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The ability to choose the tools you use in your job make a big difference. It’s true for surgeons who select the best tools for each task, sometimes going as far as using custom-made instruments. It’s also true for car mechanicians who often bring their toolset from place to place their work.

For me, being able to be fully invested in the Apple ecosystem for my job is a must. I wouldn’t want to be forced to use a Windows machine or an Android phone. I would rather move to another job instead. Salary, vacations, or insurance aren’t the only incentives for working for one company or another.

I might sound obvious here, but this was my thought for today anyway.

Are you lucky enough to be able to choose?

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📚 Today, after opening Apple Books on my Mac, I concluded that I’m not reading enough books. Why is it so hard for me to sit down regularly and read a book is beyond me? I do read a lot during the day, but only fragments of things like articles, tweets, and RSS items. I started to read The Phoenix Project a long time ago but didn’t finish it. However, it was amusing and in line with my job!

A friend of mine shared a draft of a book she is writing; I’m only halfway into it. I cannot finish it. Pathetic. 😒

Am I alone with this?

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💡 Interesting facts: about 5%-10% of visitors to my blogs will click on outbound links (links pointing to the stuff on the internet). Less than 1% will drop a comment on a blog post.

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This morning while reading the news, I suddenly remembered about Mikhail Gorbachev. He’s still alive, which I didn’t know. His birthday was March 2th. He’s 92. I vividly remember his presidency and what he brought to Russia and the world. One big and hard lesson we’re currently learning is that we cannot take anything for granted regarding democracy. Does he know what’s happening in Ukraine? What’s his take on all this shit? I would love to see him in an interview. He certainly wasn’t perfect, but Russia seemed to have a much more prevalent “human side” under his tenure. Under Putin, I just want to puke. 🤮

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🤨 Question of the day: are TAGS a sign of bad or weak content indexing in any computer-based systems? TAGS should be inferred, no?

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🧐 Thought of the day: the narrative about having to publish on a regular basis to build an audience is killing content quality.

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🗓️ The title may be a bit “clickbait-ish”, but it is what it is. Again, my creativity (writing, musing, photography) is taking me off the compulsive consumption of news about the war in Ukraine. In a way, my creativity is helping me survive and stay sane. How do you stay sane?

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I like this idea of consciously slowing our life by making choices like the ones exposed in this article “Putting on some wait”.

In a world where everyone seems to be super busy all the time, bumping into more moments with nothing to do seems like a real discovery.

Think about it the next time you are waiting in line for something. I will.

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🧠 It is well documented that social networks are a great source of dopamine. Likes, retweets, etc., all contribute to providing the much-needed boost that we, as humans, are in constant need of. I’m ok with that. You might think that I’m no different. You are partly right. But, as a writer, I also get my dopamine when I hit publish. That’s the one source that I’m trying to prioritize. Not always easy. 💉

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📚 While looking around me and paying attention to the generation that follows, I see most people on their screen looking at videos (Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.). I rarely see someone reading on their screen, even less a book. I find it troubling in a few ways. First, I think people are becoming lazy about getting new knowledge and culture. Second, it’s harder to read than watching videos. Third, attention span has never been this short in the younger generation.

When I write an article with an average read time of more than four or five minutes, I know before hitting the publish button that very few people will read it. Those who do are probably older people. I might be wrong. I hope. 😒

Do you feel the same way?

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