What's New on Write.as

We just made a small change to newsletters: now your blog name won’t show up in the subject of emails we send out, making it nice and compact for readers.

Now you can use Markdown and minimal HTML in your blog descriptions! This is perfect for adding a little formatting or an external link to the top of your blog. Go ahead and give it a try now!

Screenshot of the Customize page, where the description features some Markdown

We’ve added a directory of public writers on Tiny.Write.as, so it’s easier to find people there and read their blogs from our lightweight reading interface.

Also, a small change: now when you click the little “w” in the top-left corner of a custom domain blog, you’ll be taken to your Blogs page, instead of the editor.

We’ve moved to a new support ticket system for everyone on Write.as. If you need help with anything, just visit our Contact page to open a new ticket via email or our forum. Also, now you can see when we might be on vacation or otherwise taking a break, and get a better idea of when to expect a response from us.

We’re opening up the ability to add email subscribers to your blog! This should make it easier to use your Write.as blog / newsletter alongside other tools you already use for gathering emails. See the forum discussion for more information, including how to get this capability on your account.

Do you publish in multiple languages? Now you can filter your blog posts by language! Just add /lang:en to your blog’s URL, where en is the two-character language code you want to filter by.

For example, you can find all posts written in Japanese on Telmina’s blog by navigating to: https://notes.telmina.com/lang:ja

We just rolled out a few improvements to our plain text and rich text editors! First, some small improvements:

  • Our editors are now more accessible when navigating by keyboard (especially our dropdown menus)
  • Now you can easily switch between the editors when editing a published post
  • Submit.as users can now review and edit submissions in the rich text editor
  • Both the plain and rich editors now have the same global navigation menu

Finally, we made some larger changes to support Teams, by including the ability to switch editing context between your personal account and any Teams you’re on.

Screenshot of the plain text editor with the 'w' menu open, showing the options to 'Switch to' other teams

This should make it easier to focus, and help prevent accidental publishing to the wrong blog. Plus, now photos uploaded via our rich text editor will upload directly to your Team’s Snap.as storage, instead of your personal storage.

More small improvements, especially for Teams, coming soon!

Following our last update for Tor users about moving to our new v3 onion address, we’re now redirecting all visitors from our old v2 onion site to the new address! This should make it easier for your readers to follow you over to the new, more secure onion site.

Our Tor onion service has moved! Now Tor Browser users can find us, and all Write.as blogs, via our new v3 address: http://writeasw4b635r4o3vec6mu45s47ohfyro5vayzx2zjwod4pjswyovyd.onion

Our blogs are pretty fast. But here’s a new little experiment with even littler blogs: Tiny.Write.as.

You can send readers to https://tiny.write.as/your-blog to give them an even cleaner reading experience, with unnecessary data like styles, scripts, and webfonts stripped out. Give it a try here: https://tiny.write.as/matt and let us know what you think on the forum!

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