Turn team knowledge into permanent memory

Write.as for Teams is a calm, focused space for your team's thoughts. Use it to share long-form updates, proposals and progress in a place where nothing gets lost.

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A Calm Space

Give your team a quiet place to focus, think, and write, free from notifications.

Fully Connected

Write.as for Teams is the perfect complement to the tools you already use, from Slack to email.

New Clarity

Distribute strategy, insight, and decisions throughout your organization effortlessly.

A Complement to Team Chat

Compose your most important thoughts in a nurturing space, where you can keep your train of thought and not lose it to interruptions.

Write.as for Teams gives you a space that's not for every status update, but for those ideas that demand your full attention. Teams helps you create memos that can stand on their own. Taken over time, together they form the collective knowledge of your organization.

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"Best simple writing and publishing platform on the internet right now."

– Nathan A.

"I was looking for a clean, simple, writing focused blog platform. Write.as is exactly that."

– Daniel M. R.

"It's an excellent simple powerful piece of software. If what you want to do is just plain write, it's hard to beat."

– Ed H.

Give your team a space to think

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