What's New on Write.as

A small update for Pro and Team users: we’ve removed rel="nofollow" from your links! We think this makes much more sense for users we trust (like paying customers).

Free users will continue seeing nofollow on their links, to help protect the reputation of our site from the SEO spammers we encounter. But now you can upgrade to Pro at any time to have those removed.

If your Snap.as photos weren’t showing up with the correct rotation, that issue is now fixed! Any new uploads should work great 🖼️ We wrote a bit more about this on the forum.

We find that sometimes our Plain Text editor is the best tool for getting into the zone, and other times our Classic / Rich editor is better suited to the task. Now you can quickly select the right tool for the job from the dropdown menu in the editor.

A screenshot of the Blog Selector dropdown, highlighting the "Use Rich Editor" option

Writing a newsletter? Now you can let readers respond directly to you via email! Read more about this on the Remark.as blog.

We now support custom domains with Unicode characters, so sites like “canopée.quebec” work perfectly. (Thanks to @mathuin for the report and help with testing this!)

Now our Classic Editor supports photo uploads directly in the editor itself! To upload a photo, simply click the file picker at the bottom of the editor, or drag a photo on to it. All photos are saved to your personal Snap.as account, where you can edit and manage them later.

An animation of the Classic editor, selecting a photo to upload, and it appearing in the editor.

Version 1.0.5 of our WriteFreely iOS app is available now! This update includes just a few small bug fixes.

Whether you’re a new or long-time iOS app user, we’d love to hear your feedback on it, whether on the forum or in an App Store review!

We recently squashed a few bugs that were plaguing us for a while. Now you’ll notice:

  • Rich-embedded tweets are centered nicely (thanks for the report, jason!)
  • You can easily load older anonymous posts and now move them to your blogs
  • It’s much easier to access the edit, delete, pin, etc. actions for posts on touchscreen devices
  • The CSS and JS editors allow you to select, copy, and paste text on touchscreen devices
  • Your post’s chosen language won’t get reset after editing it anymore

Besides our previously mentioned issue following blogs from Mastodon, we had some additional configuration-related issues with federation on Write.as. That’s fixed, so now you should be able to follow your blog from the fediverse again!

We’ve started putting all of our current help resources into one place: our new Help page! Check it out, whether you’re just getting started or looking to do more advanced things with Write.as.

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