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History is a constructed narrative. In the better cases, there is a core set of facts, that more or less correspond to events that have taken place. For example, it is quite likely, that sometime in autumn of 1492 three sailing ships, the Santa Maria, the Santa Clara, and another nicknamed Pinta (real name not known) reached San Salvador island in the Bahamas. But what is the meaning of this fact?


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As I am writing these lines, humanity as of yet does not know, whether the giant gaseous planets in our solar system have a solid, rocky core deep inside or not. Planetary formation models seem to indicate, that they could have them. And while living in the atmosphere of the planet has not been talked about regarding Jupiter, the clear role model for the planet Nasqueron of the novel, it has been talked about regarding Venus.


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Tehisintellekt ja infotehnoloogia laiemalt ei ole väärtusneutraalsed. Hiina valitsejate käes muutuvad need kodanikuõiguste vastu suunatud relvaks, Pariisi linnavalitsuses aga demokraatiat edendavaks tööriistaks, kuid olemuslikult on IT antidemokraatlik. Tänapäeva noored peavad välja mõtlema, kuidas sellest olemusest nutikalt mööda hiilida, kui me tahame demokraatiat hoida.

Õpetan gümnaasiumis kõne ja väitluse valikainet. Paljudel õpilastel on viimase aasta jooksul tekkinud usk keelemudelitesse[1]. Kui küsida neilt küsimus või püstitada probleem, toksitakse see ChatGPT aknasse ja loetakse sealt ette vastus, uskudes, et see ongi parim lahendus.


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„Isn’t it the perfect visual metaphore?“

„Of what?“

They were standing on the beach. A thin blanket of clouds was covering parts of the sky towards the horizon. In many parts, the wind had ripped holes into it or torn and blown away bits across the golden sky. Evening sun was hidden behind the clouds for the moment, but bright edges near a hole in the clouds were a clear indication, that it was about to peek through very soon. Sunset was perhaps half an hour away and was promising to be a spectacular sight.

Strong spring wind had whipped the sea into foamy waves. White rabbits, his grandparents had called these waves, when he was a kid in their summer house next to a large lake. Now, white rabbits where running everywhere up and down the beach.


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Good Omens

N. Gaiman, T. Pratchett

There was a time, in high school, when a number of my friends were reading and praising Terry Pratchett books. I wouldn't touch one. Not because I have something particularly against Terry Pratchett, I don't. Partly, it was because I had developed a somewhat allergic reaction to fiction. We had to read a lot of fiction in literature and English literature classes, most of which I found hard to relate to, if not downright boring. It's never made sense to me, for example, why Steppenwolf is in the compulsory reading list, while Siddhartha and The Glass Bead Game are not. Not only are the latter two superior books, they are also far more interesting. Hence, I heavily gravitated towards non-fiction, going to sleep at night with a copy of Capitalism and Freedom on my bedside table where normal people would keep a bible or a paperback.


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Marcus Aurelius

In order to eat an apple, first pick up the apple. Then bring your hand, with the apple still in it, to your mouth. Open your jaws wide, put the apple between your open jaws and press them closed, thereby biting off a piece of the apple. Now remove your hand, with the rest of the apple, from your mouth …

Would you read a book like that? More precisely, how long would you read a book like that for?


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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert M. Pirsig

This is a difficult review to write. I have started twice and both times found my mind walking multiple paths and selecting none. This is the third attempt.

Part of the reason, why this is difficult, is that the book has at least four interwoven narratives. There’s the road trip. There’s the life of Phaedrus. The father-son relationship. And the story of Quality. These narratives intertwine, one becomes a metaphor for the other, merge and separate again. Admittedly, the fame and influence of the book derived from the narrative of Quality, but should that be the one to review? Or should all four be reviewed?


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The Eerie Silence

Paul Davies

“Are there other people out there in the Universe?” the excited eyes of a primary school kid looking at her with a sparkle. Ellie smiles. “The most important thing is, that you all keep searching for your own anwsers. I'll tell you one thing about the universe, though. The universe is a pretty big place. It's bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it's just us... it seems like an awful waste of space. Right?”



Norse Mythology

Neil Gaiman

6000 years ago in Sumer, at the roots of our present civilization, people worshipped Enlil, the god of air, wind, and thunder. Enlil was not a lone deity, the Sumerian pantheon had many other gods besides, but Enlil was one of the most important. In Sumer, gods and goddesses were closely associated with astronomy. Many deities were paired with specific stars or constellations. The most important gods were paired with planets of the solar system and Enlil's planet was Jupiter, which Sumerians new to be the largest planet in orbit around the Sun.