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This promotion ended June 30, 2020

A shared writing space

This is a place for you and a friend or family member to connect through writing. Write about your day, write what's on your mind — whether mun­dane or profound. Take a look inside yourself, or a look around. Take #100­Days­To­Offload. Just take a moment to write.

Write together

Give yourself and someone you care about a common writing space. There are no ads and no social network — just both of you, and the page between you.


Just write

Let your words flow onto a blank page. Rest easy knowing your writing saves automatically as you type, and we won't interrupt you with pop-ups or alerts.

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Connect to your community

You can also share your writing wherever your friends and family are — on social media, or via email with our newsletter feature (included with Pro).

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For you both

A subscription includes everything in Write.as Pro for you, plus a free Pro invite for someone else. This promotion ended June 30, 2020.


per month — or $72 per year.

  • A simple place to write

    You don't need to spend time learning how to set up a blog — you can just write.

  • No ads

    Share your thoughts without social media distractions or ads in the way.

  • Privacy first

    We don't track you, sell your information, or watch your every move. Here, you're free to be yourself.

  • Newsletters

    Get your writing partner's latest posts in your email inbox, thanks to our newsletter feature.

  • Custom themes

    Make your writing space fit your personality, starting from our showcase of themes.

  • ...and everything else in Write.as Pro