures” are more like “lessons learnt”.

There are definitely times where I get annoyed by lack of progress or hitting a hurdle just like anyone else, but I figured, why not? Let's give it a go and see how it pans out. I have nothing to lose in trying.


So 1,000 dollars, that is the start, what is needed, what are the rules and what is the time frame ? ? ?


I didn't start with $1,000. I started with what I could spare at the time which was around $AUD200 or $USD150 ($153.55 US to be exact hahaha). More than making the money, I want to learn a new skill that will help set me up to better provide for my family. I want it to make me more self-sufficient. I will be able to get to that $1,000 as I learn more and build my confidence as the stakes are raised and my capital grows.


3% compounding per day, is that the ideal strategy ? ? ?


Initially, I was trying to do that but honestly, I was stressing myself out in trying to trade every day. I have my 3 year old son with me during the week (I'm a solo parent) and finding the time and focus has been difficult. I have tried and made several failed attempts (more lessons there!) during my first week of this challenge. But with every lesson, I am improving my skills as a trader and I am learning how to improve timing... my entry and exit from trades, chart interpretation and also where my weaknesses are personally – which has been both a surprise to me in some ways but also very enlightening.

Let's break in for a moment. Asking about the 1000toamillion challenge is fair, but the lady who invented this, should also be asked,

SO I DID ! ! !

Lisa has been featured before in one of my blogs, so if you want to read more about her, click here

I asked her a couple questions also, and here are HER answers:

Thank you Lisa, now back to the main character of this Blog: Sass


What amount of time a day do you put into this challenge ? ? ?


I'd say an average of 1 or 2 hours a day because I cram over a couple of days on my downtime from full time parenting.


What is the hard part of the challenge ? ? ?


FOMO! Hahahaha. Also, lack of time, self discipline and knowledge. I have learnt that I am an emotional trader. Mostly, I believe, because of my reasons for wanting to make my target of 1 million dollars. That need to execute every trade perfectly for the sake of providing for my family can sometimes cause me to be hasty in my decision making. I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect. I think after several dud trades this week, I am now acting with more caution... planning my entry and exit much better, and no more trading during the days when I have little one (I do not advise trying to trade with a 3 year old on your knee).



So how has it been going, are you on target, have you been in the situation where you were behind target ? ? ?



Sadly, I am not on target. I have done a total of 31 trades... 2 are still open, and 16 trades have closed with an average of a 2% loss. (Most of the losses were made because I was trying to trade with my son climbing all over me or getting into something so maybe I shouldn't count them, but I do because I'm a perfectionist.) If I look at having completed 29 trades, my portfolio should be at $361.07. I am, however, still up in my portfolio by 23.94% which I think is amazing progress for a beginner.

I came into this challenge with zero trading experience. My gut has always told me that this could be something I'd be good at and I do find trading very interesting. On the occasions where my trades haven't gone as expected, I have been using that lesson to take with me into the next trade. I have also spent a little time trying to learn some basic trading skills so that I can improve on every trade. I'm feeling much more confident after my first week.


Who is helping you along the way, the people mentioned before or .... ? ? ?


I have had a lot of community support and have already named a few people, but I feel there are still too many to name! Also, I don't want to play favourites, because the people supporting me are all my favourites!

Actually, let me rephrase that, I do want to mention a couple names as they have helped me tremendously:

I wanted to say that @360_trader has also been a source of inspiration to get better with every trade, and on a more personal level, my amazing @CyPhlux for always being so patient with me, even when I've had a bad day or want to talk about trade strategy.

It just doesn't feel right to leave them out!


It's blown me away with how supportive and generous people have been to encourage me and help me improve. They have either shared charts with me, sent me information on patterns and strategies, even the people who have left me kind messages via DM or in response to a tweet. I notice all of that and it really has left me feeling very loved and supported. I believe that we lift ourselves up by lifting up others first. Sharing ideas and supporting each other helps us all win. I also want us all to win, and will support anyone doing this challenge in any tiny way that I can.


4 words:

Technical Analysis / Fundamental Analysis

Do you use these, do they scare you, do you master these ? ? ?



I'm still learning how to use both of these to my advantage. I would probably favour Technical Analysis over the two though because the space is growing so quickly and there will be developments and challenges that may impact how a project is tracking in the shorter term. But I do think there's a place for both.


If other people want to go for the challenge, what do they need to do ? ? ?


  1. Go to thousandtomillions.tumblr.com/ for starting info;
  2. Download the spreadsheet that @rippleitinNZ has linked in his bio.
  3. Set up a Binance account to start trading
  4. Use trading pairs with a stablecoin so that if you've finished a trade, your returns don't fluctuate in value
  5. Do your research, take your time, be open minded and persistent. Don't be too hard on yourself if you're just starting out. It always takes time learning a new skill. and learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make them – no FOMO 🤣 Follow the rules with a tight stop loss and trust your gut – if the trade doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to get out early. a 1% loss is better than a 3% loss. If this is happening too much (like it has done with me) then it's probably a sign that you need to learn some more and do your trades on paper first until you build your confidence.


Anything you would like to add ? ? ?


To anyone starting out in the Thousand to Million challenge:

This is YOUR journey. If you find that shorter term trades don't suit your lifestyle, you can't trade every day, or you don't want to use 100% of your capital in one trade, you don't have to. Use this challenge to your advantage – use it to help you learn and grow, not just with your trading skills (and making money), but on a more personal level too.

Thank you @XRPTwin – for all the support you have given, not only to me over the years but to the community. I've been following you for pretty much as long as I've been on Twitter and have seen time and time again how kind and selfless you are in trying to help, promote and look after the people who call this community home.

Happy trading everyone, you've got this! 😊✌

WOW, nice words, thank you Sass, really nice of you. I have been in this realm since 2017 and always thought I want to be active. Active can be a lot of things, but at least XRPTwin, the name has been around, love being interactive – thank you lady ! ! !


Yesterday, the doorbell was ringing and a gentleman asked us if we ordered food with his company ..... ? ? ? Well, first from what company are you and eh ..... did we ? ? ?

Well, is this the house of Mrs. XRPTwin ? ? ?

( I know, I know ..... he did NOT say that, but just imagine, close your eyes ..... is better for the story)

Open up your eyes again, please , otherwise you cannot read the blog.

So, the gentleman went back to his car and put two boxes on the ground:

My wife had a conference call, so I put the boxes in the garden, as I wanted her to open the boxes ... outside was cold enough to stay fresh, whatever was inside ! ! !

When she was done, I showed her the two boxes and she opened them. They were from her employer, thanking her for her work. They have long meetings all day, for the past week, month ..... , so her manager thanked her and her fellow employees with a nice lunch/ brunch for all their hard work; how nice of him.

Well, somebody was ready for the lunch:

We decided to have it a little later, we were able to combine it a little better, but we couldn't resist having a little peak inside, what was our brunch going to look like:

That just looked delicious, besides being VERY healthy, the husband of Mrs. XRPTwin was very fortunate, thank you for this lovely meal ! ! !

Getting things ready and setting the table; weather was cool, with a little bit of sunshine, let's get the red table cloth out and let's enjoy. All the food was labeled, so we knew what we were eating. Also, not with us, it prevents people eating things they are allergic to or should not eat ....

OR SHOULD NOT EAT ! ! ! We will come to that later

So a little table view:

Nice piece of bread with ham and a beetroot tortilla with Old Amsterdam Cheese, pumpkin hummus and very healthy seeds. Did I ever found that on my plate ............ absolutely NOT, will I have it again, OH YES ! ! ! it was amazing, very tasteful and a great start of the brunch:

An amazing Smoothie of Red Fruit:

Very refreshing, it tasted very nice ! ! !

And a nice “bucket” of potato salad, with onion, tomato, tuna, egg a nice melange of fine products, it was a nice bite.

And then my department: the dessert*S*:

The table was still full of little containers. If you did not read the label, the white and orange, was nice yoghurt with little pieces of orange ........ well, not really ! ! !

White chocolate mousse with YES, PIECES of ORANGE , that is healthy not. If you capitalise it, make it bolt, does that pass the health jury ? ? ?

Do I have to go on with the next product, a delicious chocolate brownie, looking at us, eat me, eat me .... well, we had our sugars, let's just leave it on the table

The next little cookie is translated: Butter Cookie ... hmmmm eh .... NEXT ? ? ?

That brownie, what if we just bite a little corner, that is okay, they brought it in our house, it is not nice if we don't try it; just a little corner:

Oh no ........... that was the wrong corner, let's have the right corner now; otherwise we cannot ...... blah blah blah:

I could write a nice paragraph following the latter one, but it is not going to make us look better. We just had to bite another corner of. And no, if you thought we had to share a cookie, no we both had our own cookie, yes we had chocolate mousse and separate butter cookies. I know, I know ...... It was absolutely a little angle peeing on our tongue (Dutch Expression), in other words: divine ! ! !

This was a treat, once again, thank you very much, we enjoyed it thoroughly.


2020 / 2021 have been and already are interesting times. If it is not XRP that is giving us the good times, it is and has been all the news around. Lawsuits are popping up left and right and every single day there is news, good / bad, there is news.

In the beginning of January the XRP investor got another scary story to read: Tetragon, a lead investor in Ripple's 2019 Series C funding round, sued the company.

This of course was a domino effect; it was the second domino, the first one being the Securities and Exchange Commission, which sued Ripple in December 2020 for allegedly conducting an unregistered offering of $1.3 billion in XRP between 2013 and 2020.

It is never good if one of your investors is suing you, but

was Tetragon not jumping the gun ! ! !

Was it a mandatory thing to do, or where they just: DEAD RIGHT or DEAD WRONG ! ! !

The lawsuit by Tetragon, in my opinion, has one purpose, and one purpose only:


The SEC vs. Ripple needs to set precedent for all the crypto/ digital asset/ crypto currencies in the industry. Whether it started out to be one and changed in another, possible IMO, this has to be looked at and be used as the Standard ! ! !

Well, Ripple's initial reaction:


Clear short statement I would say, that also seems to be a mandatory message, action, action reaction ! ! !

This morning (European Time), I saw a Tweet in my Twitter Timeline written by Stuart Alderoty:


In Capital Letters Quoting Mr. Stuart Alderoty :

“the Judge ruled that since there has been no official determination regarding XRP’s status, Tetragon’s claim that a securities default occurred is wrong”


This is supposed to be NO NEWS, I know, that XRP is not a security, but as a reaction to the lawsuit, THIS IS NEWS ! ! !

Mentioned before, I think this whole situation can be summed up in a nice picture that also shows in the header:

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3


Source Header 1

Source Header 2

Source Header 3

Well, the title is not totally correct as Mr. Gensler just took chair at the SEC and the question should be directed at Mr. Clayton, So Mr. Clayton, you missed a little detail in your suit: XRP is Global ! ! !

Well, that is a nice first paragraph, something I am pretty sure both gentleman are aware of. Crypto Currency is Global and it is 24/7; that is just something added to the sauce without any meaning, but I am writing this blog, so ...... I can ! ! !

In the Logo above the SEC as is, has two letters in front of this title, a U and an S, meaning United States. The SEC only has jurisdiction in the United States, that is part of the World, is part of ..... Global.

Why am I making a big point of this .... Well, this, of course, is dealing with the letter of Dismissal Mr. Garlinghouse's attorneys wrote and was shared yesterday with the World ! ! ! It was very interesting, the maximum allowed 4 pages with a signature on a fifth. If I would have given my resume to a company I wanted to work for, I probably would have been disqualified having only my signature on the fifth page.

Aesthetically, having a little portion on a fifth page ..... , very inappropriate, putting as much of interesting facts and winning arguments on 4 pages ...... , VERY appropriate ! ! !

Judge Torres just received a letter she should dismiss the allegations laying on Mr. Garlinghouse's shoulders, and Mr. Garlinghouse's shoulders only. Mr Larsen's attorneys have to write their own letter, which will be made public later this week, I assume ! ! !

The letter was very clear, I am not a financial / legal advisor, nor am I a native English speaker, ..... the letter was REALLY clear:


So, this paragraph (page 4) is why I put so much weight on the global aspect of XRP in the beginning of my blog: The Seller, Mr. Garlinghouse and the buyer do not know each other and the seller, let's call that person eh ....XRPTwin, was NOT in the United States when this happened. I know XRPTwin pretty well and I know he was NOT buying XRP in the United States. His nationality is not American, so that is an additional Global Aspect throwing into the mix, has no weight, but still ! ! !

YES, I , XRPTwin, will just share with you, I am the proud owner of Mr. Garlinghouse's XRP, who was a legit seller. I had no investment contract with Mr. Garlinghouse, but I am the owner of the XRP ! ! !

When Mr. Garlinghouse joined Ripple, in 2015:


the price of XRP was:


So, Mr. Garlinghouse, congratulations, you made a good profit and that is your good right

I have worked for companies that gave RSU's beside stock option plans, and for me that is not different than for Mr. Garlinghouse, yes, probably the amount/ the total worth, but he has every right to do with his XRP ..... HIS XRP ..... whatever he likes.

I trade on different platforms, but at the time of Mr. Garlinghouse's selling, I bought my XRP at non-US based Exchanges only. Hence, once again, not an area where the SEC has jurisdiction. It goes outside the United States, hence, not their cup of tea to stir in ! ! !

This of course, is all a joke. I do not know where Mr. Garlinghouse sold his XRP, but the point I make is that the original allegation and amendment did not disclose a place where the XRP were sold, who bought and all these details. If the SEC wants to go after Mr. Garlinghouse for allegedly conducting an unregistered offering of $1.3 billion in XRP between 2013 and 2020, they need to know where he sold and how much was sold that the SEC can go after, it may not even be 1.3 billion .... They need to do their homework first, let's find the trades ........ and let's find THE buyers .....

***GOOD LUCK ! ! !
**STAY SAFE ! ! !

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I don't really know what is going on, what happened, but it is all weird. This all is about:


This person, this account to me it is question marks but maybe I think in riddles ...... oh boy ! ! !

Amateur investor, well, .........

This was my previous blog

To give it a couple lines what actually happened:

Would leave it like that, but this is a cry for help. This is of course a horrible story and you don't really want to read ! ! !

A lot of people reacted on it, and I even got a reaction from Basque_XRP on my Blog:

I am proud so many XRPCommunity members reacted on Basque_XRP's “cry for help” ! ! ! Looking out for each other, proud to be XRPCommunity.

This message came this morning, written by a friend from the family. The first tweet was deleted, but the rest underneath:

I am not sure what to think about this. First of all if it is all true, yes, I am sorry for the Basque family that he passed away, this loss.

Easy way out, sorry to write that, especially for his family. I have dealt with a suicide before, and it leaves a lot of questions, difficulties and it is just too sad that it is the only way out for a person at that moment ! ! !

I had some contact with the person taking care of the Basque Family and the Basque XRP Twitter account that I would like to share:


I am not sure what to think about this, but I will stay respectful. If there is a wife and children without a father, I am really sorry According to his own words, Basque_XRP did sell some XRP at the right time:

I took this screenshot from a tweet by XRP_Stuart, another OG in the XRPCommunity, that noticed Basque_XRP had bought into HBAR.

This looks fishy, but I don't know, don't want to sound too gullible either. The thing is, we are dealing with a wife and children, if true of course.

People are replying, giving their opinions, well, I have tried to get some more information, but did not get it. Unless we are shared some more information, we probably won't get a clear answer what actually has happened.

I will keep it respectful as for this moment, it is just not clear to me.

I understand both sides of the story, a scam, yes, unfortunately there are a lot of those around and this would be really bad. If this is indeed a man pained by the SEC / Ripple lawsuit without a future, to me never sounds like a solution but people think differently.

Never invest more than you can afford. Be careful out there, it is a cruel world